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Couplings Phoenix Fiction Series

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Strange but this is the third post war German author I ve La cmara de obsidiana (Inspector Pendergast 16) read in the last few months by coincidence together with Thomas Bernhard who s Austrian actually and GW Sebald But this book which takes place in a split Germanyeminds me of Michel Houellebec s The Elementary Particles Both fall somewhere between story and philosophy both use a scientist protagonist and science to explore love and Love Her Wild: Poems relationships and both are ultimately critiues of the naivte of the generation that gave us the sexualevolution in their Belief That Sexual Freedom that sexual freedom lead to a better generous world Schneiders protagonist Eduard a molecular biologist in West Germany has eached the scientifically dubious conclusion that the average life of a elationship is three years one hundred sixty seven average life of a Strike Price relationship is three years one hundred sixty seven and two hours He and his two friends a composer and a East Berlin poet all of whom are in long te. Eduard Hoffman is a microbiologist with an interest inelationships He believes he's found a strain of separation virus The Creative Training Book raging in West Berlin in 1983 which terminates everyelationship within three years 167 days and 2 hours As Eduard attempts to evade the virus ,
Rm but not Tales of the Great Lakes really exclusiveelationships place bets on who will still Be Together With Their together with their girlfriends a year hence The tone gets less philosophical as the story goes on but to its detriment Too much happens There are pregnancies weddings breakups a father s death a trip
#To Paris To Evade Cancer #
Paris to evade cancer at the university and an elaborate plot by a girlfriend which ends up ensnaring the secret police In The Elementary Particles the protagonists emain almost to the end completely emoved They are brutal in their assessment of their own motives and in their commentary on love past the age of 40 Eduard on the other hand uickly turns out to be a playboy who thinks he s absolved by his acceptance of guilt Guilt is a theme that ties a few of The Story Lines Together Eduard S Grandfather story lines together Eduard s grandfather have been a Nazi Eduard is accused of allowing mice concentration camps. E tangles with Germany's Nazi guilt memories of his father a wayward mouse and other threats to his identity in a divided countryA little Don Giovanni a little café sociology a little laboratory science a little Berlin wit it's a pleasant mix Suzanne Ruta New York. Because of his scientific American Prisoner of War Camps in Idaho and Utah research Eduard s brother pronounces their mother guilty of suicide thenescinds the decision the brothers fight over
#Naturenurture Or In Other Words #
or in other words much we are to blame for ourselvesBut the story is about three men navigating elationships and what ole does guilt play there None if they have their way Overall the story feels unfinished with lots of good material but too many threads to follow any of them That s not to say it s bad just fragmented I had Mermaids in the Basement read The Wall Jumper a few years before and managed elevated expectations My friend Roger had selected this one for our book platform during the spring of 2000 a particularly low period of my adult life Iead and soured almost by the page A scientific approach of love and Fear Through Statistics That Is Why I through statistics That is why I to Motif for Murder (A Scrapbooking Mystery, read this book Up till now p 33 it s a little disappointing though. Times Book ReviewWith its poignant valedictory to its protagonists' waning youth and itsueful placing of them in the firing line of history Couplings achieves a balance of light and dark that is utterly persuasive Michael Upchurch San Francisco Upchurch San Francisco Book Revi. .

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