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Didn t like this story too unrealistic for characters their age 45 When I first started wattpad this was one of the few books that I have read by a young author that made me fall in love This is the kind of story you o into without reading the synopsis so nothing will be said but PLEASE Trish is amazing and need readers SweetThis book was aimed at a far younger audience than me but I enjoyed it none the less Cute and cuddly and very PC I like this book oh yeahMe reading this book at 100 am I absolutely loved this book I read it on wattpad and have read it multiple times but when I wanted to show my friend the book she said it was deleted so I went to Fear Is a Cold Black go take a look for myself and it was She and I really want to read it again so how can weet to it Read it three times Amazing 2 starsMy opinion You may love it but it did not work for meDarren was a very popular high school senior Also the star baseball catcher One night his friends and he et into a car accident and Darren #Loses His Arm In The #his arm in the Danni has had a crush on Darren for four years Danni decides to visit Darren in the hospital and from there their stor. For the past four years Danni Singer’s had a crush on Darren Jacobs Good looking popular and star catcher of the varsity baseba.

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Like You Mean ItTo visit him in the hospital 2 I think I better story would have been if Justin ended up with Danni then Darren I felt there was of a sincere relationshipfriendship between Danni and Justin then Danni and Darren Even though there is an HEA epilogue I think if things et really became The Sweetest Temptation (Whitfield Brides good for Darren Danni will the first one he letso My second read by Trish and it was a ood one mostly The writing was a little juvenile but then the characters were juveniles so it fitsThe only thing I didn t like was the constant fine then I m breaking up with you no don t I m sorry thing that happened over and OVER and OVER and OVER again It was half of the book the break upmake up thing Drove #Me About CrazyBut The Writing Was Solid #about crazyBut the writing was solid plot straightforward I can t complain too much Your run of the mill teenage het romance With disability content which I m a suckered for I thought it was too sugary the characters felt a bit flat and I think it would have benefitted from being longer and with disability related contentStill an okay Uick Read Good Plot read Good plot wish there was to the ending but the story was a very cute one I recommend this book. An unlikely friendship is born Will they be able to overcome impossible odds or will the obstacles of the accident keep them apar. ,

Y beginsMy thoughts and why I did not connect to this couple Darren would never have spoken to Danni if he had not lost his arm No #ONE ELSE VISITED DARREN IN THE #else visited Darren in the but Danni He knows you re the only person who s visited him so far loc 5% In those four years Darren has never said a word to Danni Darren told his brother Justin that he remembers Danni in his English class but never knew her name This is what Justin told Danni when she came to visit Anyway he didn t remember your name but
when i described 
I described and said you were in his English class he remembered loc 361 The characters were all juvenile The relationship was on the surface but there was no depth I think the following options would have been better for the story 1 If Danni and Darren at least said a few words to each other or if Darren knew Danni s name before the accident then I would have not felt that Darren only liked Danni because she was the only one who paid attention to him after he lost his arm How had the most popular uy in school become a bigger nobody than her loc 481 I feel the only reason that Darren wanted Danni was because no one else came. Ll team Darren has it All When A Car When a car turns his world upside down Danni finally has the chance to The Woodland Folk in Dragonland get to know Darren and.