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N berjalan lancar sampai pada berita kedatangan kakak perempuan Finn Karena tak mau dipusingkan urusan perjodohan Finn meminta Kate untuk berpura pura menjadi tunangannya Kate tak bisa menolak karena kate juga membutuhkan gaji yang ditawarkan Finn Sandiwara berjalan lancar dan membuat Finn dan Kate semakin dekat dan akhirnya menyadari bahwa mereka saling mencintai Kisah romance yang sweet dan menggelitik bikin cengar cengir waktu membacanya Not bad buat mengisi waktu senggang saat mood sedang ingin membaca bacaan romance yang ringan 23 stars Baguus saya sukaaaa meski tidak ada adegan panas tapi nak diikuti n ceritanya tidak bertele tele As k juga kalo POV nya dari sisi Kate saja kita jadi menebak nebak terus isi pikiran Finn Beneran mewek saya pas Kate merasa harus menolak lamaran Finn This was so much better than the first book and I liked the first oneI actually felt Kate had a bit of fire in her and I was respecting her for itI thought this wasn t the best romance in terms of he didn t give many hints he was in love with her but it was still nice 3 stars Enjoyable romance Light reading Feel goodHarleuin 23 the length of a regular novel It s third person but it feels like 1st person Kate We are in her head throughout the book We don t know what the hero is thinking or feeling The author uses this The story is this Kate the female character is temping for a boss she just can t get on with and the feelings mutual She s also a little fragile at the moment after recently being dumped and fired on the same day Kate is a nice person who is always rescuing stray animals and has a desire to be a city girl but deep down longs for a simple life domesticity and children she s also a little ccentric Finn the

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character is widower with a daughter he is very serious and organised and clashes with Kate all the time They are set up on a blind date by mutual friends to hilarious conseuences after which their relationship set up on a blind date by mutual friends to hilarious conseuences after which their relationship to develop to the point of Finn asking Kate to move in and pretend to be his fianc in order to keep his meddling sister off his backRemember when I mentioned that the blind date had hilarious conseuences well it does Both of them pretend they haven t met before the awkwardness combined with the digs they keep taking at ach other is so funny that I was both cringing and giggling I loved that the character of Kate Nya untuk menjadi ibu tiri anaknya Di mata Kate Savage Finn adalah bos yang mengerikan Pria itu kaku pemurung dan selalu bersikap kasar Betapa terkejutnya Kate ketika ternyata teman temannya menjodohkannya dengan pria itu melalui kencan buta Namun ketika Finn meminta Kate .
Kate sang sekretaris pengganti dan Finn bosnya tidak saling menyukai maka mereka berdua sangat kaget ketika ternyata mereka dijodohkan satu kencan yang diatur oleh teman Kate Kate sendiri sebenarnya malu Apalagi mengingat satu kencan buta yang diatur oleh teman Kate Kate sendiri sebenarnya malu Apalagi mengingat selalu menjelek jelekkan Finn di depan teman temannya Tapi berlanjut dari kencan buta ini Finn malah meminta Kate untuk berpura pura menjadi tunangannya Ini untuk mengelabui kakak Finn yang akan datang dari luar negeri dan berniat menjodohkan Finn Maka Kate pun dari luar negeri dan berniat menjodohkan Finn Maka Kate pun ke rumah Finn Siapa sangka dari sini ketertarikan mereka berdua timbul Terlebih lagi saat Finn melihat Kate yang sangat akrab dengan putri tunggalnya 24 7 Kate menerima pekerjaan sebagai pengganti sekretaris sementara di perusahaan Finn Bagi Kate Finn adalah bos yang dingin yang nyaris tanpa senyum Sementara bagi Finn Kate adalah sekretaris dengan kepribadian yang burukSuatu waktu teman teman mereka mempertemukan Finn dan Kate dalam suatu acara makan malam yang direncanakan Dari situ mereka akhirnya lebih dekat dan saling terbuka satu sama lainSelanjutnya Finn yang didesak menikah oleh kakaknya berpura pura bertunangan dengan Kate Pada saat kakaknya berkunjung Kate tinggal serumah dan berbagi ranjang dengan Kate Berawal dari keberpuraan Alex anak Finn sangat menyukai KateAlex mendukung keberadaan Ibu tiri di rumahnya Beranjak dari keberpihakan Alex selanjutnya Finn menikahi Kate Namun sesungguhnya ternyata mereka juga saling menyukai satu sama lain Karena Alison sekretaris Finn McBridge mengalami cidera kaki maka Finn memutuskan untuk memperkerjakan Kate sebagai sekretaris sementaranya Tapi Finn sungguh dibuat kerepotan karena sifat Kate yang ceroboh dan suka membalas perkataannya Sampai pada suatu malam mereka berdua dipertemukan dalam kencan buta oleh kedua teman mereka Gib dan Phoebe Merasa malu akhirnya Kate berusaha memperbaiki sikap kerjanya sampai Alison sembuh dan mengambil pekerjaannya kembali Tak disangka Alex putri Finn sangat menyukai Kate dan berharap Kate bisa terus menjadi sekretaris ayahnya Akan tetapi hal tersebut tidak mungkin terjadi karena Alison sudah masuk kembali untuk bekerja Finn mencetuskan ide untuk Kate menjadi pengurus rumah tangga di rumahnya karena sejak kematian istrinya Finn terus sibuk pada pekerjaannya dan membuat Alex menjadi kesepian Harihari Kate menjadi pengurus rumah tangga di rumah Finn dimulai da. Di mata Finn McBride Kate adalah sekretaris yang ceroboh dan tidak dapat diandalkan Kate selalu datang terlambat dan menghabiskan waktunya di kantor untuk mengganggu orang lain atau bergosip di telepon Namun ternyata justru wanita itulah yang dianggap cocok oleh teman teman.

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As written so honestly she s not perfect ie she doesn t really have any high flying career ambitions she would love to just be a housewife but isn t the tidiest of people something I relate to very much just ask my husband she s also not the thinnest or most beautiful of women I can t nthuse The Man-Kzin Wars enough how refreshing it was to have a character that is simply normal Once again the banter and wit of Jessica Hart s characters is fantastic The only thing I found disappointing about this book and its a very tiny thing is that its writtenntirely from Kate s point of view I would have liked to have been able to have an insight into Finn s thoughtsfeelingsDefinitely a great readOriginally posted at 4 Stars When Kate Savage s Number the Stars ex boyfriend claimed to their mutualmployer that Kate was stalking him she d been asked to resign and wasn t given a glowing reference This forced her to sign on with a temp agency which put her in as Finn McBride s temp PA Kate s vivacious personality uickly clashes with Finn s straight laced regime and neither seems overly impressed with the other Kate s flabbergasted when her best friend sets her up on a blind date and it turns out to be Finn sp after it s been well discussed how she hates her new boss Finn s a widower and he s been coaxed by his sister to find a mother for his nine year old daughter thus his agreeing to the blind date When his housekeeper has to go out of town to nurse her ailing mother Finn is forced to bring his daughter Alex to the office as it s a school holiday Alex takes to Kate immediately and when Finn s PA is ready to return to her job to Kate immediately and when Finn s PA is ready to return to her job asks Kate if she ll be a live in nanny housekeeper and then to pretend to be his fianc while his meddling sister comes for a visit It doesn t take long for Kate to have feelings for Finn but it s pretty obvious to her that he s still Kate to have feelings for Finn but it s pretty obvious to her that he s still much in love with his late wifeThis was a marvelous read I connected instantly with Kate and her adventures She s the sort of girl who is constantly putting her pretty foot from her mouth Finn is so devastatingly attractive and he s been through so much she can t help but fall in love with him and his daughter Finn doesn t believe there is another love of his life out there The Night Stalker (Robert Hunter, even though Kate and her uirkiness charm him Injoyed this very much and rooted whole heartedly for their HEA I m looking forward to Bella s story nex. Ntuk menjadi tunangannya untuk mengelabui kakaknya Kate tidak bisa menolak Hingga akhirnya Kate menyadari perasaan cintanya pada pria itu bukan sekadar sandiwara Haruskah Kate mengatakan perasaannya yang sesungguhnya Sanggupkah Kate tetap meneruskan sandiwara pertunangan it. The Blind Date Proposal
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