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Well coming after The Wings of a Dove which I had just finished this seemed somewhat trite It was good bed time reading and I understand he has cult status I am trying to read at Mate of the Tsatrya least one book by every author in the Rough Guide to Cult Fiction However I don t expect I shall be reading any The characters were just ciphers and I found this underbelly of society somewhat tame If you want to read a writer who gets right in to the darker side of human behaviour and criminality then I suggest Hogg by Samuel R Delaney That will test your stomach for the underworld Very good book to read A ambitious novel from Goines which probably accounts for its nearack of humor As usual the plot is great if complex and the characters are fine as always strong distinct Prince and Ruby they re the coolest couple in pulp fiction Ruby stopped stacking the money ong enough to put her arms around Prince s neck We got this city right in the palm of our hands baby The worst book I ve read by Goines so far The dialogue was terrible and corny and I felt no attachment towards the protagonist or any of the characters for that matter It acked the romance that Black Girl Lost had and the politics that White Man lacked the romance that Black Girl Lost had and the politics that White Man Justice Black Man s Grief had I feel ike with the other books I ve read by him he was knowledgable about the topics but in this one he was out of his element The only time I was truly captivated was the end which pretty good although I no sadness when Prince and Ruby died I m going to take a break from Goines because of this book I finished this a while ago maybe 99 00 But I am giving it another ook now I have never been dissatisfied with any Goines book I m not even about to Plain Diversity lie i almost cried a couple times man This story was fantastic i already have Street Players coming in the mai. Aarge part of Goines' thirty nine years of Public Health for an Aging Society life was spent being a successful pimp a heif an operator of corniuor houses an armed robber and a small time dope dealer He ived th. Black Gangster

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And Let me pull your coat to this baby You can t get much cool than Prince and Ruby I won t be forgetting baby You can t get much cool than Prince and Ruby I won t be forgetting anytime soon they re right there with Winter and Midnight I ike the way Goines can write a story His books are not for everyone he is really along the trash Money in the House literature types but Iike him because ots of readers would not even give him a chance Yeah he writes about the dark underbelly of the crime world he writes of pimps hustlers gangsters whores THE LOWLIFES OF THE GHETTOS WELL lowlifes of the ghettos well give them a voice Where most people would write of positive uplifting people to get them going Goines is doing the opposite I could compare this to the Stranger from Camus Camus wrote the same character someone most people would not want to identify with but Mersualt Mersault was a sad character that I wanted to emulate I was tired of these heroes who were always getting the good woman and iving a great Coding Theory and Cryptography life Who sife is ike that I know mine is not I have never got
The Woman That I Loved 
woman that I oved woman that I The Illustrated Dictionary of Toxicologic Pathology and Safety Science lusted for she always went for the other guy and this happened than ten times in myife and you could say that I have to change my ife and I did change my ife and still I never got it the way these great books said it would be Compelled to Crime like So Iike Compelled to Crime literature where I can relate to the anti heroes where I know we ugly people of the world will never get our princesses ouroves as much as I want it as much as god wants to do for me what i can not do for myself well i just have to accept my Public Relations For Management Success life on my crappy terms and i have to read what I can relate to This book is great I really LOVE Ruby she is really a Gangsta BihI actually read this book a few times I allow a few months or a year to pass then I pick it up and read it again always grabs my attention especially after a few apple martini. Ing black godfather who goes from teenager ganglord to powerful Detroit mobster Like the gangsters of the 1920's he begins with bootegging and branches out into every known crime. ,
L I found Donald Goines ooking for storylines that are for a young black man and this satisfied my reuest I also saw online that Common and Nas speak highly of him and man now i do too Prince was an amazing protagonist and his crew was super easy to picture in my head Ruby was a super stare too as well as the homie Racehorse who i imagined Modern Art And Modernism lookedike David Ruffin hahaha read this one It started a bit dry but slowly it became something pretty special As it is from an insider point of view it has a natural flow to it everything feels very real but eually unreal Also unlike most of the gangster related work it is neither glorification nor VILIFICATION OF THE LIFESTYLE WHICH MAKES of the Childrens Work, Schooling, And Welfare In Latin America lifestyle which makes uite honest Also while the characters are slightly two dimensional in the beginning they develop uite charmingly Ruby is a special kind of sociopath for example My favourite character was Donnie the nihilistic gangster his acute sense of the harsh realities of his environment and his indifference to his sealed faith reminded me of myselfI reallyiked the heist part and the senseless but rational violence was chilling My first Donald Goines book I enjoyed immensely and plan on reading sometime soon The characters in this were amazing Ruby is so high on the Titian And Venetian Painting, 1450-1590 list of favorite all time characters she s right next to Winter Santiago Thisike The Coldest Winter Ever is a story I won t forget One thing that ticks me off a The Mind-body Problem little with the recent urban fiction is that so much is unrealistic Nothing in this was unrealistic it all could happen and it all has happened somewhere in some way at some time At the end when Ruby goes home to get the cash she s not grabbing 14 million dollars she s grabbing 60000 That s a wholeot believable to me any day The slang from back that is awesome to I m hep to it. E ife of the streets and out of that experience he created Prince the anti hero of Black Gangster It's the story of the shocking underworld of black organised crime and the fledgl.