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Y reviews at Lit Wit Wine DineThis book is uniue in many ways The first is that Karen Perry is actually a pen name for two writers collaborating on this book This is the first book to the best of my knowledge that I ve read penned by two authors and it efinitely worked hereMost of the book is told in the alternating first person points of view of Caroline and David They re a long married couple who have seen their share of marital ifficulties but are Currently Cruising Through A cruising through a good life in a relatively uiet and stable manner Until SHE arrives She being Zoe a young blonde student of David s who claims to be his aughter from a relationship predating his marriageStraightaway the reader gets the impression that something is not uite right with this young woman Is she his Space Encyclopedia daughter Is she a psychopath Is she both Is she neither So even though I thought I knew where this was going Iidn t I couldn t turn the pages fast enough to find out A in the pacing The Rainbow Bear departmentWith regard to the characters I spent approximately 90% of the book wanting to beat David about the head Metaphorically speaking of course I am not the violent type Ion t often feel the compulsion to scream at a character in a book but I made an exception for David Caroline was likable though I can t say that I felt a Neal's Yard Remedies Essential Oils: Restore * Rebalance * Revitalize * Feel the Benefits * Enhance Natural Beauty * Create Blends deep affinity for her I will withhold comments on Zoe so as not to influence anyone before they ve read the book Girl Unknown really stood out for its representation of relationships I m not one for any romantic nonsense but I was totally on board with the way Caroline and David s marriage was portrayed I found it to be very authentic in a way that must beifficult to accomplish Their relationships with their other children Robbie and Holly were also very realistic I wonder if this is the product of this book having this book written by two writers one male and one female It many or may not whatever it is it worked but I on t often feel about the way husbandwife relationships are epictedThe plot provided lots of suspense throughout with several unexpected twists and turns right till the end4255 starsMany thanks to Henry Holt for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Girl unknown by Karen Perry is the first book I ve read by this author and Im looking forward to reading It s a slow start but soon you find your stride then your flying through itEach chapter is told by a Bug Zoo different character so you get aifferent side and feeling for the storyThere are a few moments of oh my god and LEGO Mixels disbelief also you get an uneasy feeling when reading this There are a few twistshome truths and an ending which wasn t as predictable as I thought it was going to beI would recommend this to I had never heard of these two authors writing under the pen name Karen Perry but was intrigued by the bookescriptionThis psychological thriller was a page turner and I picked it up at every opportunity to find out what was going to happen next I am sure we will hear a lot of this book in the coming monthsThe book opens with University student Zo Barry walking into Professor David Connolly s office and pronouncing that he is her father Together with his wife Caroline they try to take in this revelation and their world is turned upside Walking For Fitness down by the arrival of this stranger It soon becomes apparent that parts of Zo s storyo not ring true and Caroline is etermined to learn about her and if there is a hidden agenda before her family is fully exposed to Zo Each chapter alternates between David and Caroline telling the story from their own individual view point This book will really keep you guessing what is going to happen as it twists and turns to a culminating finishI would like to thank Net Galley and Penguin UK for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review 325 starsSLOW moving tightly wound psychological thriller about a young woman who surprises her college professor by announcing she might be his aughter David a 41 year old history professor in Dublin is shocked to the core when his student Zoe shares news that she might be when his student Zoe shares news that she might be Trusted Advice Your Healthy Pregnancy daughter Her announcement brings David back to the time when he was in love with Zoe s mother causing him to realize certain things about his past David s interest in history is not a coincidence as this novel is very much about skewing personal history He uickly takes to his newaughter unaware of how her presence will impact his familyCaroline Davi. Nt she claims to be or someone with a far The Complete Idiots Guide to Parliamentary Procedure Fast-Track darker agendaAeadly cuckoo in the nest Because by letting Zoë in David and Caroline aren't just leaving themselves vulnerable They're risking the most precious thing in the world the lives of their children. Girl UnknownImagine you re already going through a Cool Cars difficult time in your marriage a trying time that is putting your relationship to the test and then a teenaged girl shows up and announces that she s your husbandsaughter That s exactly what happens to Caroline and zoe s arrival is just the beginning Zoe s arrival is just the beginning a series of events that no one saw coming I sure Superfood Breakfasts didn tWhile this was mostefinitely a mystery it had a strong literary feel to it the prose used by the authors had a sophisticated subtlety to it that gave it strong edge I m always fascinated by writing The Complete Idiots Guide to Connecting with Your Angels duos I wonder how they actually wrote the book This is told fromual perspectives that of David and Caroline and I pondered whether each author wrote each LEGO Kingdoms (DK Readers L2) distinct voice but whatever method they used it worked excellently You would never know it s co authored there is nothingisjointed it s actually incredibly smooth and the writing style is top notchThe plot takes several unexpected turns but the twists weren t the big shocking gasp worthy type but rather the kind that unnerve you and get under your skin They are still surprising but there s an air of refinement to how they re executed that worked really well for me I m An Orchestra of Minorities -- Free Preview definitely a fan of the style and will be reading from the authors in the futureGirl Unknown in three words Unsettling Polished and Penetrating I think you might be my father When first year student Zo Barry walks into Professor David Connolly s office and tentatively says these words he is left reeling But it is the lives of his family particularly his wife Caroline which are turned upsideown by the arrival of this strangerA The Complete Idiots Guide to Independent Filmmaking daughter a sister a friend an enemyThough no one knows uite who Zo is she is soon entangled in their lives Yet her storieson t ring true and Caroline is etermined to learn if the girl is the unlucky innocent she claims to be or someone with a far arker agendaA eadly cuckoo the unlucky innocent she claims to be or someone with a far arker agendaA Horse Show deadly cuckoo the nest Because by letting Zo in David and Caroline aren t just leaving themselves vulnerable They re risking the most precious thing in the world the lives of their childrenI honestlyon t know where to start with this one It is without a The Secret Life of the Garden doubt very tenseark and an extreme psychological rollercoaster When Zo arrives in David s and Carolines lives it unearths a tremendous amount of turmoil on all the family Zo is arrives in David s and Carolines lives it unearths a tremendous amount of turmoil on all the family Zo is troubled and complicated character who finds it very easy to hoodwink and manipulate people for her own benefits and needs but you are never sure whether she is genuine or simply playing a sinister gameIt makes for a very interesting and curious read I found the whole story very interesting and tremendously intriguing but it The Gone Dead developed at such a slow pace always eager for something to happen earlier in the story which unfortunatelyidn t happen for me and the ending wasn t what I was expecting Neither in a good or a bad wayOverall It kept my interest throughout and the book is very well written with some outstanding ialogue I really believe though it could ve given so much Definitely worth a read The authors writing is exceptional355 45 stars for this Psychological thriller I was roped in just from reading the first few pages Main characters are The Connolley family David husband father and professor Caroline wife and mother their two children Robbie and Holly and another possible Daughter named Zoe Zoe is supposedly the result of a previous affair David had with his passionate one true love Linda while in school and in between an offon relationship with his current wife Caroline David and Linda had parted ways David never knew there was a pregnancychild until a young woman shows up to his teaching class and then comes to his office at the university telling him she s his aughter Her Reach delivery of the message and lacking proof and odd speak and body language heescribes her as shy waif like leave a lot to be Coding Projects in Python desiredbelieved so at first she is not taken seriously Get ready as once the word gets out this turns not only David s world upsideown but also the rest of their family and friends and his position at the University ends up at stake Caroline s position at her employer starts to show stress cracks and also her relationship with David suffers so much so Holly starts to withdraw and Robbie becomes aggressive at school David has many ongoing flashbacks of his relationship with the eparted Linda At times he confuses Zoe with Linda He s really in a la la land state of mind as he relives in his mind his and Lind. 'I think you might be my father 'When first year student Zoë Barry walks into Professor David Connolly's office and tentatively says these words he is left reeling But it is the lives of his family particularly his wife Caroline which are turned upsi. .

A s young love It s the connection he had with Linda of this true passionate love that makes it easy for Zoe to be fully accepted by him I wanted to smack him in the head for so easily falling into Her Trap Without Fully Confirming Uestionable Details trap without fully confirming uestionable etails her He really was a weak confused man however without his weakness this story would not get on We wonder why he got back together with Caroline a 2nd time and then married her supposedly because it was safe Caroline David s wife thinks from the get go that something is way off with all this and she is not happy with the surprise announcement Zoe s presence and the upheaval it brings into their lives But Caroline is no angel either and everyone has lies they are telling past secrets they are hiding David brings Zoe into their house and into their family and little by little Zoe neatly and firmly entrenches herself into their lives As for the Connolley kids Robbie has some sort of attraction for Zoe and Holly has a big The Day Before Happiness dislike andistrust for Zoe and etests her for showing up and being in their home David was so easily manipulated by Zoe He Seems Overly Infatuated That overly infatuated that is his aughter Caroline however is the one who starts checking even further into Zoe s background and her Silencing the Birds of Darkness distrust continues to grow with proof Her relationship with her husband continues to shatter David and Caroline continue to see and experience behavioral issues in their children and between themselves since this hot mess of Zoe began There also are DNA tests to provedisprove David is Zoe s father but withifferent results How can this be Keep on reading We are teased psychologically and constantly throughout the story There are many twists and turns as you try to figure things out but nonetheless each page reveals and and before you know it you are coming on to the end of the book And the surprises just keep on coming You just have to read it This was a really good story about an off base manipulative young woman and the sheer it This was a really good story about an off base manipulative young woman and the sheer she caused not just for this particular family but her adoptive parents her stepfather and anyone else who crossed her path Favorite uotesThere is an energy on campus Edinburgh Pocket Map and Guide during those first weeks of the new semester that is like nothing else The air i The Setup David is a college professor married to Caroline two children One of his students Zoe approaches him andeclares that he is her father A DNA test ensuesThis book is superbly well written and easy to read and I got sucked right in immediately The story is told by both David and Caroline in alternating chapters and having two points of view helps build the suspense As the story proceeds past events reveal the cracks in the marriage I suspect various readers will find their sympathies changing a few times while reading this book I found I could empathize with both David and Caroline but always I was suspicious of ZoeAs the ending starts to unfold I had some reservations The suspense felt eased there was little tension and a calmness settled in I was TEFL Flashcard Games for Young Learners dismayed that there weren t many pages left and things weren t settled Then the final monkey wrench got thrown into the mixSummary A very characterriven novel that was a pleasure to read Take care of those you love never betray a trust and be aware of the hurts you may cause A gripping story smartly written and very believable by authors who know how to grab a reader s interest and never let it go Karen Perry is the pen name of crime writing Η λέσχη (Ακυβέρνητες πολιτείες, duo Paul Perry and Karen Gillece who both live in Ireland Their latest novel Girl Unknown is my second novel by this team and it certainlyidn t Dr McIvers Baby disappoint When Zoe Barry walks into Professor David Connolly s office and announces that she is hisaughter he is left reeling Suddenly his family imperfect flawed but working is trying to find space for someone new But no one expected where it all would end her stories The Cliterate Male don t add up and the whole family struggle to make sense of her I really liked the premise of this novel and characters were wellrawn and both plot and characters were believable An enjoyable and suspenseful read with lots of twists and turns to keep the reader interested I especially enjoyed the twists and turns My thanks to Penguin Books for the opportunity to read this novel in return for an honest review UPDATE GIVEAWAY I m running a GIVEAWAY for this book on INSTA litwitwinedine Open to US and Canadian residents Entries close 1159pm EST 1718You can read this and all of De Walking With Dinosaurs down by the arrival of this strangerAaughter a sister a friend an enemyThough no one knows uite who Zoë is she is soon entangled in their lives Yet her stories Vanishing Acts don't ring true and Caroline isetermined to learn if the girl is the unlucky innoce.