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When A Lioness Fights lStar is that the secretary doesn t get her comeuppance The hero s remorse is there and the heroine has such an indomitable spirit the you know theyl be okay But I didn t want the secretary to be okay not at all not giving spoilers because that will Back Street lessen the impact I m going to give this a 4 even though I had some issues The plot was definitely fun in an over the top angsty sort of way I ve only ever read one other Absalom novel and she definitelyikes to put her heroine s through some serious misery #The H Was A #h was a classical pianist from England and the hero a Canadian tycoon I think he s my very first DThe hero is much older and experienced but when he sees the heroine play he has to meet her He pursues her heavily and finally offers marriage when he realizes he s not going to get it any other way I m not saying there weren t other feelings involved but I m not sure he was uite aware of them at the timeThe hero has a bitchtastic secretary who he s apparently slept with several times in the past The secretary is obviously in The Berenstain Bears and the Double Dare love with the hero but he s blind to it or just doesn t care The secretary really works on the heroine s confidence when the hero s back is turned The hero is very antagonistic to the heroine s jealousy BUT thing is he denies ever sleeping with her or perhaps he phrases it as he s not currently sleeping with her I think I need to go back and find that passage to see exactly what sort of chicanery he used to throw all suspicion off himself In any event he doesn t disclose that yes there was a time even if it was a couple of years ago He even compounds his misleading statements by saying somethingike good secretaries were hard To Find And He D Never Muddy find and he d never muddy waters cough Dude you did exactly thatYou Comparative American Identities laterearn that the hero has issues with jealousy due to his childhood and mother of course I did earn to ike him in the The Asylum last uarter of the book Before that I admit I just couldn t warm up to him He seemed cold due to his uick anger over anything and his completely dismissing the heroine segitimate fears without even bothering to really reassure her He just seemed easily pissed off in general He was always using the crushing gripThe big conflict centered around the heroine injuring her eft hand which ended her pianist career forever and almost destroyed her because she thought the hero did it with the intention of killing her and didn t understand why he d hate her so much Still not sure why she didn t tell the police but this is HarleylandThe hero had broken up with her after she attempted to confront him with a half dressed secretary coming out of his room Turns out the hero wasn t even in the room and the secretary set it all up to ook bad Problem was the hero didn t Chasers let the heroine explain what was going on Once heearned her upset had to do with his secretary and the heroine s unreasonableinsane jealousy he walked without giving her a chance to tell her side The heroine then sets up a meeting with the hero a week or so ater all through the secretary and they supposedly agree to meet in a neutral and isolated spot The heroine ends up getting run down and getting her eft hand heroine ends up getting run down and getting her Fields of Honor left hand by the hero s Porsche I think we all know who was actually behind the wheelAnyway despite my problems warming up to the hero this was an engrossing read The backdrop of music and a tormented disabled pianist in the story was a nice touch This is my second Stacy Absalom with a troubled wronged and scarred h The H falls for the upcoming star pianist h and what follows is their courtship and engagement while on her Canadian tour and then the. Her faith inove Keir Minto Canada's most eligible bachelor had pursued Abigail Paston relentlessly until she'd responded with all her heart But that had. ,
Ir subseuent estrangement thanks to a MU engendered by the ow "a disabling accident and astly the patch upgrovel The story is good but the execution could have been better and the "disabling accident and astly the patch upgrovel The story is good but the execution could have been better and the engaging The angst seems to fizzle down in this The Ripening Sun long winded narrative Iiked it or The Blue Book less but justetting out some exasperation hereview spoilerA guy who sleeps with his gorgeous PA and then happily and blithely parades his fianc e and his future happiness in front of her deserves what he gets As for his excuses to self The Battle of the Atlantic like Oh it was just oncetwice and it was all over aong time ago are self indulgently dim witted This is why you should not sleep with your staffcoworker in the first place and then continue on as ignorant and one sided good chums Hell give her a glowing reference or a The Season (The Debutantes lateralvertical promotion or an honorable discharge whatever But then that s what a smart person does A stupid insensitive one takes his fianc e and sexy exover to his country retreat for a merry threesome and Geek Heresy lets things simmer and curdle into disaster Of course the h didn t deserve any of grief she got but then her insipid cluelessness didn t endear her to me at all The plot was uniue ateast in the viciousness of the ow s actions Hell hath no fury etcWhat is always weird is how these Hs are so busy day and night ensconced in at office and home with their PAssecretaries when it s time for the mu to crop up Otherwise this guy had a The Villain lot of free time to traipse after the h all over Canada in the beginning andater to spend days grovelling and taking care of her Whence his precious business thenThe H is one of those who sleeps with dumps and then forgets his women No wonder he shows no discomfort or guilt when the h asks him about his relationship with his PA When she tries instigated by the ow to put across her fearsjealousy to him he just glowers at her and her insecurities Of course his reasons read his tormented past are hovering just beyond the pages but still who breaks off an engagement so cruelly stating that she is overly possessive and jealous The h was actually never aggressive with her doubts but was rather uite timid And this when he himself uses words The Whisper like possessive and obsession for his own behavior Later post the ow s revelations the h was uite right in throwing back all his hows and whys of you didn t trust me uestions back at him Those were few good points she made there Apart from that she unfortunately came across as ratheristless and uninteresting to hold such a dynamic guy s attention for so Real Vampires Have Curves (Glory St. Clair, long Some of herong suffering act was just hard to take hide spoiler Old Skool HeroHe wants to marry her so he can have sex with herHe s also an uber cool Canadian WITH A SCAR HE GOT IN A LUMBER JACK a scar he got in a umber jack An unfortunate reference as I could not get Monty Python s Lumberjack song out of my headOld Skool HeroineBritish Wants to have sex too but wants him to put a ring on it first A typical beleaguered Absolam heroine She s ost her 1001 Ways To Get In Shape love maimed in a car accidentost her career as a concert pianist her grandmother died is iving in poverty and now wears a Goth black glove To Hide Her Deformity I hide her deformity I Stacy Absalom forgot to give her a dog to kill offOld Skool Evil OWMemsa member compared to the other two Nothing will stop her including murder to get her man Lost the plot when the heroine tries to talk about the fact 35 starsI am having a real hard time rating this book The book was a solid 5 star until Keir took her back to his home and confronted his secretary It dropped to 2 star at that point for me These are my reasonsview spoiler When Abby originally asked Keir about his relationshi. Been a ifetime ago That had been before the accusations of obsessive jealousy the broken engagement the senseless trap that had almost claimed Abby's ife.

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So incredibly angst filled But it was good I iked it It had Than Just The Usual just the usual OW causing misunderstanding between the couple although this one is truly truly evilThe heroine goes through a wringer Her fianc breaks up with her she gets into an accident and is not only maimed she oses her career and ability to earn a Migraine Your Questions Answered living Then her onlyiving relative dies WOWI Plant-Based Cookbook liked that she made the hero grovel and made him work for it in the end Though I believe he cared for her in the beginning I think he was spoiled and used to getting his way so he took her for granted and treated her callously when he broke up with herI docked a star because the heroine refused to press charges against the villain Why are they always such martyrs As I read this book I felt a growing sense of disbelief surely this book couldn t be the exuisite piece of OTT angsty dramafest it was setting up to be The book is overwhelming from the beginning The opening chapters throw you into the deep end The OW was superlative The H was a cold unworthy jerk who had toive with dawning realization after dawning realization that he had messed up badly The h was a wraith of a human destroyed by the H s ove The H grovel although interrupted and then resumed was extended no grand gesture and a passionate speech for this guy He put in TIME There is also enough stuff that will eave you sputtering withrage confusion admiration I NO LONGER UNDERSTAND WHAT EMOTIONS I AM FEELING How I asked myself had I missed this author before Well I didn t It turns out that she is also the author of Ishbel s Party a book that to me has forever earned the award for The Most Wronged Heroine of All Time I am almost frightened to Fermenting Foods Step-by-Step: Make Your Own Health-Boosting Ferments and Probiotics (English Edition) look for books from her because the two I have read are so extremeSuffice to say you don t read this one because you areooking for romance You read this because you are Baseball Bits looking for a maelstrom of drama Also it s 4 stars rather than 5 because the pacing was off at times and because I hadn t expectedthat 4 12 Stars From the first pages Ms Absalom pulled me in to Abigail siving nightmare Here s a woman who has ost everything she s ever held dear in only a few short months Gone was her career her hope of marriage her trust in ove And upon her grandmother s death she was utterly alone except for her music mentor a dear elderly man Abigail The Complete Idiots Guide to Getting Organized Fast-Track lives on the edge of breakdown and seeing Keir again nearly pushes her over that edge Keir is devastated when heearns of all the mistakes he s made and the conseuences Abigail has endured because of them This intensely emotional read is one I shall not soon forget Super angst y StMargarets review is a good one Here That Said I Agree With said I agree with that the H Keir was pretty creepy and I m not sure he was really redeemed enough at the endOn the other hand I couldn t put this down and got so involved in the story I read this in one sitting This author writes really great train wrecks The kind where the heroine has than she can realistically handlethe kind where you think maybe jumping off the cliff might be the answer Of course it s a hn so you know there is a better answer there s got to be a HEASo if you The Complete Idiots Guide to the Criminal Justice System like train wrecks with heroines with sublimated death wishes no overt suicide threat just forget to eat or take care of self evil other women who shouldegitimately be in prison then this is the book for you 4 12 stars This is an angst fest from start to finish The heroine is someone who doesn t deserve all of her misfortune and the hero unwittingly added to it to make things even worse sigh This is suirm in your seat angst The only reason I d knock off a half. What did he want from Abby now Abby hadn't told a soul what Keir had done to her a year ago how he'd ruined her future as a concert pianist and devastated. Dark Night Dawning

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