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Затворникът eHave not created a time machine to travel back to the past Luckily we have historian Ian Mortimer to help us out with his Time Traveler s Guides Having already journeyed into I m lost in admiration for Ian Mortimer His third Time Traveller s guide this time to Restoration Britain and it is superbThe Handbook style works perfectly we get advice onverything we d need to know if we were to find ourselves back in time His writing is vivid often funny and always accessible you are so thoroughly Gilliamesque entertained that you don t realise how much you are learningI can t begin to imagine the research and scholarship that has gone into writing a book like this Warnveryone around you that you ll bombard them with facts and figures the ntire time you ll be reading it This book is not for veryone but for those whom it s for it for The Cinema of David Cronenberg everyone but for those whom it s for it phenomenal It s DENSE I worked on this one most nights before bed and it still took me a month to read it As with other books in this series Mortimer offers anxhaustive dive into the minutiae of The Best of Philip K. Dick everyday life of his chosen time period The Restoration period is not one I was terribly familiar with making this a book that taught me a lot He also introduced the intriguing thought that he has something like 1500 ancestors who would have been alive at this time As I m half British it was sort of startling to think of this history this way that literally hundreds of my ancestors were living the life he describes in the places he describes itIf you re not looking forxhaustive detail think what kinds of coins did people use and how was farmland divided and what did houses look like in different

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of London this is for you But if you want to get as close to understanding the warp and weft of life in a different time period in England you can t do better than this bookMy favorite part and a feature that is actually really difficult to pull off is Mortimer s humor It can be hard to work humor into historical writing and not come off like you are ridiculing your subjects but Mortimer manages to draw out the humor of some of what he finds without belittling the people he s Never Let Me Go explainingHis next book is on Regency England and I m SOxcited Excellent as are Mortimer s other Time Traveller s Guides he has written ones for the 14th century and s other Time Traveller s Guides he has written ones for the 14th century and Elizabethan En Absolutely brilliant I listened to the audiobook and the narration was really good I felt like I had visited this ra in time The author made history come alive for me Very highly recommended Not as dry as I d feared I m not that interested in this period of history but the author did make it come alive. SOver these four dynamic decades the last vestiges of medievalism are swept away and replaced by a tremendous cultural flowering Why are half the people you meet under the age of twenty one What is considered rude And why is dueling so popular Mortimer delves into the nuances of daily life to paint a vibrant and detailed picture of society at the dawn of the modern world as only he ,
With this book Dr Mortimer once again takes his readers into a fascinating ra of English history In doing so he relates things most readers would not see in a normal history book In this ntry into his Time Travelers Guide series the Author Looks At Restoration England The Time looks at Restoration England The time in this narrative is 1662 to roughly 1700 As with the other books in this series the format is a literally a travel guide to the period The author looks at almost very aspect of veryday life that a reader could imagine In telling the reader what life was like the author Looks At What The People Ate Where at what the people ate where lived how they dressed from the skin out how they handled sickness what they did for ntertainment how they worshipped and myriad of other thingsIn addition to Greystone Tavern everyday life Dr Mortimer also looks at how some of the majorvents of the time affected the lives of those living in the The Time Machine era Some of thosevents includes but are not limited to the Great Fire of London the outbreak of Bubonic Plague at almost the same time and the drift of the monarchy towards CatholicismIn his discussion of the Great Fire the author uses the diaries of Samuel Pepys as a guide He follows the fire from its discovery through to the reconstruction of London after the The Voyeurs embers had finally gone out He opines on how London was built contributed to the spread of the fire Finally he looks as how the fire gave Charles II and his great architect Christopher Wren the chance to remake the street layout and modernize the CityIn looking at the other major disaster to befall London the outbreak of Bubonic Plague the author takes the opportunity to look at the medical practices of the day Some of the topics include the differences in a physician and a surgeon they were not the same thing The way the author put it the physician took care of the inside and the surgeon the outside The author also looks at what it took to becomeither a physician or a surgeon and why by the Cordelias Honor (Vorkosigan Omnibus, end of thera the two professions were starting to meld into oneOne of the aspects I njoy about this series in Dr Mortimer s look at the diet of the period he is writing about and just how different their diets were from ours One of the aspects of diet that really stood out for me was the literal tooth to tail consumption of livestock Some of the delicacies that would sometimes grace a well to dowealthy persons table included Calf s head a literal Calf s head cows udders along with all the various organ meats One other morsel that caught my attention was that Carp was considered a high status fish and was one of most xpensive fish on a menu A single fis. Imagine you could see the smiles of the people mentioned in Samuel Pepys’s diary hear the shouts of market traders and touch their wares How would you find your way around Where would you stay What would you wear Where might you be suspected of witchcraft Where would you be welcomeThis is an up close and personal look at Britain between the Restoration of King Charles II in 1660 an. ,
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a laboror s monthly 20 Shillings I don t know about other parts of the world but where I live if you are unfortunate Number the Stars enough to reel in a carp you throw it back It is considered a trash fishIn looking a lawnforcement the author looks at the shear amount of crimes that were punished by the death penalty Almost The Origins of the Cultural Revolution, Vol. 2 every crime was subject to itven some that we in the modern world would consider relatively mild He also discusses the difference in punishment for men and women A man was much likely to be hanged or beheaded a woman to be burnt at the stake The author also looks at domestic abuse and the indifference and almost The Night Stalker (Robert Hunter, encouragement of it that permeated societyOne of the final topics that I want to mention is Dr Mortimer s look at religion and the role it played Even after thexcesses of the Commonwealth and the Puritans people as a whole were genuinely devout Protestants and had a deep fear of Roman Catholicism The author looks at how this played out in the reign of James II a Roman Catholic as he ased restrictions on Catholicism in England and Scotland It ultimately cost him his throne and Parliament invited his sister Mary and her husband William of Orange to become co monarchsTo sum it all up this is a very readable occasionally funny and very well researched look at Britain in the late 17th century I would give this 425 and very well researched look at Britain in the late 17th century I would give this 425 if GR allowed so I ve rounded down It s not you It s meI m calling this read because I ve read as much as I can My rating does not reflect the uality of the book it reflects my inability to focus on non fiction history books This is why I like historical fiction I used to think I d like to have Another fascinating book by Ian Mortimer that takes us to the 17th century Britain The period has been of some interest to me for several years now and this book xpands my general knowledge of those times The Author supplies us with details regarding all main sphe This was as fabulous a read as Ian Mortimer s The Time Traveller s Guide to Elizabethan England 10 star reads Deaths End (Remembrance of Earth’s Past, even if you don t like history but do like non fiction you might wellnjoy these books Both books cover Stanley Kubrick, Director everything from the monarchical political and religious institutions that governed the country right down to how the body was cleaned with linen which absorbs dirt and skin oils and was washedvery day rather than the body being washed There were many insights into how little by little daily life Forbidden Planet evolved from one of superstition into the scientific model of today One insight was Sadlyven with all of our modern technologies amenities and comforts we still. D the nd of the century The last witch is sentenced to death just two years before Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica the bedrock of modern science is published Religion still has a severe grip on society and yet some including the king flout very moral convention they can find There are great fires in London and Edinburgh; the plague disappears; a global trading mpire develop.

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