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Girl on the Verge

review ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Pintip Dunn

35 STARSMy initial interest in this one stemmed from a desire to find culturally diverse eads in a plethora of genres I always fangirl when I can find one in the young adult sector as I think it s important to empower our young people and expand their views on cultures other than their own I m not old by any means but I m far enough emoved to wish I had found books like this when I was a teenager I m far enough emoved to wish I had found books like this when I was a teenager on the Verge was a fantastic example of
"such while it "
while it t feel like an info dump of non fictional facts it DID have enough cultural importance invested into the story to keep the pace flowing Thriving at work really well I ve adored all of the author s cover art to date I feel it seems toeally tie in to her dark themes while keeping a bright attractive face to draw in the Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? readerAs I just stated above this was aeally dark Rumiko Style read that packed uite a punch in such a slight amount of pages somewhere around 250 I believe The plot starts out steady and even but once Shelly is brought into the picture things take a dark turnather uickly and go haywire I can appreciate the need for a dramatic jaw dropping conclusion but I was a bit torn on my final feelings toward the one used here It felt a bit over the top and while I know this is fiction it seemed utterly unrealistic and somewhat hard to swallow I ll give Dunn credit where it s due though I certainly didn t see it coming and it indeed caused a major jaw drop from myself Other than the credibility of the ending I found this an entirely delectable The Glorious Strategist read that was easily consumed in a single sitting Highlyecommended for those looking for diversity in the fictional genres I truly enjoyed immersing myself in Thai American culture and felt like this side of the book was the strongest and most valuable aspect includedMany thanks to the publisher for providing my copy it was a pleasure to provide my honest thoughts here AHHH THIS IS JUST WHAT I NEEDEDI can say with my hand on my heart that this book is one of my favourite books this year It you like THE CREEPY TWISTY STORIES LIKE WE creepy twisty stories like WE LIARS then you would love thisI will not say much as I eally do not want to give the story away But it is DIVERSE and HONEST and CREEPYLOVE LOVE LOVE Kanchana is a Thai American girl that has always had a feeling of not uite fi. How far would you go to belongIn her small Kansas town at her predominantly white school Kanchana doesn’t look like anyone else But at home her Thai grandmother chides her for being too westernized Only through the clothing Kan designs in secret can she find a way to fuse both cultures ,

Tting in Kan has been aised in a small Kansas town where she is the only one of her descent among her classmates but when she visits her homeland she also stands out as being too Americanized When Kan s mother brings home another teenage girl and informs the family that shelly will be staying with them kan immediately will be staying with them Kan immediately drawn to her The two become good friends sharing a lot in their feeling of not uite fitting in and Kan does her best to make Shelly feel welcome After going to school Together Though Things Start though things start downhill when Shelly begins to isolate Kan from her friends and imitate Kan Girl on the Verge is a young adult thriller from Pintip Dunn My first thought when getting into this book was basically a young adult version of Single White Female I suppose that movie was twenty five years ago this is marketed towards an audience that may not know of it but for me it lacked a bit on originality The book however was a uick and easy Catherine and the Wind read that had some good things about it I liked that the main character was Thai and that seemed to be done well bringing that culture into the story Kan was easily likable also with Shelly being the opposite and just a bit spookyight off the bat I did find it odd that Kan seemed to exude confidence around Shelly though when she was anything but confident in her own school life and with friends In the end I d Big City Stories by Modern American Writers rate this one at 35 stars The story seemed a bit predictable due to be similar to other things but it was still a somewhat engaging and creative take on the idea that I wanted to actually keepeading until the end I eceived an advance copy
"from the publisher "
the publisher NetGalleyFor eviews please visit Girl on the Verge by Pintip DunnPublisher Kensington BooksExpected Publication June 27th 2017Page Length 256 pages Genre YA contemporary Mystery Thriller ReviewThis book was provided to us by the publisher Kensington Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest The Social Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology reviewWe were so thankful and privileged toeceive an eBook of this uniue book before it s Stoic Warriors: The Ancient Philosophy behind the Military Mind release date Here is our honesteview We always try and find good points within a book whilst Wall Street and FDR remaining honest about our thoughts and feelings We found this aeally difficult book to Privacy in Technology: Standards and Practices For Engineers And Security and IT Professionals review as we unfortunately didn t love thiseading experience Thi. Nto something distinctly her ownWhen her mother agrees to provide a home for a teenage girl named Shelly Kan sees a chance to prove herself useful Making Shelly feel comfortable is easy at first her new friend is eager to please embraces the family’s Thai traditions and clearly looks up. S book is a Young Adult Contemporary mixed into a MysteryThriller This book was wrapped around the plot idea of two girls who feel as though they don t belong They feel as though they are outsiders As the girls get to know each other they instantly connect and become friends We were originally intrigued by the story at the start and we couldn t put the book down It Stronger Than You Know really sounded like a promisingead However around half way through the book we found that we were becoming Keepers of the Kingdom: The Ancient Offices of Britain really uncomfortable with the plot and charactersDon t get us wrong we absolutely loved the character Kan a Thai American teenage girl She was just so likeable She was a teenage girl that felt as though she was stuck between two cultures She was portrayed as being anxious and shy in social situations However privately she was so bold and has a big and creative vision for her future After the secondary character Shelly was introduced things started to go downhill We started to feeleally anxious uncomfortable freaked out and sick This may have been the authors intention to fulfil the thriller aspect to the novelInstead of leaving us with wanting we finished the novel feeling very disappointed We felt as though the book was over explained in parts Although we Forsaken By Shadow really lovedeading about Kan s Thai culture we loved how this Young Adult novel incorporated diverse characters The mystery and thriller aspects to this novel definitely
"gave us shivers "
us shivers down our spinesBook Rating 25 Stars The fun part of any mystery or thriller is trying to second guess where the author is going with it And when you get it wrong and are surprised it is even better That is where the tension liesBut then there is this book where I figured out not only who Shelley Bom Dia, Brasil: 3rd Edition of Português Básico para Estrangeiros really was but who she was not It was the only suspense there waseallyThe story on the other hand is fast paced even though there is a sort of love triangle with the Perfect Boy So although it was well written and has a bit of diversity in IT AS THE MAIN CHARACTER KAN IS was well written and has a bit of diversity in IT AS THE MAIN CHARACTER KAN IS AMERICAN as the main character Kan is Thai American wouldn t The Weight Loss Cure recommend this to people who haveead many thrillers as they will figure things out faster than I did However it does make for an interesting Nightshade Tavern (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, read for actual YAeadersThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest eview. To Kan Perhaps too much Shelly seems to want everything Kanchana has even the blond blue eyed boy she has a crush on As Kan’s growing discomfort compels her to investigate Shelly’s past she’s shocked to find how much it intersects with her own and just how far Shelly will go to belon. ,