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Y is too outrageously funny I

t get to the end enough I fell in love with all the characters but most especially Billie Wisher Billie IS THE DAUGHTER OF A BANK the aughter of a bank and she wants to find him and convince him to give himself up returnreturnBeneath the humor is the serious lesson that Billie learns when she finds her Seventeen and Done daddy butiscovers than she was looking for You can t help but chuckle when this mighty master of the mouth speaks She is the future captain of the Divya debate team without aoubt Billie made me think of Gillie from The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson Both have the same funny uick witted sassy backtalk that you just have to love because it is so genuinely real returnreturnThis writer A Dance of Death defines each character with perfection by giving them a natural voice that is believable I love her writing style and wit I hope this becomes a character series because the main character is too good to say goodbye toreturnreturnThis book would be suitable for read aloud grades 3 6 and independent readers age 8 12 Teachers would find this ideally suited for literature circles or readers workshop returnInoing a brief search online I believe this is the author s first book She hit it this one out of the park and in my opinion after reading this treat we can expect of the same When Billie Wisher s Six Acres and a Third daddy robs the bank in the next town and then flees to hide Billie isetermined to find him before the police Just the Way You Are do She figures that if she can convince him to give the money back nicely that he won t have to be imprisoned in Pendleton But Billie is only eleven and a resident in small town Myron Indiana where everyone knows everyone else s business With the police on heraddy s trail an annoying girl who s always trying to get Billie into trouble and some other mishaps it s getting Cut-Outs, Caste, and Cine Stars difficult for Billie to find heraddy first and save him from being caught I was surprised with how much I liked this book Billie s character is adorable stubborn and brave all at once She knows what she wants and is Kiss Tell determined to get it Billie seems like such a good character through the other characters that contrast her such as her mother her little sister Carla and various neighbors I thought it was funny but fitting that Billie always saw inj. Keeps asking what she's up to and Billie's new stepfather Daddy Joe is always around poking his nose in her businessWith her family at stake Billie'setermined to track Daddy own at all costs but will anything turn out the way she expect.
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Tracking Daddy DownThis was a passable book Billie is a lovable character as she stays true to her crook of a ad trying to prove he id not rob a bank with her uncle Despite all the best efforts of her stepdad she rejects his attempts to help the family and keeps going to the empty well A nice character study in what really makes a family and a heart rending look at the loyalty of a little girl who finally sees the light If your a fan of fiction and mystery than this is the book for you I recommend this Book To All Kids all kids all ages If you read this book and what the main character is going through then I think you can really relate to her Tracking Daddy Down is about a girl named Billie and her ad just robbed a bank she is also having troubles adjusting to her is also having troubles adjusting to her stepfather Joe She has her 2 best friends by her side to be on the hunt to track her Horrid High (Horrid High, dadown and find out why he robbed the bank and what made him Children of a Better God do it Yes it s a young person s novel and no I m not Nevertheless it s good The fact that I used to work for the author s sister in lawoes not at all affect my opinion as I am painfully honestThe book is I guess one of them coming of age thing The story is told by the main character who can t see the good things in her life because she still chooses to see the world by the smoking torch of her irresponsible father who ran off on her family and has now returned to them only to run off again and rob a bankIt s good I recommend it I loved this book I grew up in a small Indiana town near some railroad tracks and can relate to the adventures of Billie and her friends You can feel the excitement of summer vacation and remember the things that mattered most fun playing with your friends and riding bikes Billie is Brushes With History dealing with some complex issues such as worry over her father s possible involvement in a robbery and herislike of her stepfather s interference in her life but she shows loyalty and courage in finding her way through the situations Her character emerges at the end having matured and grown in acceptance of the changes in her life A terrific read While this book is somewhat predictable the ne er On a Prayer do well Daddy really is ne ero well and the new step Going Places daddy really has a heart of gold andoes the right thing and finally wins th. Billie Wisher's Love in the Tsunami daddy isn't a no good bank robber is heBillie'saddy is on the run If the police catch him it's off to Pendleton Penitentiary for sure And she just got him back after he spent years away in California She had big plans for. .
E heart of our narrator Billie Wisher the voice of Billie an independent innocent than she realizes young girl who loves her real The Emerald Route daddy and only wants to believe the best about him is really genuine and grabs you from the very beginning she matter of factlyescribes her father s role in robbing a bank I think young readers will be Get Smart drawn to her honesty andesire to believe the best even in the fact of the worstEdie Billie Wisher s father is on the run after robbing a bank in the next town with his good For Nothing Brother Bi nothing brother Bi loved this book Billie Wisher is exactly like an 11 year old girl in a small Indiana town would be The Women in Cages during the book s time period I should know I was one of those I wasrawn into Myron IN and the surrounding countryside by Kelsey s wonderful Ambrosia for Afters descriptions and laughed out loud at her metaphors similies analogies She s uite an engaging wordsmith writer And what a great plot it s exactly the sort of thing kids of that agetime wouldo Billie has such a wonderful voice I Pitch perfect fiction for the tweens I can t recommend Tracking Daddy Down highly enough Any book that can make me laugh and cry at the same time is one I want to give to all my bookloving friendsJust a few ays before Billieanne Wisher s eleventh birthday her Daddy steals 10000 from the Henderson County Bank in Millerstown Indiana He s eleventh birthday her Daddy steals 10000 from the Henderson County Bank in Millerstown Indiana He it in broad aylight with his older brother Warren and from what I heard they never even bothered to Pundits from Pakistan disguise themselves All theyid was tie checkered bandanas over their mouth so of course they were recognized right off While everyone is Billie s tiny home town of Myron is all agog with the news she realizes two things first and most importantly she has a good idea where Daddy and Uncle Warren are hiding and second she has to get to them before anyone else oes and convince Daddy to give the money back and turn himself inThis is all easier said than one Her cousin Tommy Warren s son is easier said than The Essential Marathi Cookbook done Her cousin Tommy Warren s son is reluctant to help Billie carry out her plan On top of that Billie s stepfather Daddy Joe keeps turning up at exactly the wrong moment to foil Billie s plansI adored this sweet funny story about a very smart young lady and her unexpectediscoveries about what makes a family Tracking Daddy Down by Marybeth Kelse. The summer plans that won't be any fun without DaddyIt must all be a mistake Daddy How to Love Your Body didn't mean to rob that bank If Billie finds him before the copso she can help him put everything right She has an idea where he might be holed up But Mama. ,