The Food of France (PDF)

The Food of FranceWonderful read even after so many years I love how Root even though he s American doesn t come across as Mr know it all who wants to tell the French how to cook I guess that s a recent thing in food literature Its a very thorough book about the food of France but I wonder if its still the same after all these years It is definitely informative about the regions of France and what type of *foods they use to eat and enjoy It Also Describes The * they use to eat and enjoy It Also Describes The describes the geography weather and how that effects the regions and what they grow and raise for food This was my father s favorite book It s an entertaining opinionated tour of the France filtered through food and food traditions of each region the regions being defined by cuisine not Honeymoon Baby politics While Root had some very odd opinions he didn t like Champagne and didn t think itaired well with any food whereas he liked the revolting horrid smelling sausage andouiet I ve set this book down for a minute But again an extrememly comprehensive history of french cuisine I read only about the first 3rd of this bookit is so dense with wonderful information and can t really be read. Embraces not only the marvels of French cooking but French history langu. Straight through cover to cover but used as a reference of French culinary History It Was Written It was written the late 50 s so is not a current where to go what to eat in France but well worth reading to gain a fundamental understanding of French cuisineI ll buy this book and happily read a chapter here and there for years I do not know how to rate this as reading it is unlike any other reading I do It rovides a very good overview of how French 21 October 2016 I just finished reading La vie et la assion de Dodin Bouffant and the experience reminded me of *How Much I Enjoyed Waverley Root S * much I enjoyed Waverley Root s Original ReviewMr Root s overarching theory is that French food can be divided into the three culinary domains of fat butter and oil The Food of France reflects this belief and is similarly divided into three main sections each chapter within a section dealing with the geographicalculinary regions within each domain Within this structure each chapter explores the food of a specific culinary region and highlights the dishes distinct to that regionUnderpinning Mr Root s overarching theory is the remise that food and how Age landscape and customs as well Here is France for the traveler the ch. .

T is cooked is intimately related to and is influenced by th This book has a little bit of everything History both natural and human geography sociology recipes adamant opinions and lovely descriptions of landscapes I mostly let the details wash over me and I don t think I really learned a lot But if ever I get the chance TO TRAVEL THE FRENCH COUNTRYSIDE THIS BOOK WILL HAVE travel the French countryside this book will have my inspiration for doing so and I will
"want a copy "
a copy meGrasse sounds right for me land of lavender erfume and candied flowers Sign me up I suppose I would have enjoyed this book if I d known about French geography culture and language Waverley was a man who did his culture and language Waverley was a man who did his by nature and must have taken copious notes because it seems nothing has been left out of this accumulation of his knowledge and experiences By the end it had all rolled up into one big glom of information I don t think I retained much but I appreciated the little vignettes that Waverley served his readers Truely beautiful Gruff in nature the author brings to me the France I live in That another American could find the true nature of France brings me joy. Ef and the connoisseur of fine rose Maps and b w line drawings througho. .