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She Hulk Volume 4 Laws of AttractionE Titan Starfox s brother Thanos shows up and She Hulk gets drawn deeply into the brothers caseDan Slott keeps up his great balance of humor obscure Marvel continuity and compelling character growth I was bummed that the regular artist Juan Bobillo didn t draw any of these issues though Smith and Burchett both do uite well though Burchett s Thanos just LOOKS WRONG I PAID FOR SHE HULK WHY DID wrong I paid for She Hulk Why did get a whole issue dedicated to the Two Gun Kid and his history with wolf men Yawn Also the marriage between She Hulk and John earns an eye roll for being ridiculous That being said I enjoyed the egal battles of superheroes needing ridiculous That being said I enjoyed the egal battles of superheroes needing be registered I guess I preferred the Jennifer Walters arc This volume starts with a very interesting and bold premise Ever hear of Star Fox He s been an Avenger in the past and he s related to Thanos Which isn t particularly relevant for this story What is relevant is his power set he has the ability to induce feelings of euphoria romantic ove and Corey in the Saddle (Pony Tails, lust in anyone around him Yes that s an almost identical set of powers to Alias s deeply creepy main villain The Purple Man Yes Star Fox is a hero for using those same powers in roughly the same way but for good Which makes him noess creepy to me And I assume that s why the first couple of issues which do focus on his powers as inherently creepy and problematic were written Unfortunately the whole issue gets swept away partly by having to tie into Civil War and partly by a cheap storyline that tries to defuse Star Fox s creepiness I guess we re supposed to entirely forgive the character for the times he s intentionally manipulated people s times he s intentionally manipulated people s because it wasn t entirely under his own control Why I Went Back lately Yeah not really It s such a weird end to a story that starts so well and it s greatly disappointing Starfox 6 7 Wow I can t believe they went there not only going after Starfox for sexual assault but also offering metacommentary on the comics and readers of the time An interesting if somewhat icky arc with harsh results 710Civil War 8 Nice to see aegal take on the Civil War and Registration even if it does sort of flounder out at the end by Horse Sense (Saddle Club, leaving behind the very principals the I m marking this read because I ve read it but there seem to be two distinct versions not editions versions on here and this keeps coming up to me as unread But I read it already So there GoodReads Iiked this one It s always interesting to see how comics address real world issues in superhuman context. Merican super hero So whose side will Marvel's top superhuman awyer fight for And how can she possibly choose when she feels one way as She Hulk and another as Jen WaltersCollecting She Hulk 6

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R Fox being put on trial was good but the execution was acking I will admit it could have been worse thoughThen there was all the objectification of She Hulk Mainly this was in the artwork the
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above are by different artist but that should give you an idea Gratuitous side boob and almost nudity are just icky and unnecessary And there was one point where a troll ran under She Hulk s skirt and commented on her going commando in a context where she didn t even get to dress herself no Its All Going Wonderfully Well less UghIt took me aot onger get through these two volumes than did the first run The spark two volumes than it did the first run The spark made the first run memorable got old and I just ost interest Most of the internal art was OK but there were not sufficiently occasional objectifying shots of She Hulk which were very off putting As was some of the plot I wouldn t say don t read it but don t get your hopes up if you Harvest loved the first run35 5 starsRead reviews on my blog Slott s run with She Hulk is constantly good Even theaw bits are interesting but the relationships between characters is way much interesting in than the superhero action in this one So high on drama and so touching and interestingSadly the art does not uite follow the higness of the story Especially Rich Burchett does not deliver Bad simplistic and suarey art I did not Doctor Who like that at all Aww Awesome Andy Love him The plot about Starfox sexually and romantically manipulating people around him was interesting and frustrating and sad I never superoved the art of the first three trades but it was a definite style that I associated with the run and it was a Amethyst little jarring to get the new artist Everyone s aittle realistic now which shook up my reading of them a Jules et Jim little bit Still not a fan of Pug I dike to read the recent Shulky run and see if I ike it better than this one Starfox stands front and center in this volume An Avenger from way back the alien from the moon Titan has as it says on Marvel s official website the power to stimulate the pleasure centers in the brains of others Yeah he was created in the early 1970sShe Hulk represents Starfox when he s the defendant in a sexual assault case The case is never decided but Starfox mucks up She Hulk s relationship with John Jameson who s sometimes Man Wolf After a brief Civil War interlude She Hulk and Man Wolf end up eloping to Vegas While She Hulk tries to figure out why they rushed so uickly Starfox she gets transported to another trial for Starfox this time on his nativ. T a ove triangle or two to finally come to a head What will this mean for Pug She Hulk and John Jameson And who or what is Awesome Andy falling for Plus Civil War threatens the rights of every ,

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I would give this a 4 star rating but it Hannah Hauxwell lost a star forosing Bobillo thereby Fever at Dawn losing the delightfully soft and suishy Jen Ioved for being lost a star for May Takes the Lead (Pony Tails, losing Bobillo therebyosing the delightfully soft and suishy Jen I oved for being unusual in the superhero world I started reading the series in single issues after I finished this collection and once Slott stopped writing it only took a couple of issues for me to stop reading All it took was a staff change for Marvel to destroy
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of the few funny female friendly characterstitles out there in mainstream comics Shame One of the problems with these two volumes is the existence of comic events Civil War happens in the middle of Vol 4 and completely throws out the most interesting arc in this run In fact the epilogue of said arc which I l talk about shortly gets pushed into 14 and Vol 5 As well as the Civil War which does at The Path of Initiation least fit in with the concept of She Hulk being aawyer fairly well there seem to be HulkShe Hulk on a rampage stories which are told in other books I think I don t exactly mind missing out on these but it s a bit weird when no apparent time has passed in the story My Sisters Wishes line and yet She Hulk has found time to go on a rampage or something I know it s kind of the nature of comics but it really disrupted the flow for meEspecially the Star Fox arc which was potentially the most interesting I say potentially because it didn t uiteive up to it s potential although it wasn t as dire in the end as I feared The background is Star Fox s powers include the ability to make people fall in ove temporarily Or as someone put it he s a walking roofie He s brought up on sexual assault charges and jen up on sexual assault charges and Jen forced to represent him because her firm s been getting into some uestionable stuff Side note I would kind of ike to know how that back story pans out but not enough to keep reading unfortunately Just as the trial gets interesting the Civil War starts and it gets ignored for several issues I actually didn t think we were going to come back to it at all which was kind of infuriating because it Mr. Piper and His Cubs left Jen to run off and marry her boyfriend that she was about to break up with before Star Fox zapped her And then when she finds out what was happening it s kind of completely glossed over Like one minute she s realising she doesn tove him and the next it just was not handled well The one good thing is that Star Fox did eventually get justice but there was this weird bit with Thanos supervillain which had me excited for a few pages before they doubled back To summarise the idea of Sta. She Hulk's firm is dealing with their first superhuman sexual assault case Their client Eros of Titan the space faring Avenger called Starfox And when emotions get over heated at the office expec.

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