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Redeeming the Rogue KnightAll reviews osted originally on the blog have a little confession folks I haven t read historical romance in a really long have a little confession folks I haven t read historical romance in a really long And even back in the old days when I did read a ton of historical romance my comfort zone was the Western historicals Nobody s Darling by Teresa Medeiros is and will ALWAYS be one of my all time favs Why d I give up on the category you ask Frankly I got a little bored with rakish earls viscounts and dukes I also got tired of having to look up a crap load of terms about old timey clothing just so I could understand what everyone was wearing There s a ton of really detailed descriptions of clothing in historicals OK It was making me think of really detailed descriptions of clothing in historicals OK It was making me think too hard and y all know I refer nice easy readingBut not too long ago I made an exception on the recommendation of another blog exception on the recommendation of another blog follow and read Elisabeth Hobbes s The Blacksmith s Wife and really enjoyed it So when the author asked if I d be interested in reading Redeeming the Rogue Knight which features characters I d met in The Blacksmith s Wife I was all for it And once again the author didn t let me down Let s face it Medieval romance is tough sell for some audiences I mean it takes a talented author to make love stories set in a time before simple things like enicillin deodorant and tampons seem sexy But against all odds this author makes it work And better yet I don t need an old timey English to modern English translator on standby to understand what the heck is going on in the story There s just enough detail The Winter King provided that I believe the story is historically accurate I ll take the author s word for it I don tlan on looking anything up to verify that stuff but nothing here tripped my bullshit meter without getting bogged down in too much detail As for the hero Sir Roger Danby I ll admit that I was skeptical After his introduction in The Blacksmith s Wife I frankly didn t know if he was redeemable He was an asshat in that book and he started off as an asshat in this book But when he s stripped of his title and Spirit Bird Journey privilege temporarily due to circumstances outside his control he shows little hints of vulnerability that made me start to dislike him less and less And after a few chapter I found that I didn t even want to kick him in the balls any I consider that a win Lucy was a fierce mama bear heroine She did whatever it took and I mean whateverit wasn t alwaysleasant to care for her baby and I admired her selflessness She wasn t a whiner either There was no time for woe is me Gender and Consumption pityarties in Lucy s life All in all I thought she was the Rahasia-rahasia Shalat perfect woman to straighten out the stuck up somewhat entitled Sir Roger She even had him doing woman s work at oneoint in the book which I loved Long story short Redeeming the Rogue Knight is a tender and Alien Terror (Mindwarp, passionate medieval romance that fans of historicals should definitely check out It s highly 1 clickable Full disclosure We received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Received arc in return for an honest review naughtiness 3Knowing some of my friends had recommended this book to me I was delighted to be offered the honour of reading it I can honestly say that I have not read a huge number of medieval romances but the ones I have read including this I absolutely adore I will most definitely be collecting of Elisabeth s books this is the first of Elisabeth s books I ve read it certainly won t be the lastAs always I will not give spoilers as its not fair to the author orossible new readers that is what blurbs are for I can tell you I am most definitely addicted to medieval as well just haven t had the chance to read alot of them this I believe is my 5th Caught in Her Room possibly 6th medieval romance I will definitely be collecting especially this lovely author Elisabeth can write a full roller coaster of emotions beautifullywhich can have you weeping one minute with one character to giggling the next with another I was able to connect with the story and characters very much so Definitely highly recommend this book To those who haven t tried medieval but do like historical romance or want to expand on their sub genres of reading definitely give this book a read I doubt you will be disappointedThank you Lady Elisabeth for writing this beautiful book and giving me the honour to read it Roger is well and truly a wolf a dominant leader of theack he is a masculine and insatiable man who is very self assured and ber confident even when wounded he still ultra charming if on the verge of egotisticalLucy has an awful lot on her shoulders she is The World As Design practically ostracized by her village due to the fact that she is a single unwed mother She is raising her son brewing the ale and running the inn after the death of her father and torotect her son and her livelihood she will do just about anything that includes tying Roger to the bed while wielding a re. The spy who sought refugeWhen injured spy Sir Roger Danby comes asking for shelter at her inn Lucy Carew is wary He may be strikingly handsome but the disgraced singl. D hot okerThis is like walking in the characters foot steps you get a real sense of the eriod Hobbes has yet again shown just what a talented steps you get a real sense of the eriod Hobbes has yet again shown just what a talented she isIt is sharp and Ghostly Tales To Be Told precise from the language right down to details of the joust It s an highly charged tale of finding love in the most unexpectedlaces it is thrilling and emotionalAnother great read that I cannot recommend enoughhttpschicksroguesandscandalswordp I was given a copy of the book ahead of ublication in return for an honest reviewWe first met Sir Roger Danby the Devilishly Dashing Knight In The Blacksmith S dashing knight in The Blacksmith s In his first outing he was a conniving arrogant knight and the wonderful Elisabeth Hobbes had created a truly unlikeable character Redeeming the Rogue Knight however allows Sir Roger to take centre stage and we see him as we ve never seen him beforeWe rejoin him in the house of Lord Harpur where he and Thomas Carew are staying The air have returned to the UK after a stint as mercenaries in France and they are on a mission to deliver an important message from King Edward But before they can make their delivery they are attacked Roger is wounded by an arrow and Thomas takes him to an inn which is run by Thomas sister Lucy As Lucy tends to the knight s wounds we discover the innkeeper s own Addicted to Womanhood past and how she has done everything she can to survive Can Lucy change the knight shilandering ways And can he teach her to trust her heart again If I can use one word to describe this book it is smouldering The relationship between Roger and Lucy gently smoulders away gradually flickering into a flame and this makes for a slow build up to romance We go along for the ride thinking we know how the tale will unfold but there are moments when Hobbes genuinely blindsides us so that we feel the revelations being made by Roger about himself just as acutely as he is This is a tale that cleverly continues the ath taken by a character we thought we knew and sends him on a journey we do not expect Although Roger s carefree way with women hasn t changed we see the impact Lucy has upon his conscience and likewise Roger leads Lucy to see that all is not lostLucy herself is another strong willed female character to add to Hobbes collection of feisty females However Lucy has been damaged by men who have used abused and abandoned her We see that she will do anything for her child and this at once inspires sympathy and rovokes a shocked reaction by the reader There is one Ice and Iron (The Oracle, particularoint in the story where I genuinely willed for Roger to appear before it was too late Ultimately the element of redemption becomes the focal Italian Family Cooking point for our two lovers and this makes for an intriguing read that brings closure to Roger s storyfor now What happens when a man who is every bit of a rogue finds his match in a single mother who stirs his soul Will this be a match made in heaven Sir Roger is a womanizer and a scoundrel who ll bed any woman the first chance he can get But things get rough and chaotic when hisartner Thomas does the unthinkable and spends the night in the bed of Katherine Harpur Now men are after them and Roger gets injured along the way They ride to Thomas s house where his sister Lucy Carew helps them Roger s racy conversations with Lucy just Czasami wołam w niebo prove he ll break the rules no matter the situation But for how long can Lucy deny the attraction between her and this rogue of a man Elisabeth Hobbes writing in Redeeming the Rogue Knight is impeccable This story entertained me from the start I was thrust into Sir Roger s world and experienced firsthand his womanizing ways and later on his growth as a hero The storyline which is fastaced character driven and adventurous made my reading experience as seamless as ossible All in all a satisfying read for anyone who fancies historical romance Recommended 4 Stars Our hero Sir Roger Danby was given an unforgettable introduction in his brother s Hal s story The Blacksmith s Wife and I confess I didn t think this knight was redeemable boy was I wrong I went from completely loathing him to cooing and swooning all over him Roger is stripped bare of all the things he deems his right and rivilege to have he is vulnerable and in this time of vulnerability his true self is revealed and damn it s uite a revelation Roger becomes stronger by allowing himself to be weak Roger is hurt and needing help our heroine Lucy Carew takes him in Lucy is one of the strongest heroines I ve met she is fierce no doubt about it she s my kind of girl Determined to make the best out of her lot in life for her son she trudges forward and I think her attitude towards the moments that could have defined her sets her apart from other heroines and really Scarred for Life (Jessica Daniel, pulls you into the historical era Roger and Lucy s story is tender whilst beingassionate A story of finding true love in the most unexpected. E mother has learned the hard way with men like him Against her better judgment she gives him refugeSir Roger has never been at the mercy of a woman before and he’s.

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Place and being stronger because of that love writing is clever and witty Redeeming the Rogue Knight has truly confirmed that medieval romance rocks read you is clever and witty Redeeming the Rogue Knight has truly confirmed that medieval romance rocks read it you t be disappointed 55 stars from me The hero was the villain in an earlier story The Blacksmith s Wife and he was loathsome Not over the top evil More DudeBro he tries to c mon baby the heroine into bed while casually dismissing her and when she settles into marriage with his half brother he comes slinking back around like the worst sort of alley Cat So Yeah Roger Has A Long Ways To Go So yeah Roger has a long ways to go the redemption departmentThe author manages to ull it off mainly because she doesn t morph him into a choir boy Instead she airs him with the ideal heroine and through her experiences and through her eyes Roger realizes what a Stories from 1001 Arabian Nights putz he s been There s external conflict inlay but I was drawn to the internal conflict The heroine who got into trouble and is raising her son alone while the hero has bedded half the women on the Continent and is celebrated for it The author sets off little truth bombs about the amount of garbage and hypocrisy women have faced since the dawn of time and still experience today And while I hesitate to mention it it s the sort of thing that readers seem to love to complain about on GR there are no sex scenes in this book Frankly it didn t need any and would have been jarringly out of A Christmas Seduction place given the internal conflict This couple burning up the sheets together in the context of this story would have been as subtle as a chainsaw Instead there s some lovely tender moments that illustrate the growing trust between the couple which works well Miniseries The Danby Brothers Redeeming the Rogue Knight is the second book in The Danby Brothers series by Elisabeth HobbesOur hero in this story is Sir Roger the Knight the villain from the first story in this series The Blacksmith s Wife I ll admit I really didn t like him much in the last story So knowing he was to be the hero in this story I had my doubts that Elisabeth Hobbes could make me like him Well not only did she get me to like Roger I ended up actually loving him Getting to know Roger was a real eye opener and he uickly became a hero I was rooting forLucy Carew was an amazing heroine that I immediately liked and an absolutelyerfect match for Roger Lucy has not had an easy life but she s a survivor The chemistry between these two was evident from their very first meeting I absolutely loved Lucy and Roger s story and it was great to see Hal and Joanna from The Blacksmith s Wife again The Danby Brothers series was a wonderfully entertaining series that I highly recommend I have always been a closet Mills and Boon fan and the historical fiction books are always worth a look especially those of the less well known eriods of history for me Elisabeth Hobbes is my favourite author in this genre so I m always delighted when her newest book is launched And this time I had even to rejoice about as this is book two in the Danby brother series and I was curious to find out what had happened to Roger after we left him in The Blacksmith s Wife so it was great to meet him again here Although I did love Rogers character in that book he was definitely a bit of a bad boy and whilst women fell in love with this charismatic knight he seemed oblivious to their needs thinking only of his own But he is about to meet his match here in single mother Lucy but she has reason than most to give Roger a wide berthThis is the second book I have read this week that is set here in my home county of Cheshire and although both were love stories they couldn t have been apart on the romance spectrum so to speak As with most historical romances it s all in the build up to the big HEA And Redeeming The Rogue Knight is an absolutely sumptuous historical romance that has been meticulously researched and erfectly Only By His Touch (Only, polished from start to finish Roger is a dark and brooding hero who has been away from home since the familyroblems he faced اصول و مبانی مایندفولنس مدیتیشن قرن 21 previously in The Blacksmiths Wife Now injured he seeks refuge with Lucy who s brother has been travelling with him His interactions with Lucy are full of sexual tension and their chemistry isalpable from their very first encounter I couldn t have Mit i tehnologija Rodžera Zelaznija picked a better heroine for Roger toursue as she was A Strange Vocation perfect for him Lucy was feisty andrickly standing up to her nemisis and determined to do what she had to do to keep food on her table and a roof over her child s head Definitely a strong minded woman ahead of her timeI loved every As I Remember It page of this compelling romance and have to admit that it s actually my favourite of her books so far made unputdownable by her enticing writing style anderfectly crafted historical detailing It also helps that the cover م‍ب‍ان‍ی‌ روان‌ک‍اوی‌ ف‍روی‍د - ل‍ک‍ان‌ promises a rather delectable Roger inside as well A must read for fans of this genr. Never met one as mysterious and bewitching as Lucy He hasn’t come looking for redemption but Lucy is a woman who could reach in and touch his closely guarded heart.