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I just finished One Way or Another by Elizabeth Adler Angela goes by Angie Morse got involved with the wrong guy and is now floating in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Turkey Marco Polo Mahoney is a portrait artist prefers to call himself a painter who is vacationing in Fethiye Turkey has a little ramshackle cottageshack with his dog Em Em goes everywhere with Marco Marco is looking out at the ocean when he sees a girl stumbling on a yacht everywhere with Marco Marco is looking out at the ocean when he sees a girl stumbling on a yacht Lady Marina He gets his binoculars and sees the girl with a very bloody open gash on her head can see skull The girl then drops in the ocean and the boat speeds away Marco rushes out to rescue her but he cannot find her Marco reports it to the police who do not believe him Poor Angie does not drown She is rescued by Apollo Zacharias the captain of the Zeus Unfortunately for Angie Zacharias calls it in on the radio and guess who answers the distress call The Lady Marina Once again Angie is back in her illers clutchesMarco calls his girlfriend Martha Patron about the incident She does not really believe him either thinks he saw something Marco Real Estate Appraisal keeps looking He comes upon a clue when he sees a local bar owner s wife with a gold necklace It was Angie s necklace Marconows something happened to the girl he calls her the girl with the beautiful red hair and is determined to find out what happened to herAhmet Ghulbian is a billionaire and the owner of The Lady Marina He is controlling mean and a cold blooded Flying High killer His assistant Mehitabel only one name is cold vicious and ailler They are well suited Ahmet was born poor but he made something of himself thanks to the help of a woman that he Twin Spell killed Since Angie did not drown Ahmet decides to hold her captive He plans to have some fun with her beforeilling her Ahmet meets Lucy Patron Martha s younger sister and a real flibbertigibbet He decides that she is the person he wants to marry She is seventeen and a virgin Lucy

decided to be an actress slowly draws her in along with Martha whom he gets to redecorate his creepy house in the marshes and Marco whom he commissions to paint his portrait Will Marco be able to find Angie and rescue her Will Ahmet get LucyOne Way or Another sounde. Tudo começou numa festa Terminou com um crime uma mulher desaparecida e uma promessa de vingançaAo entardecer na belíssima paisagem do Mar Egeu uma mulher de cabelos ruivos cai da amurada de um iate de luxo Em terra o pintor Marco Polo Mahoney vê a ueda percebe ue a jovem está ferida e assiste perplexo à embarcação a afastar se delibera. One Way or AnotherL that took place and she wound up being rescued being returned to the billionaire only to be held captive and abused was bizarre The witness to her initial accident ends up playing detective He becomes involved with the billionaire His girlfriend and her sister also become involved with the billionaire Everyone is creeped out by this guy and yet they all continue to be part of his life in odd ways Then the whole story is wrapped up in a very rapid Submission kind of silly manner I just think the plot could have been better developed as well as the characters and their interactions with each other and the storyline Just didn t care for this book The plot just went nowhere Creepy bad guy with no good retribution Wish it could havenown what it wanted to be mystery Not really Action Not really International thriller Nope Tried to be all of these but was not any I used to be a huge Elizabeth Adler fan i have copies of books from a good few years ago on my bookshelves and often reread them So I was delighted to find this on netgalley and read her up to date work But I have to admit this is like it has been written by A Totally Different Person totally different person writing style was laboured it didn t flow and some sentences didn t make sense I would like to think that it was due to being an ARC and that some further editing or proofreading took place The story itself was a struggle to get into that some further editing or proofreading took place The story itself was a struggle to get into of the characters were very likeable or sympathetic and I was glad when it ended I feel terrible for not liking this as I have been a big fan of this authors previous novels but I won t like it put me off any future books I received a copy of this book via netgalley in return for an unbiased review DNF 22%I am not going to rate this book but it has become obvious that this is not a book for me After reading the first 15 chapters I just cannot connect with the story or the characters on any level The writing style feels awkward to me and I simply have no interest in reading any further I simply don t care if the mystery gets solved Or What Happens To what happens to of the characters in the story I received an advance reader edition of this book from St Martin s Press via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review. A O iate onde ela seguia está a afastar se levando consigo os supostos amigos e o namorado E embora cada um deles tivesse algo contra si Angie estava longe de imaginar ue uisessem vê la morta Agora enuanto as ondas a tentam submergir invade a um sentimento apenas raiva É a raiva ue lhe vai dar forças para sobreviver e também para se vingar. D like a great mysterythriller The book though dragged on and on and on I did not think it would ever end and I really wanted it to end It took me two tries to get through the whole book Instead of being a thrilling page turner it puts you to sleep This book needed severe editing and rewriting It had some good bones the basic idea but the final product was severely lacking I give One Way or Another 15 out of 5 stars because the basic premise was decent The writing is lackluster and the book contains a lot of unnecessary descriptive paragraphs I received a complimentary copy of One Way or Another From NetGalley In Exchange For NetGalley in exchange for honest review The review and opinions expressed are my ownhttpbibliophileandavidreaderblogs I can t remember reading a book that was so disorganized It was as if no one edited it for story order and detail The characters were shallowly developed and often I would stop and shake my head confused as to what was supposed to be going on or what day they were talking about I did finish it because I wanted to now how it came out but uffdah this one should have been looked at better before publishing Didn t like the characters that much and I skipped alot and I couldn t wait for it to be done Just wanted to see who survived Great read a well written book that made me think that i had my mind twisted all over the place before i can really understand what this spoilrichcrazyevil boy man along with his sidekick another evil nasty ladydid not care about no one else but hurting and illing many othersthis had good storytelling and a well defined cast of charactersuestion where is Ahmet s body recommended To All More Like 15 Stars I Ve Always Enjoyed all More like 15 stars I ve always enjoyed s novels and this one started off really well Then it just fizzled and sputtered before an unsatisfying climax Too long no action This was just a disaster of a book Completely unorganized and without direction Did not resemble the description was disappointing as well Don t waste your time This book was just odd I thought the premise of a woman being intentionally nocked overboard off of a wealthy billionaire s yacht surviving her fall and then seeking revenge on those responsible sounded interesting After al. Damente Marco tenta imediatamente salvá la mas não a consegue encontrar É como se a bela ruiva nunca tivesse existido Mas ele tem a certeza do ue viu E está disposto a tudo para resolver o mistérioAngie Morse acabou de ser atingida na cabeça com uma garrafa de champanhe Caiu no mar ferida e os seus companheiros parecem estar a abandoná ,