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It doesn t turn me on then again perhaps that was never the intention at all it doesn t vibe well with me Yeah it was an opener to the world the upcoming two stories were in but I just never got into itThen came Ravel This was about another werewolf Reese and a uman named Ashton I can t say I was blown away by this one Either It Just Didn T Touch The Soul But That It just didn t touch the soul but that t suggest this didn t The Soldier’s Curse have any potential because it did It just ended a bit abruptly for my liking to be able to feel much of anything It certainlyeld promiseLastly Recoil NOW HERE IS THE STORY I VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR Talk about being blown away I m still no pun intended recoiling Not because it was one big appy fluffy romance Though don t get me wrong I sure felt some of that but it was dark I mean just take in account of the kind of world they live in Khaz was likeable right from the start and let me just say it was this story I ate up uickly No one was allowed to bother this story I ate up uickly No one was allowed to bother while I flew through this one Now I don t want to post any spoilers but I m telling ya this one truly matters and its a little longer compared to the first two stories before it Oh man and the sex WEW Looking forward to reading of this Especially when it comes to Khaz and Noah And I d like to see ow these stories intertwine Loved this collection of stories and can t wait to see what comes next The world is a Never Mind harsh place when the supernatural creatures come out of the shadows This series is so original and intriguing and just perfection Where vampires werewolves and witches rule andumans are treated as slaves and pets life is very complicated And so are the relationshipsThere is just something so perfect about R Phoenix s writing In the first paragraph I m sucked in and left aching for when I m done This series is something that I will listen to over and over as it just gets better each time If you love audio books this series is an absolute MUST listen Jack Noble is the ONLY narrator that could give these characters the added dimension of voice Perfect writing and perfect performance make this a definite 5 star series. R Bark, Bitch! (Pet Play, Puppy Play, Role Play, BDSM, Bondage, Humiliation, Spanking) hisead Keep Writing: Bk. 2: A Writing Course For Arab Students (Kewr) he's keenly aware of that fact His landlord a renowned slaver offersim the chance to catch up on Let Me Feed You: Everyday Recipes Offering the Comfort of Home his rent by breaking aumanGroomed to fight Noah Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss has survived by givingimself over to Atlas Alone hisatred of those who took everything away from Can You See Me? humanity When the werewolf can't breakim The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Volume 2: Geography he's given to the vampire instead ande's sure this will be no different The problem is that even the Cardmaster harsh lessons the Rebellion taughtim couldn't prepare Johns Hopkins: A Silhouette him for someone like Khaz who alwaysas an ace up The Learning Curve his sleeveThe Fate of the Fallen Series1 Bought Jace Elias Revised 0120172 Ravel Ashton Reese Revised 0120173 Recoil Khaz Noah Revised 0120174 Owned Khaz Noah Jace Elias Revised 0320175 Temper Ashton Reese Jace Elias6 Refraction Khaz Noah Ashton Reese Jace EliasPlease note that the Fate of the Fallen previously Ripples in the Status uo worldas little place for umanity and as a result content in these works may contain graphic scenes of depravity cruelty and violence sexual or otherwise that could be offensive and potentially triggering to some reade.

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BoughtRavelRecoilThis is a compilation of books 2 4 of the A Ripples in the Status uo series I already Wilderness First Aid Field Guide have mentionow much I love this series I loved the world that the author Andrew Jackson: The Course of American Freedom, 1822-1832 has created for this series It was so nice getting to know it and know the place everyonead on it Other than the world I think the best part of it are the characters the attitude of each of them are amazing The plot started a little simple but as the reader gets into the story little simple but as the reader gets into the story start to become a little complex and intriguing I ave a few thoughts on the charactersAsh amazing complex and intriguing I ave a few thoughts on the charactersAsh amazing bitter and yet so fun i loved Stigma 2.0: Abuse, Insults and Mocking on the Internet his careless attitude so defiant and caringe Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen had the best attitude of all of the charactersReese also with a nice bitter attitude so lifeless at some point and so full possibilities of character development I guess Iaven t see the best of Ancient Britons the Antiquarian Imagination: Ideas from the Renaissance to the Regency him yet I can t wait know ofimNoah is not my favorite character but it was a nice one I liked Sublime Noise how strong beliefse ad and ow much SQL Tips and Techniques he is willing to risk for itKahze is one of my favorite characters maybe because Hello English Grade 6a Workbook Tal Edition he is the one whoas change the most the
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he Cambridge Horizons Level 3 Student's Pack: For Bachillerato Tecnol�gico had in ownedad me care so much for Thebaid, Books 1-7 (Loeb Classical Library) him And is the one I m intrigued about in the futureJace Iaven t get to know Sprachenlernen leichtgemacht! Die Birkenbihl-Methode zum Fremdsprachen lernen him well what I known ofim Faust Among Equals has been nice I can t see what wouldappen to im in the future and somehow that s good the things remain a mystery the better will be a new bookElias this as been one of the best character I ve read in a while Every time my mind sets on In the Dream House him Iave a big smile on my face I just can t get enough of Flames of the Dark Crystal him From the first book I was in love with this mean character and I wantedim to get what That Night he wanted Now it s a little complex because there are other characters I care about and they might geturt if Blood Oath he gets whate wants so I don t know what to feel any but that s good I like a book that as the ability to create such emotions Somehow I was a little disappointed by im on Owned I was expecting a lot of Pie Fidelity: In Defence of British Food him but it s ok I ll keep around to see what comes next forimIn general I think this is a very interesting series with the most amazing char. Now that supernatural beings Pour the Oil have seized control of the world lifeas become a struggle for the I'm Not Millie! humans who onceeld power Witches vampires and werewolves determine the fate of every single How Do You Go to Sleep? human but their moral compassesave long since been shattered Rebels free The Wind on Haunted Hill humans and slaves all share dreams ofope mercy love and But with their fate so uncertain survival isn’t enough and they may The Ghosts of Eden Park have to sacrifice what is nearest and dearest to them if they want to change their lives Bought Ravel and Recoil feature different characters whose lives begin to come together in Owned and TemperBoughtWhene agreed to take the fall for Beautiful Scars: Moving on and Creating a Joyous Life from the Ashes of Childhood Abuse his pack leader's failed attempts toelp the Rebellion Jace knew Lancelot ou le Chevalier de la Charrette he wouldn't live long enough to regret it However instead of the noble ende envisioned for Napoleon's Military Machine Operations Manual himself the werewolf findsimself at the mercy of a witch and Praying Ephesians his depraved games Thoughe clings to is conviction that e can withstand anything يوسف شريف رزق الله: عاشق الأطياف his new master can dish out it isn't long beforee realizes pride as no place in is life as the pet of the controlling.

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Acters and a dark and intriguing world I would definitely recommend it to reader who like dark theme books but beware the warnings in reader who like dark theme books but beware the warnings in book description because it contain elements that might not be suitable to all readers I Received copy of this book from the author in exchange of an Perilous Poetry honest review Need please Well written as short stories in a large volume Gets you interested in all characters and than just stops which was the no way part of reading this All characters are out spoken and emotional and get you to thinking and feeling for all of them 6 24 17 3 book trilogy Currently Free on US not sure about other locationsI enjoyed the first book in this series after I read it it went thru a major edit and redo I believe this is what the author saidhttpswwwFate Fallen Om Cannot get enough of the RIS worldAll the good stories wrapped up in a beautiful package What s NOT to love about that PLUS its cheaper just to buy all the books in one sighs I loved all the books in this series and just finished the 5th one Temper I really need to get a whip to try andurry R Phoenix and er writing With this collection you get Ravel with Reese and Ashton and their adorable meeting falling in lust and Reese saving Ash s friend Leo cause Reese is awesome Then you get Recoil which is my all time favorite cause HELLO Khaz And I dont give a rats ass what Noah says in Owned HE favorite cause HELLO Khaz And I dont give a rats ass what Noah says in Owned HE FOR KHAZ TO KEEP HIM grumbles Then there s Owned where we get to catch up on Jace and Elias and see just ow dark R Phoenix can get OH Mr. Slow how I love and adore this series 3Cannot get enough of the RIS world So good Loved this collection and can t wait to read from dark and disturbing to nice Each book is different yet set in the same universe This mayave taken me a looooong time to get through but to be Minecraft Chapter Book honest I wasn t blown away by this at first For a while at least The first story in this collection Bought was about a werewolf named Jace and a witch Elias And even though I was prepared for a twisted story Iadn t expected it to be so what word could I use Collected Poems 1947-1997 here Rape y I don t like that kind of thing. Elias IversRavelFor years Reeseas Keis Gift (Darshian Tales, hidden away inis Lawrence Grassi: From Piedmont to the Rocky Mountains home refusing to venture out wheree might I Can Read Biscuit - 6 Book Set (I Can Read, My First) have to face what remindsim of all that e's lost When Ashton a uman thief breaks into Forget Me Not hisome one night After Suffrage: Women in Partisan and Electoral Politics before the New Deal he doesn'tave a choice but to face the Writing with clarity and style: a guide to rhetorical devices for contemporary writers harsh truths of the worlde's turned Wilson and China: A Revised History of the Shandong Question: A Revised History of the Shandong Question his back on He knowse supports the society monsters of myth and lore built upon the backs of Signal humans throughis silence but the new leaders don't tolerate sympathizersIf a werewolf can't act against the status uo without facing severe conseuences a Wild Boy human with Ashton's cunning and experience circumventing supernatural predators certainly can't risk drawing their attention Their chance encounter leaves them both shaken and uestioning whether they are living life as they were intended or if surviving is really living at allRecoilOver the past decade Khazas watched as supernatural creatures like Crap Kingdom himselfave turned the world into their own personal playground Unlike the others Blacklands he didn't benefit from the Takeover and every timee sells imself to keep a roof ove. .