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Can't Let GoI have mixed feelings about this book Rather repetitive through the body of the book as time and time again Beth has aranoid episodes that don t come to anything But mostly I enjoy the author s writing style and my "interest was sustained The big twist was a good one I didn t see it coming but "was sustained The big twist was a good one I didn t see it coming but extra little twist at the end was unnecessary and spoilt it for me left a bad taste in the mouth This is my second book by Jane Hill I understand it was her debut novel it hasn t ut me off reading further titles from her if I come across them in the library but I won t be avidly seeking them out I listened to this on Audible and The Demon Queen And The Locksmith perhaps I may have had a better experience had I read it Whilst the story started well it became extremely repetitive on audio and slightly irritating The main character actually annoyed me and therefore I was unable to feel any sympathy for her dilemma The basis of this story is that as an eighteen year old in San Francisco Lizzie killed a man by the name of Rivers Carillo On her return home her wholeersona changed she started to go by the name of Beth The story is split as is often in this genre betw It started well I felt instantly attracted to this book as it seemed to tease me into this being my ideal First Love, Wild Love page turner However and it s only a minor however it just seemed to drag there were some exciting bits and other bits where I couldn t wait to finish the book so I could move on to my next read That sounds a tad harsh and I don t mean it to sound that way But you know it wasn t the best It wasn t the worse either not by a long shot I m just not that enamoured with Jane Hill to rush out and read anything else she s done at thisoint This had been sitting on my TBR ile for a good while From start to finish it had me gripped Love the style of writing lus it wasn t too gory Kept me guessing and I liked the Shush! (11 Taboo Erotica Stories) punchy way itrogressed with good chapter endings making you desparate for the next one Perfect for this time of year too given its Fringe and Edinburgh based in Spawn partslus ITS MADE ME WANT TO VISIT SAN FRANCISCO THOUGH made me want to visit San Francisco though I ever will A tale of unreuited love with a Genesis poet and Stalking I adored it and want to read her other books now if I can find them Beth killed someone when she was 18 and got away with it Sounds interesting right Wrong This was 300ages of Glad You Came (Geek Kink pointless blah blah blah and 100ages of mediocre Nightfall at Algemron (Volume 3 of the Star Drive Harbinger Trilogy) plot There was one somewh. I'm watching you I know everywhere you go When Beth Stephens opens the first mysterious note she is terrified Someone out there someone who seems to be stalking her every footstep hasrised open the terrible secret she's been hiding for At surprising twist at the very very end of the book literally on the last age but all it did was make me dislike Beth even Which I guess is a feat in and of itself as I already thought she was an insufferable A Memoir Concerning the Fascinating Faculty Which Has Been Ascribed to the Rattle-Snake and Other American Serpents pill but all the samerobably not what the author was hoping for This is what I get for icking up random books at the library just because I *like their covers Beth Stephens kills River Carillo and gets away with it * their covers Beth Stephens kills River Carillo and gets away with it s not a spoilerbtw the writer tell us that in the first few lines and continues to tell us ad nauseum throughout the book Sounds bad rightWell not so bad because Jane Hill can write Not brilliantly but certainly competently she trudges her way through an engaging if somewhat dreary story and to her credit manages to amuse the reader enough to make it a worthwhile use of your spare time It s a thriller without too many thrills and it s sychological lite Some eople will like this and Hill s effective if repetitive style People "and eople and eople is that a sentence Hill gets away with "people and eople is that a sentence Hill gets away with sort of will bear you to the finish line And readers reaching the finish line in a debut novel is an achievement reaching it delightedly is a master stroke which Hill does not Beyond the Far Horizon pull off So this book would get 3 stars who knows even four if it hadn t been for the cardinal sin the writer committed at the end Jane Hill you cheated the reader and for that this book loses a star in the last fewagesYou cannot cheat the reader and get away with it remember that and you will write a very good book someday because it is evident that you could The blurb on the back of Jane Hill s Can t Let Go tells us that this is Clan Novel (Vampire: The Masquerade: Clan Novel psychological suspense fiction and yes it has it s suspense but it is certainly not thrilling all the way through I found the first half of the story uite slow the reader is introduced to the main character Beth and slowly we begin to find out little bits about her We know fromage one that Beth killed a man and got away with it over seventeen years ago and it is this event that has shaped Beth s life todaySeventeen years ago she was Lizzie an outgoing drama loving teenager she went to San Francisco and returned as Beth became a teacher wore conservative clothes didn t form relationship and spent her life looking over her shoulder and imagining that she could see her victim following herBeth begins to receive letters addressed to the murdering bitch som. Ver a decade And he is threatening to exact revengeAll these years Beth has carefully built her life on a lie kept to herself been wary of close relationships and Death of a Gunfighter protective of herrivacy And now just when she finally thinks herself safe. ,

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Eone knows where she is and what she has done Beth then spends the rest of the story trying her best to avoid capture but she done Beth then spends the rest of the story trying her best to avoid capture but she t know who is after her and she can t ask anyone for helpSet in London and in Edinburgh during the fringe the book contains a lot of detail about stand up comedy comedians and their routines I wasn t surprised to find out that the author is a art time stand up comedian there is certainly a lot of knowledge in the storyI did enjoy "the story despite the slow start which when looking back was robably "story despite the slow start which when looking back was Probably In Order To Build in order to build the The Old Woman Whose Rolling Pin is the Sun picture of Beth s life There is a great twist at the end of the story which I certainly didn t see coming and the build up to the end is excellently writtenOn the whole an enjoyable story and I d read another of Jane Hill s novels I think I shouldrobably give up on thrillersOooooh something bad is going to happen Oh no It s ok not yetRight something bad is going to happen now No that s alright nothing bad this timeThis time though something bad really is happening Oooops no not actually that badRepeat for forty odd chaptersI may be shortchanging the book and it did have some decent writing and some good characters I had no trouble in believing in the characters I just never believed anything was actually going to happen to the central characterIf you don t see the twist coming then it might be a surprise I don t usually mind seeing the twist from a hundred Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment? pages away but this time I did as I didn t think the book had much else to offerSo yes it srobably just that I should give up on thrillers I m beginning to not like Jane Hill First she teases you with a sinister ish intro then she takes her foot off the gas and just lets the tale meander along Enjoyable definitely but no real tensionThen she sticks your fingers in the light socketThe shock and there are at least two such moments really are a literary slap in the face And from then on you suspect everyone and you are looking for the twists trying to stay one step aheadAnd I saw all the twists coming right up to the Healing the Divide point I was wrong And I knew exactly who was doing what to whom right until I was wrong againA gentle rollercoaster of a book that grabs you by the throat in the second halfOne star deducted for unnecessary cultural references aet Everything I Learned in Medical School peeve of mineDid I ever mention that Jane killed off my burgeoning radio career I feeleople should know thi. Her days filled with new friendships a boyfriend and a steady job as a teacher everything starts to unravel Suddenly she can trust no one seeing danger everywhere and she realises that she has to find the stalker before he closes in on her. ,

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