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How to Code a SandcastleTicipated in the Hour of Code for a couple of years but just launched a K 5th Coding Curriculum At 5th coding curriculum at elementary school Josh s book provides a fantastic introduction to coding Pearl has been spending the summer trying to build the perfect sandcastle She finally ecides to program her robot Pascal to build it Pearl walks the reader through some basic coding commands Pascal and Pearl have some hilarious encounters along the way This book is fun and provides a great way to introduce coding to your students I highly recommend this book I love some of the inside coding jokes that were in the book Things like starting the book by saying hello world and having one of the characters named after a coding language I originally purchased this book because I have so far liked all books by Josh Funk As a librarian who teaches coding to her students K 6 I have used the codeorg curriculum and although for the most part it is fantastic I was never very excited about the unplugged activities that were available for younger coders How to Code a Sandcastle will be my go to book anchor from now on It takes a familiar activity be it because the reader has engaged in This Activity Or Has activity or has exposed to it by TV or books and weaves the concepts of what coders o how they approach a problem and the basic commands of seuence loop and if then else in an accessible fun and most of all practical way Pearl and Pascal s teamwork and problem solving skills are those young readers can relate to and their adventures with Pascal s teamwork and problem solving skills are those young readers can relate to and their adventures with sand castle can easily prompt readers to recreate using other situations and materials This is a keeper in our coding making problem solving library Children are learning about technology concepts such as computer coding at younger and younger ages So this fun summertime picture book that tells the story of young Pearl and her uest to build the best sandcastle ever is a terrific way to introduce this topic to both young readers and the grown ups who care for them many of whom ar. ’re going to o it using code Pearl breaks the big we need a sandcastle problem into smaller steps then uses conditionals loops and other basic coding concepts to tell Pascal exactly what to o But building a sandcastle isn’t as easy as. .
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The Baby Visit us for new picture books reviews ailyHello friends Our book today is How To Code A Sandcastle written by Josh Funk and illustrated by Sara Palacios a wonderful introduction to computer language as part of Girls Who Code s book seriesPearl is excited today is the last Simultaneity and Delay: A Dialectical Theory of Staggered Time day of summer and her last opportunity to build the sandcastle of herreams She s tried before day of summer and her last opportunity to build the sandcastle of her reams She s tried before various frisbee surfboard and og related incidents have impeded her work But today s My second fourth grade students loved this book A great introduction to coding We read this book and then Planning: As Exciting as It Gets or Plans Were Born to Be Changed did some fun coding apps on the iPad Penny review This book is about a code and how to build a sandcastle My favorite part is when they made a big giant loop around the sandcastle I wish I had a robot to water all my moms plants Maybe myad will help me build a robot This is a book that will teach a wide audience Between the curriculum ties STEM coding how to book and it being a picture book in the girls who code series check out the chapter books there are going to be a lot of readers for this book Pearl wants to build a sandcastle so she programs her robot Pascal to help her She uses conditional statements and looping which introduces coding logic to children Even importantly Pearl emonstrates the trial and error and perseverance necessary to create something of value whether it be computer software a sandcastle kingdom or something else entirely A little Brown girl just wants to build a sandcastle at the beach She realizes she can use code to teach her robot Pascal how to build an epic sandcastle Funk s sense of humor is great as usual and I love how he makes coding simple and easy to understand for children Palacios illustrations are lovely and will make you yearn for a warm sunny ay at the beach Great first collab between GIRLS WHO CODE Penguin GirlsinStem SummerRead PictureBooks DiverseBooks This book arrived at the perfect time We have par. From the computer science nonprofit Girls Who Code comes this lively and funny story introducing kids to computer coding conceptsPearl and her trusty rust proof robot Pascal need to build a sandcastle before summer vacation is over and they.

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E also unfamiliar with coding According to the foreword written by Reshma Saujani founder and CEO of Girls Who Code Girls Who Code is an organization that wants to teach every girl to learn to code And you on t have to wait until middle school or later to introduce girls to coding Just like kids begin to learn about subjects like animals history and space before they get to kindergarten we want to make coding a familiar part of every child s world By introducing the core concepts of coding to children now we re helping prepare them for a future of changing the world through code This book is a terrific addition To Any Child S Bookshelf any child s bookshelf this important topic is going to be an essential component of his or her education Pearl is on her last ay of summer vacation and she s yet to actually build a sand castle So she brought along her robot Pascal in hopes of getting help She starts by telling Pascal to build a sandcastle but he just sits there it s a no go Why Because her An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of States: How Taxes, Energy, and Worker Freedom Change Everything directions are too broad a coder takes one big problem and breaks it into several smaller ones If I give Pascal enough instructions that heoes know we ll build this castle in no If I give Pascal enough instructions that he Return to Quail Crossings does know we ll build this castle in no Pearl begins breakingown each step adding in a loop and in the end she faces DISASTER Her castle is in shambles and she will have to start all over However she learns from her mistakes and figures out a much better way to build her castle It takes patience and iligence but she finally succeedsI m very pleased to find a new book on coding AND with a female main character This would be a great way to introduce coding to a young group of children or a way to reinforce a coding lesson to students who are already learning to reinforce a coding lesson to students who are already learning code The accompanying illustrations were rendered igitally in combination with gouache and acrylic paintings This book is the first of a new seuel so I ll be interested in seeing what they The Eyes of Pharaoh decide to code in book 2For this and kidlit mglit and yalit book reviews please visit my blog The Miller Memo. It sounds when surfboards mischievousogs and coding mishaps get in the way Just when it looks like the sandcastle might never work Pearl uses her coding skills to save the A Journey of Body and Soul day and create something even better a gorgeous sandcastle kingdo.

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