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The Need kI understood to a certain extent what I was going into For a while now I ve watched Penny s tweets and warnings go by as she tried to tell us that this addition to the Winston series would be different Not a romance no hea it would likely hurt and make us crySo I prepared accordingly and had tissues on hand and a fluffy dog nearby for huggingI have watched readers beg for of Billy Not me I was and always have been a Drew Runous loyalist I didn t care much for Billy I didn t dislike him he was just always so serious and stubborn and unflinching I suppose if I were being honest he reminded me of me And not in ways I was proud ofSo while Penny was warning all of us to beware of the feelings being felt she failed to mention the enormous amount of beauty in this story It s most of the book Beauty that is The only ugly parts are when Darrell is involved Every time he infiltrated the story I hated him Every mention every memory every event I have never hated a fictional character than I do Darrell WinstonI understand on a much deeper level Cletus s vengeful plansThis story this history of something so big and so deep it has changed me I don t often say that about books Ieep that Nzinga kind of rhetoric limited in use so as not to wear it out Billy still reminds me of me but he s redeemed the parts of me I never could figure out And Scarlett is breathtaking in her courage and hope And Cletus is all I had hoped he d be as a teenager To see them as they were tonow what they become it s a ride rich with gratitude 5 What Needed To Be Told Stars Spoiler FreeWHAT WHAT Beard With Me Only 99 Pennies Until July 1stOne of the amazing talents of Penny Reid is to create worlds that feel real to the reader She has this way of making us believe wherever her books take place they are places we would find if we looked hard enough I have no idea if there is a real Green Valleybut as long as Penny Reid writes about the Winston Brothers and those who live there I will believe Now with this in mind Ms Reid created a very complex family tree and backstories for this Winston Family and their friends families and foes Throughout all of the books in the ways we learned about each of the brothers we had hints of the pasthow violent how cruel and how past traumas shaped themfor the good and bad These hints were not too detailed but did give the reader a sense of how serious these experiences wereSo it was onl Beard With Me by Penny Reid Will you sing for me again so I can find you I thought for sure that I would be in a complete mind melting emotional brain fog of epic proportions after having finished this book but somehow at the end of it all my mind is completely focused and eager to absorb my heart is admittedly still very very tender but it also retains a vital shred of hope and yes my thoughts are going a thousand different directions yet they are all seemingly concentrated towards this one agonising beautiful breath stealing love story that deals out tears and laughter in eual measure Technically it is a preuel or an origin story I suppose but I honestly feel like that is selling this book far too short It is a volatile saga of pain loneliness fear willfulness hope strength selflessness courage and above all else love Familial love Love for yourself Falling madly deeply irrevocably in love Excruciating love Lost love All Time love Now that I now your heart I Falling madly deeply irrevocably in love Excruciating love Lost love All Time love Now that I now your heart I forgive you anything We all Real Estate Appraisal know that author Penny Reid is a certified wonder when it comes to writing romance comedic timing uirky characters eccentric heroes and adorable heroines but what she also showcased here in Beard with Me is her ability to handle heart wrenching topics with aplomb and sensitivity These issues are not used as a mediocre tool to elicit sympathy for her characters they are there to show us just how incredibly resilient strong and remarkable these people are Not people butids Reading this story I often forgot what age Billy and Scarlett were because they are so jaded heartbreakingly sad and too mature for their years Individually they are exceptional to say the least But together they are everything You deserve the best Scarlett Only the best And I swear I will always mean every One Of Our Kisses of our isses single one I m not going to lie and say this book was an easy read because it wasn t We got to see every side to Billy and to Scarlett The raw wounded sides and the sweep you off your feet and melt your heart sides My lip trembled and my eyes misted over often than not but it was also a good ind of pain to experience because along with the pain came the fun friendship comfort belly aching laughter and the fast tumultuous hurtle into soul deep love There was a perfect balance of the good with the bad The sweet and the sour I went into this book with serious reservations and Jumbled Nerves About What nerves about what ahead but I came out of the story with a full heart a clear mind and an eagerness for the conclusion to these two phenomenal characters happy ending Because even after all of this in how it all began with harsh words and ended in a One Teacher in 10 killing silence that s the one thing thateeps these characters going when it all feels insurmountablehope AUDIOBOOK LINKSAudibleiTunesAuthors DirectKoboNookGoogle PlayEBOOK LINKS US UK AU CA Apple BooksGoogle PlayKoboBNSmashwords Buy a Signed Paperback Copy from Penny s Store My feelings at this very moment Well lets just say when I finished this book I tossed my indle to the side and feltlots of anger Anger for a lot of different reasons Anger for these characters and what they d been through but also anger and frustration for how this ends for the reason for why Claire and Billy are not together FOR ALMOST 20 FREAKING YEARS SO yeah one could say ‘Beard With Me’ is the origin story of Billy Winston and Scarlet St Claire aka Claire McClure and is just the beginning of their epic love story No one is better at surviving than Scarlet St Claire and making the best out of circumstances beyond her control is Scarlet’s specialty In an apocalypti.

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Beard with MeNeed a happy ending FIVE STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorIf the soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts then my soul was ScarletWow I wasn t expecting this one to be so heartbreaking and where has Billy Winston been all my life I want the next book like YESTERDAY How are we supposed to wait till November Up until now Cletus had been my favorite Winston brother but now I m having a hard time choosing between him and Billy I think that this is going to be the dilemma of many fans of this series BEARD WITH ME is another exceptional installment to such an amazing series I am so in love with Penny Reid s talents as an author I can t wait to see what she has in store for us nextBilly is second oldest out of the seven Winston siblings and he is every bit the older brother to be looked up to and adored Star uarterback on the high school football team Serious about his schoolwork because he has plans of going off to college on a full scholarship But most of all he loves his family something fierce and does everything he can to help his mom take care of all his younger brothers and sister He does it effortlessly and without a single complaint Scarlet St Claire is a beautiful young girl with the voice of an angel and soul to match Her parents are lowest of the low and capable of true evil and luckily they did not influence the way she turned out or maybe they inspired her to be the exact opposite of them Scarlet s dad is the President of the local outlaw MC the Wraiths He is a despicable man who is capable of horrific cruelty Scarlet left her father s compound and has been living out in the woods on the Winston s property Getting by with food she receives at school and other necessities from the goodwill As long as she s not accepting handouts from anyone her father leaves her alone for a while anyway Despite her circumstances she still finds the joy in life in the smallest of things Her little portable cd player and music provide her an escape from her worries When Billy hears her singing and finds her camped out on his land something stirs in his heart He becomes mesmerized and has a burning need to care for Scarlet and to eep her safeThe relationship between these two grows through their shared appreciation of music Although they fall deeply in love with each other they must Plague of Shadows (The Aldoran Chronicles keep it a secret or else suffer the wrath of Scarlet s diabolical father and his men So many secrets swirl around these two and their families Secrets if revealed have the power to destroy their love Billy and Cletus make the ultimate sacrifice toeep some innocent people safe Now their hearts are shattered How does this epic love story conclude We will hopefully find out in Beard Necessities Here are my overall ratingsHero 5Heroine 5Plot 5Angst 5Steam 3Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 BEARD WITH ME releases on September 16th Winston Brothers fans are sure to call this one of their top favorites US Universal Play to Blog Tour Post Favorite uotesCletus had the decency to suirm in his seat Lie is such an ugly word I prefer fiction I was the only child of Razor Dennings that he d claimed His recognition of me as his spawn meant I would forever be followed by a cloud in the shape of a tornado with hornsBilly Winston had somehow tapped into the thermostat of my body and set it to arizona in the summer i d never Arizona in the summer I d never to Arizona but I was pretty sure they had those days where it got so hot the thermometers brokeAs my momma s friend Ellie Leffersbee said whenever she saw or heard or experienced something she found momentous I was stirred like a gin
"and tonic and "
tonic and like a martin Omg omg omgI was jumping and jubilating till i saw the publication date has been moved TO 2019 WHY PENNY WHY I 2019 Why Penny why I been waiting for this book since 2016 I need my Claire and William Shakespare Winston s story right now 45 stars I ve read every book in the Winston Brother s series upon release I ve been reading this series for over 4 years now and Billy Winston has always been the brother I ve been most curious about He s different than his brothers and sister You can tell he s carried than they have but you re never sure what or why Finally you find out And let me tell you this was not an easy read At times it was a lovely story about first love and made my heart so happy at other times I was devastated over many different things Billy Winston is a protector Even though he s not the oldest Winston brother he s the brother that is always there for his mom and siblings He works hard goes to school plays football and helps his mom He is the person you want in your corner Scarlet St Claire has one thing in common with Billy Her dad is also a Wraith and an awful human being But Scarlet doesn t have a great mom like Billy she s on her own But being on her own is better than being with her parents so that s what she choses She deserved so much better than the hand she d been dealt Maybe her struggles had made her strong resilient but she didn t deserve to be burdened with them Scarlet s story broke my heart Her parents were truly the worst I already new that from reading the other books in this series but this book just solidified it One thing that made me super happy was seeing Scarlet and Cletus s friendship It warmed my heart And Scarlet and Billy together was everything Until it wasn t After reading this book I m even anxious to get to the part 2 of Billy and Scarlet No one deserves a happy ever after than these two I can t wait to watch Billy rekindle his love with Scarlet I have hope that it will happen This book is part 1 of their story and it s not a romance as the author says It s a tragic love story And if you re sensitive to certain topics beware especially abuse of any ind. Circumstances because nothing is beyond his control is Billy’s specialty In an apocalyptic situation he’d be the first person on earth to lead others to safety overcome catastrophe or die trying Billy is fearless Billy is disciplined and Billy is honorable except when it comes to Scarlet St Claire. M feeling mighty pissed I m trying to calm down so bare with me as I try to write my thoughts out in as unspoilery way as possible The things I liked Seeing all the Winston brothers as The Nobility of Failure kids Roscoe especially warmed my heart every time he showed up on the page with Simone I just love them so much and it was so sweet seeing them asids Seeing how Billy and Ashley help raise those boys All the music talk I loved Scarlett s singing I liked the songs she chose and I liked how music and singing is what brings Scarlett and Billy together It s the foundation of their relationship and it s interesting and sad to think about when you think about the present day and how much music is a huge part of ScarlettClaire s life and so in a way Billy is still a huge part of her life even though they don t talk any Any and all moments with Bethany That woman made me cry just by showing up on the page and I really didn t think she had that Documentations of the Reds and Fellow Travelers in Hollywood and kind of power over me But she does There was a cute moment with Duane and Billy at the end about crushesJessica and it warmed my heart so damn much Surly young Duane asking Billy for love advice is the type of content I live off of Things I didn t likeCould ve been better Even though there were little moments where I enjoyed reading this for the most part it didn t pull me in It felt like I was reading just to read but I didn t want to if that makes sense I wasn t entranced with their story like I thought I d be In fact at times I feltind of bored I Prince Valiant and the Golden Princess (Prince Valiant Book 5) knew that this was about their past and going in it s what I wanted but two chapters in I realized that I d rather this be their present day because it just wasn t pulling me in the way I d hoped I feel like I could ve put this down and just forgotten about it and never finished it and I would ve been ok with that And that s a sucky feeling especially since I ve been waiting for this book for ages This book was really long and honestly I don t think it needs to be I think this could ve stayed a novella and still gotten across the points of their story I can t figure out how this book is so long when in reality nothing really happens and it only spans 1 or 2 weeks in total Ben grosses me the hell out It made me insanely uncomfortable how this 19 year old college guy is hitting on and repeatedly trying to stake his claim on Scarlett Even after he finds out her age he STILL tries to make a go for her and it was very very uncomfortable for me especiallynowing that she eventually marries him It honestly makes me sick to my stomach I Arium know he s a good guy but many times during this book I got the feeling that he s not as good as he appears And I hate that he uses that good boy persona to get away with things to say things that are not ok Ack I just don t like him and I don t like the way he was preying on Scarlett who is 14 years old The reason Billy and Scarlett separateI m not going to say any spoilers but I will say that it makes me madder than a skunk dipped in perfumeblame this pun on Scarlett and the insane amount of puns used throughout this book It s a temporary reason to separate but to me it s not a sufficient reason to NOT BE TOGETHER FOR ALMOST 20 YEARS Iind of dislike how all of the heroines in Penny s books are the same They are all smart in math and science they all speak in similar mannerismsthey just feel so similar Just once I d like to read about a heroine who is smart and NOT smart as hell in science and math Maybe this is my own feelings coming to FRONT BUT I HATE THAT SOMETIMES but I hate that sometimes underlying message I get from these books is that if I m not smart in math and science then I m not that smart I love seeing women be smart in math and science because I think it s a great message to spread out there We CAN be scientist and the like but also I think it s important to note that you can be really bad at math and science and still be smart as hell Anywho even though this book didn t meet my expectations I still really want to Read Their Final Book their final book I would say that if you re someone who needs to Assigned a Mate (Interstellar Brides, know everything in a story then you should read this But if you re ok withnowing the important parts and not all the little detailsthat aren t important but just add to the story then skip this and wait for the final book Well this was not a fun and easy read I read it in six or seven chunks I had to stop reading when I started to feel it getting too heavy I took a break because I got really sad that Bethany died many many books ago I took a break because I overwhelmed with sympathy for Scarlet and the other children in the book raised by terrible human beings I even took a break for poor Lea Mostly I took breaks to try and figure out how to get fictional Lisbeth Salander from Sweden to Green Valley Tennessee so she could torture or murder several gang members in a fictional motorcycle gang I m also open to Lisbeth torturing AND murdering them and I m still working on how to make this happen I just need to get a bigger cork board and buy string Even with all the sad stuff Beard with Me is not a 100% downer Parts of it are extremely fun Seeing the Winston family and other characters from Green Valley in their younger years is interesting and makes you love them a little bit I especially enjoyed how the Winstons always had each other s backs and how much they loved each other from their earliest years All in all this book was sad for me but not in a they all die at the end type of way because they don t This book is sad in the same way as when a friend confides in you terrible things that happen to them as a child You cry for what happen to that child but it makes you respect the adult for surviving I m really hoping Beard Necessities has a happy ending because C situation she’d be the last person on earth hermitting like a pro singing along to her CD Walkman and dancing like no one is watching Scarlet is clever Scarlet is careful and Scarlet is smart except when it comes to Billy WinstonNo one is better at fighting than Billy Winston and raging against his.