[A Noble Captive] Kindle ☆ Michelle Styles

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Man prisoners on the temple grounds until their ransom comes from RomeWe As Readers Uickly Learn readers uickly learn something is amiss The sibyl as readers uickly learn that something is amiss The sibyl in fact Helena the sibyl s assistant and niece Because the sibyl s position amid the rival factions of seafarers is precarious at best Helena is trying to protect her seriously ill aunt by appearing in disguise until her aunt hopefully recovers Marcus figures out early in the story that something is not uite right at the Temple of Kybele as well and he "Also Finds Himself Uite "finds himself uite to the sibyl s beautiful and intelligent assistant The two form an alliance and friendship of sorts though the romance in this novel is definitely of the slow burning varietyThis is a partial review You can find the complete text here. F him or she might confess all The soldier's strength and nobility tempted her to lean on him but she new that to succumb would be to betray her peopl. A Noble CaptiveEnticing book with both suspense and romance involved A Noble Captive "chronicles the romance between Helena the priestess assistant at a pagan temple and the prisoner who has just been transported to "the romance between Helena the priestess assistant at a pagan temple and the prisoner who has just been transported to same temple a strong willed Roman suffering anguish after his capture by pirates The two are thrown together in a Story That Is Centred Around that is centred around single location the island temple but manages to pack plenty of plot and incident in along the wayIn Helena Michelle Styles has created a pleasingly complex heroine one who is both sympathetic and at the same time self willed somebody the reader can feel for while at the same time respect In her hero Marcus Livius Tu This Month S Prompt To Pick This month s prompt to pick at random felt freeing and overwhelming all Strong proud honorable Marcus Livius Tullio embodied the values of Rome Captured on the high seas and brought to the Temple of Kybele he was drawn to T once If like me you HAVE A FAIRLY GENEROUS TBR a fairly generous TBR you Rebirth know exactly what I mean Since I d been craving a Harleuin Historical for a I narrowed things down by going over to my shelf of Harleuins and just pulling one out at random I ended up with A Noble Captive by Michelle Styles This novel set on Crete during the days of the Roman Republic was definitely an unusual historical and largely an enjoyable one as wellTribune Marcus Livius Tullio is captured on the high seas with his men and brought by pirates to Crete When the pirates come to pay tribute Marcus is able to remember just enough of the rituals of the temple goddess to reuest the protection of the goddess Kybele Upon hearing the ritual words the sibyl feels bound to shelter the Ro. He woman who gave him refuge Fierce beautiful determined Helena despised all that Rome stood for In sheltering Tullio she had to subdue her awareness