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The Deathbird Other Stories eDparent s room It s Jen s grandparents house her idea and she got them all jobs I don t believe anyone wouldn t be grateful for all that and would demand to have the biggest room and make a smart comment that does Jenxpect them to thank her for 3 months Chelsea was bitchy and difficult getting mad at Jen for telling them where to put Letters from Atlantis everything and asking why they had to store things where her grandparents did why couldn t they do things differently I laughed at the absurdity of arguing over where groceries are stored Amy the proclaimed peacemaker was no better She thought it fair that they all take the 3 smaller rooms and no one sleep in it or take turns with the big one Chelsea insisted Jen couldn t have it she didn t want to let the big room go to waste and she didn t want to have to move her stuff Why would you get it Better yet why would you write a beach rom com which should be lighthearted and fun and have 3 friends arguing over what is rightfully one of theirsOf course Chelsea thought she got it first time to get a new friend so Amy proposed ping pong and Jen settled on dice So aggravating that Chelsea won She rolled a 54 Amy a 21 and Jen 1s Terrible decision and odd numberingI ve noticed this in another of Hawthorne s books where she s obviously a planner and schedule maker and thinks teenagers are too They aren t Jen marked on the calendar the date they re to switch and made them initial Because teens are big planners and people like to read people planning over the summerShe also made sure we knew thatveryone had a key not that Jen Galaxy Quest expected them to be separated but one of them could take a walk while the other two napped Jen worked up a budget for their summer They have to pay the bills and split the chores Anyone finding thisxciting or caring at all about itJen reminded me of myself wanting to go to the movies I Will Fear No Evil early in the day so it s cheaper That s my MO Chelsea invited her bf completely rude But what was worse was that the girls said she didn t have to tell them he was coming Um yeah She does It isn t her house Chelsea made them split the meal all 4 of them ate and it only made me madder Just bcuz he drove them in his truck Chelsea sucks and I couldn t believe they were friends Then she kept putting them down about not having a boyfriend Jen and Amy wanted to watch a movie but Noah was watching something and said he d be later too The nerve of both of these characters The author clearly sat down and thought up the most annoying things she could I don t want to be annoyed from a booksp a summer rom comJennifer got on my nerves the way she had a problem with Chelsea and Amy buying things from the shipments of souvenirs She was all prim and proper a real stickler for the rules thinking they re for guests She almost told them about the budget but didn t only bcuz she was interrupted It s their money Who caresDylan offered to put sunscreen on her when she was on her break at the pool I thought that was too forward and was surprised that she let him I didn t like that he said she s a girl and he s a guy and why would he mind Who offers to put sunscreen on a total stranger Jennifer needed to stop worrying about and overthinking The Mystery of Cloomber everything Dylan had seen them at the restaurant and she realized he must have seen Chelsea and Noah all overach other so she s Le signe des quatre explaining to this total stranger that they hadn t seenach other in a while Stupid She was worrying about him leaving since he couldn t afford to pay for the showers any longer and wondered if she d care He s a stranger You just met him Get a grip She rushed out and asked the owner if Dylan could get to use them for free since he ll be in the Army DesperateTheir car broke down and of course Dylan and Zach happened to be driving by and stopped Oh the lengths authors will go to throw characters together Zach claimed he couldn t drive his motorcycle and hold a hose so he needed one of the girls to come with him Really There s no bag or compartment on that thingThey all went out to at and Jen told Chelsea they couldn t pay for Noah Chelsea said she d pay for him and Jen thanked her What an idiot that s her boyfriend What are you thanking her forIt was such a weird detail that Zach and Dylan have stripped and showered in the rain so they wouldn t have to pay for it How random and unnecessary to know And such a big deal was made of it She asked if he had a girlfriend and then wondered if it would matter if he did How could that not matter It was a lame reuest for her to ask him for a sand dollar for their pool stakes I didn t like how he called babe and just assumed she knew stakes I didn t like how he called her babe and just she knew to make homemade cookies Like all girls can bake Babe is such an outdated and stupid word Also totally lame to cook guys meatloaf mashed potatoes and a fruit bowl At the store they were talking about the coupons being tripled whatever that meant and having to add their spendings on a calculator How xciting They acted like stuffy adults and not teenagers The guys came over for the dinner Amy had promised them for fixing their car and Jen thought about having them play monopoly This author cannot write Jen thought about having them play monopoly This author cannot write I was scandalized when Dylan invited her to shower in the rain with him Whoa That is so forward moving so fast It was too shocking and I didn t like what it said about him There were some moments not xactly hot or xtremely xciting but nough to cause some interest They would have been better when I was younger He had his arm on her chair at the restaurant held hands and walked on the beach sat in the bed of the truck with her against his chest at the drive in movie and moved her hair aside I had been thinking the whole time that Amy was better that she mostly agreed with Jennifer Stargate Universe even though she sometimes wouldn t speak up and left Jen to handle the tough subjects and didn t have a problem with things that she should ve But when she had a dog in her room that she didn t tell Jen about and said it was her room her business I disliked her as much as Chelsea What is wrong with these people that they would disrespect someone in their family s home Her friends SUCKEDMy aggravation hit the roof when the dog peed on the floor and Amy didn t see that it was a big deal You wanna pay for new flooring Jen said Noah couldn t put the dog in her grandparents bed and he said he s not he s putting it in Chelsea s bed WHAT PART OF YOU RE STAYING IN SOMEONE ELSE S HOUSE CAN T THESE IDIOTS UNDERSTAND I hate when authors have their characters walk up and overhear things It s too convenient Jen saw Dylan playing pool with a girl and got upset told Amy that he kissed her last night but said it didn t mean anything So of course Dylan walked up at that moment and heard itThey showed up to the bonfire without anything so Chelsea had the idea to have all those strangers over for a party And she asked Amy what she thought The irritation kept piling upI didn t like that she drank and that he had too many beers Wish I could get away from the drinking teenagers A lot of times her characters say things that just come off as really difficult problematic and stupid Jen asked if he was drunk and he said no She then said it s not smart to go in the water when you re drunk He said again that he wasn t drunk He kissed her and said he d been wanting to Jen said she thought he wanted to go swimming The stupidity of that statement was mind boggling Like there s only time or the option to do one of those things A guy wants to kiss you take it and be happy about it Dylan had to say that he can want than one thing at a time What a stick in the mud her girls are Sticklers for the rules constantly thinking and planning It s a real buzz kill Dylan noticed she worries a lot It s a wonder heven liked her I didn t like that Dylan dumped her into the water when she asked again why he was going into the Army He said it was getting too serious Not ok Amy met a guy and invited him to stay in the The High Crusade extra bedroom without asking Jen She also added a cat to the mix I d be finding some new friendsIt was sweet when Dylan told her not to go into work that he wanted to spend time with her It felt like the summer from hell There were 2 new dogsating the massive mess left in the kitchen from the party that was Chelsea s idea the one where she said she wouldn t let anyone inside And a random guy who drank too much and passed out I can t Arthur and the Forbidden City even begin to say how stupid and dangerous it is to leave an unknown drunk person in your house And this was after Amy promised it was just 1 dog and 1 cat At least Jen finally put her foot down with her loser friends told them they had to clean the place or they were moving outIdk what s so funny about animals drinking alcohol Alcohol can be toxic to animals and talking about a cat being drunk staggering around and throwing up is not an opportunity for amusement That would be a time to bring it to the vet not laugh He wanted her to sleep in his tent with him I just couldn t wrap my head around moving so fast with someone you just met It Rkins Lauren Barnholdt and Susane Colasanti3 girls plus 3 dogs plus 2 boyfriends plus 1 islanduals a summer to rememberDate July 4Rental. Before I Read the BookOkay wow so I just found the last Rachel Hawthorne standalone YA romancevacation book that I haven t r Every now and then I decide to take a break from all the dense textbooks I have to read for school and read something light hearted and cheesy I d read another book by this author a couple years back and remembered Silver Bullets enjoying it Based on the title and synopsis I figured this novel wasn t going to blow my socks off but I still thought it d be fun I honestly don t know what I wasxpecting but y all it s a hot mess None of the characters in this are likable plus the writing is terrible and repetitive I lost count of how many times this narrator was whining because her perfect last summer wasn t going as planned It supposed to be about three best friends but they re all self centered jerks to Robin each other the whole time The only bonding scene is when after two characters both get dumped they head out to party and then home to cry around a bucket of chocolate ice cream The three girls have a huge beach house to themselves for three months and none of them genuinely appreciate it That is so frustrating to me because I would kill to spend a summer at the beach with my friends and you better believe I would not be complaining the whole time As I was reading I wasual parts perplexed and disgusted This book literally set feminism back 50 years I was incredulous at some of the lines that were in here Like I know it s just a silly YA romance novel but for some reason it made me so angry They re really aren t that many things that make me angry but this book pushed all of my buttons To better illustrate why this book drove me insane I m going to list a few uotes below Right now according to my horoscope I have a guy to hook up with Usually I didn t mind guys watching me All right I m a normal girl I like guys watching me It s why I spend time making my hair look stylishly messy and putting on makeup It s why I always wear clothes that leave my pierced belly button visible I was tired of this of this great summer I d planned not being anything at all like I d planned Well a girl can t forget about boys completely Body and Soul (Alien Nation, even when she s trying The first thing we did was deck ourselves out to kill Short skirts sexy tops jewelry makeup the whole nine yards We were going out on the town and we were going out big time This was supposed to be my summer of girls Flings One nighters I don t know And then I met you and I wasn t thinking about my fantasies any You were my fantasy Dylan was so hot Not dressed up of course His black t shirt stretching across his shoulders was tucked into his snug jeans I was in low cut jeans My striped top stopped just above my waist The area at the shoulders was cut away so my shoulders and a small portion of my arms were bared It made me feel sexy But not as sexy as he was You gonna order or what I looked down at the lobster faced of the kid He was probably aboutight At the moment I hated the male species I m gonna WHAT People asked where Noah was Chelsea said he d moved to China They d asked me about Dylan and I said he d move to Antarctica No one seemed to uestion than thatHe grabbed a peanut from a metal bucket and went about cracking it open A lot of peanuts had been opened around hereI d adopted the new attitude that nothing was my problem unless it really was my problemHonestly if you re just looking for a summer romance novel you can do better than this This book is not the bar We can do so much better than this While I normally love a good light hearted chicklit teen read with some fluffy romance I just didn t like this one It met the criteria short Eris Monroe More Than Human enough to read in one sitting 2 hours fun cover cute plot I just didn t like the characters3 girls who are best friends decide to spend their summer together at the beach Chelsea Amy and Jen The beach house belongs to Jen s grandparents who conveniently don t need it this summer Well Chelsea turns out to be a huge btch First shexpects to get the biggest room Metropolis XXX even though it belongs to the homeowners yes Jen s grandparents Without her connection and their consent she wouldn t have had this place Let the room go Then she decides to invite her boyfrien 15 stars The plot has so much potential Three friends spend the summer together in a summer home belonging to the narrator Jen s grandparents They get summer jobs to pay forxpenses and this is supposed to teach them to be self reliant and independent Except they don t learn that lessonif anything they re immature at the nding than the beginning I couldn t stand Jen s friends They were really selfish and spoiled Taking stray dogs not to mention homeless guys in when they don t own the house Bringing a bf along and not telling anyone Claiming the best bedroom Ugh Who could like these girls I would have kicked them both out the second dayThe love interest was very meh I didn t "really care for him and I didn t think they had "care for him and I didn t think they had chemistry other than that he "Was Soooo Hot I Don T Think He Treated Her "soooo hot I don t think he treated her well ither Overall blah and ugh I pretty much had to force myself to finish this book and when I was reading I was hoping that someone would slap these girls for being so preoccupied with random guys Yeah they re cute whatever Kind of sad if the only way you can have fun with your girlfriends is to have guys along i wish i could rate this thing as hated it because that s A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes, exactly how i felt about this booki didn t just not like iti hated itthe characters were completely and totally unlikeable I ve read a few books by this author but this one wasn t uite up to the same caliber It is a YA story but I don t like to read about teens sleeping with their boyfriends or strangers looking for a summer hookup underage drinking and getting drunk It also had some languageThree friends decide to live in Jennifer s grandparents beach house for the summer after graduation to have a fun time before heading their separate ways for college Jen is very uptight and controlling while Amy is a peacemaker Chelsea is annoyingly whiny and invites her boyfriend to move in without asking anyone Dylan Jen s love interest was not worth her timeI guess it was an okay read to skim through while watching the Olympics but not one I d necessarily recommend Not the romance book I hadxpected I always thought of these YA s romance to be just like an Lord of Darkness episode of One Tree Hill but this was nothing like it I love it it was such a touching storyJennifer and her two BFF s in the wholentire world decide to spend a summer together before they go their separate ways to college You can think of it as a sort of good bye party The girls borrow Jen s grandparent s island house where they are completely independent and have to pay for verything themselves including food and bills They work at a camp resort part time where Jennifer meets this dark handsome biker named Dylan who is about to nter the army at the The Hunt for Tokyo Rose end of the summer She falls for him as time passes but summer isnding much uicker than she thought This book is filled with laughs tear jerking incidents suprises And Everything That Falls In everything that falls in This book shows the true reality of relationships friendships in particular how nothing is Norwegian Wood ever thatasyI recommend this book for Lost Heritage (Harlequin Romance, everyone However this book might be suited for those into romance novels or into touching stories Once again I must repeat I loved it It was a very touching story with a meaning behind it added Oct 22 20111 I really regret that Iven had to give this thing one star If I could have chosen a 0 I definitely would haveI really don t know why I keep wasting my money on these little romantic comedies There is nothing romantic about it and there sure as heck isn t anything comedic I thought it was going to be a nice summer read but it was pure torture from the very beginning The characters are unlikable and highly annoying I m just trying to decide which characters were worse the main character or her ridiculous friendsWe got this character that can t stand up for herself and who is all about rules and regulations very xciting by the way and she lets her friends walk all over her like she s a doormat Her friends have the audacity to demand that they get HER grandparents room in HER grandparents house and she just agrees to it and comes up with this schedule so they can switch off and ach have a turn in the roomJust when we thought Circle of Blue everything was settled they start taking in stray guys and animals like they own the placeThe circumstances in this book are absolutely horrible It aggravated the crap out of me and after ALLLLL of that she doesn tven nd up with the guy I m not sure what genre this book would be under since there was nothing ven remotely funny in there or anything romantic I m sure I just ruled out romantic comedy I think this book is in a league of its own maybe I ll call it the Crap genre because it s full of crap I don t want to waste my time reading aboutChelsea was so unrealistic when she demanded to know why Jen got her gran. From the author of Caribbean Cruising and The Boyfriend League comes another beach perfect summer romance perfect for fans of Stephanie Pe. Island Girls and Boys