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Color Weaver oBurns white hot It would have been a 5 star read for me except that somef the back stories grew

somewhat tedious at 
tedious at but Her Little Spanish Secret once it all came full circle I understood it a bit Thisne has stayed with me for days now which is unusual for a thriller The book to read The NYT reviewed it recently and inaccurately as a mystery My Lord Protector or thriller There is a mystery in the plot but this book transcends genre Graceful writing a compelling story character driven with people you can believe in even though you might be happy not to be related to them It is clear the author cares deeply about all the people in this book even those who are easy to dislike No car chases No villains No evil geniuses Great story telling that you will not soon forget And next March 14 I will be baking pies The setting is Lovelock NV about 85 miles eastf Reno along interstate 80 The population is about 1900 and The Husband Beside Me (The Devil Trilogy, onef the main employers is Lovelock prison where OJ Simpson served his time The math teacher at the middle school is murdered and a student finds his body Nora another teacher decides to investigate She soon discovers dark secrets along with the Rampant U In A u In a town The Off-Islanders outsidef Reno Nevada "and a young boy Saul finds a burnt body The body is that if a fairly new math "a young boy Saul finds a burnt body The body is that if a fairly new math and except for Saul and Nora another teacher he has made few friends He also has a grief stricken past and many secrets Saul whose The Golden Key To Heaven own mother had recently died lives with his two hermit like uncles Their family has uite a long reaching reputationThe story is told by multiple voices Saul Jake the param. D A uiet seemingly unremarkable man he connected with justne Becoming a Cavanaugh (Cavanaugh Justice, of his students Sal Prentiss a lonely sixth grader who lives with his unclesn a desolate ranch in the hills The two Honeymoon Baby outcasts developed a tender trusting friendship that brought eachf them hope in the wake Since Youve Been Gone of tragedy But it is Sal who finds Adam’s body charred almost beyond recognition half a mile from his uncles’ compound Nora Wheaton the middle school’s social studies teacher dreamedf a life far from Lovelock His Baby Bargain (Mills Boon True Love) (Mills Boon True Love) (Texas Legends: The McCabes, Book 4) only to be dragged backn the eve f her college graduation to care for her disabled father a man she loves but can’t forgive She sensed in the new math teacher a kindred spirit another soul bound to Lovelock by guilt and duty After Adam’s death she delves into his past for clue. ,
I had no idea what to expect when I started this book and wow Was I ever pleasantly surprised This book is the best f the best when it comes to a slow burn whodunnit thriller The book pens with a body burning in the desert and a young boy walking into a fire station to report his discovery BY THE END OF THE DAY THE BODY IS the end f the day the body is the boy s middle school math teacher Adam Merkel and this small left behind town is rocked to its core Nora Wheaton who is also a teacher at the town s middle school spends her days teaching and her evening caring for her father a man she loves but can t forgive after the death Emergency Kit of her brother years ago She was thenly friend Adam Merkel had at the school and after his death she delves into his past for clues as to who killed him and in so doing finds a dark history Weaving together the last months Christmas Under Western Skies and Her Healing Ways of Adam s life Nora searches for answers and uncovers notnly the truth about Adam Merkel but also hurts and bitterness she has kept locked inside for #yearsThis really is an unforgettable thriller that vividly brings a small town to life and is filled with complex flawed characters #really is an unforgettable thriller that vividly brings a small town to life and is filled with complex flawed characters s characters have a way Her Unexpected Hero of getting under your skin and staying there I found myself with a lump in my throat several times reading Nora Adam and Sal s stories I wanted good to come for allf them but at the same time I was frustrated with them for some A Game of Deception of their choices truly the makingf great characters The ending took me by surprise but I thought it was perfectly unusual This book is definitely a slow burn but when it hits its stride it. A young boy finds himself at the center His Border Bride of a murder mystery in this timely and twisty thriller from the authorf the acclaimed The Lost Girls a compelling and indelible story set in small town America that examines the burden Mistress Rules of guilt the bitter pricef forgiveness and the debts we Meagan (Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives, oweur dead both recent and distant A body burns in the high desert hills A boy walks into a fire station pale with the shock At the Spaniards Pleasure - Di Bawah Pesona Pria Spanyol of a grisly discovery A middle school teacher worries when her colleague is late for work By day’s end when the body is identified as local math teacher Adam Merkel a small Nevada town will be rocked to its core by a brutal and calculated murder Adam Merkel left a university professorship in Reno to teach middle school in Lovelock seven months before he die. Edic and Nora who also has and is still dealing with her family s grief This is a struggling town and drugs are prevalent as is the damage they cause A very unusual murder investigation and a very slowly paced but perfectly measured story One that shows how events can connect many different people The atmospheref the dying town is well done and this blends perfectly into the story Grief secrets lies and how people live with these burdens Saul nce again seems at perfectly into the story Grief secrets lies and how people live with these burdens Saul nce again seems at Her Ideal Husband (Maybridge, older than the adults and the ending is an unorthodoxne But so fittingI #Think This Will Appeal #this will appeal those who liked The Dry by Jane HarperARC by Edelweiss those who liked The Dry by Jane HarperARC by Edelweiss wrote it so I like it just fine I Texas Christmas ordered this book because I enjoyed The Lost Girls When I started reading I thought it is not as good as her first book but as I keptn reading it got better and betterThe book is set in Navada s high desert in the town The Stones Cry Out of Lovelock and in This is a slow burn mystery with castf mostly introverts that do not mindlessly babble sarcastic uips Not a book with a gotcha twist Bright flawless writing wonderful characters and a sense Suddenly Single Sophie of pacing that draws timeut like a long knife What could you want from a thriller I loved this book A dark coming Too Friendly to Date of age story focusesn a small town s mysterious death The Impostor Prince of a local math teacher Mr Merkel The body was found by a student Sal who becomesne f the m This pulled me in slowly although very depressing the ah ha moment was crushing and played ut even worse than I could imagine The setting is very familiar to me perfect backdrop for this hard scrabble life. S to who killed him and finds a dark history she understands all too well But the truth about his murder may lie closer to home For Sal Prentiss’s grief seems heavily shaded with fear and Nora suspects he knows than he’s telling about how his favorite teacher died As she tries to earn the wary boy’s trust she finds he holds not The Bounty Hunters Baby (New Arrivals only the key to Adam’s murder but an unexpected chance at the life she thought she’d lostWeaving together the last monthsf Adam’s life Nora’s search for answers and a young boy’s anguished moral reckoning this unforgettable thriller brings a small American town to vivid life filled with complex flawed characters wrestling with the weight The Tycoons Secret Daughter of the past the promisef the future and the bitter freedom that forgiveness can bri. .

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The Distant Dead
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