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Get some info about John with some detail on the subtleties and looks at the big picture Unfortunately it s somewhere in the no man s land between being a uick light devotional read and a serious theological commentary It s too long and detailed to be a uick get to know John book and it s too TO BE MUCH USE FOR INTERPRETING THE TRICKY to be much use for interpreting the tricky parts of Another excellent volume of N T Wright s For Everyone guides to the books of the New Testament I ve loved working through this book with our evening Bible study group and I look forward to the second volume of John s gospelJohn shows us the signposts of Jesus s ministry challenging us to ask uestions and really listen to the answers Jesus gives As the gospel moves forward Jesus faces and intense scrutiny and criticism and again and again he TURNS WHAT IS INITIALLY MEANT TO BE A TRIAL what is initially meant to be a trial him into a case against those who are attacking him The uestions thrown at him are the same that we all still wrestle with today Sure you do good things but are you really the son of God If so how is that possible And what does it mean for our understanding of the world and our place in itThroughout John s gospel we see that Jesus always has time for people who come to him sincerely wanting to know him and be close to him But those who only want to confirm their own authority and power find his responses much differentWright s commentary brings out all of these themes section by section in a personable and engaging way The end result is that I am totally in awe of Jesus and eager to keep learnin. Y a highly readable discussion with background information useful explanations and suggestions and thoughts as to how the text can be relevant to our lives today A glossary is included at the back of the book The series is suitable for group study personal study or daily devotions Librarian's note See alternate cover edition of ISBN 0664227899 he.

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Written for those with limited knowledge of the Bible but still packed "Full Of Insights And "of insights and and beauty Wright always helps me see Scripture with fresh eyes Good commentaryI really enjoyed this commentary which helped me fully appreciate the Gospel of John The author not only this commentary which helped me fully appreciate the Gospel of John The author not only good historical perspectives but also very useful devotional perspectives as well about how John can relate to me personally Reading with new eyesAnother excellent commentary I devotional perspectives as well about how John can relate to me personally Reading with new eyesAnother excellent commentary I read John s gospel multiple times but Wright s vision of it has given me new eyes to see beneath the surface Ready for Part 2 I read almost all of this book as a way to gain from my Bible study While I didn t like NT Wright s use of his own translation in addition to the commentary he offered many insights that I had never thought of One of the things I liked best was how he made a lot o If you want top notch scholarship in a supremely readable format this commentary series is for you Tom Wright aka NT Wright has forged a reputation as a world class historian of first century Roman and first century Jewish culture and simultaneously as a world class theologian His For Everyone commentaries bring all that knowledge into a slim volume for each book of the New Testament two volumes in a few cases like John s Gospel I have enjoyed using this book and others as devotional reading which challenge both my mind and my heartAs with all the commentaries in this series John for everyone breaks the book up into small digestible sections Each 3 6 page chapter starts with Wright s own highly read. Making use of his scholar's understanding yet writing in an approachable and anecdotal style Tom Wright manages to unravel the great complexity of the extraordinary Gospel of John He describes it as one of the great books in the literature of the world; and part of its greatness is the way it reveals its secrets not ust to a high flown leaning .

Able and excellent translation of the section of text Then it really kicks off with a small
or illustration which Wright brilliantly to Illuminate The Text In the text in original cultural and rhetorical setting for a few pages No footnotes or uotes in German Latin or even Greek throw impediments in your way If you want access to those you can get Wright s other commentaries and 800 page theological tomes with footnotes aplentyA massive hazard of theology or any Bible study is intellectual massive hazard of theology or any Bible study is intellectual divorced from any personal application and Wright shows his reverence for the scriptures by ending each section with a few paragraphs of challenge to live the text he s Partner for Love just coveredI m working my way through the New Testament For Everyone series and after ten or so books I continue to find them fresh challenging and highly informative Great helpful bookNT Wrath has done it again profound commentary on John sGospel in an accessible sensible mode Thank yousirJane Vella The Word made fleshGood commentary easy to read and thoroughly engaging Will recommend to any who is looking for a simple and yet illuminating understanding of the gospel of John Good Profound Hard to follow and connect the storiesI like the book Sometimes the connecting stories are missing something The bridge that is built to connect the chapter sections is unclear and sometimes non existent Besides this point I like the book The way the gospel ofohn is splitted and the conclusion for each chapter are uite fascinatingThanks for writing this sir A pretty decent study book to. Ut to those who come to it with humility and hope Wright's stimulating comments are combined with his own fresh and inviting translation of the Bible textTom Wright has undertaken a tremendous task to provide guides to all the books of the New Testament and to include in them his own translation of the entire text Each short passage is followed
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John for Everyone Chapters 1 10 For Everyone

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