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It Is The Now - Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension - Book 4 eEr Also Phillip is dealing with adult situations and is showing the kind of man he is becoming Also Phillip s relationship with Satina is maturing and Satina is fleshing out to be a great supporting character It isxcellent how Andersen is pulling verything together and creating characters that readers can njoy and appreciate Again I recommend this series to YA readers Andersen has done a great job crafting something uniue in this book and the series in general The protagonist Phillip is a likable character that the reader can 101 Diaper Punishments: 101 Wet, Messy and Humiliating Ways to Regress and Dominate your Little empathize with The supporting characters are help carry the story forwards and bring a dimension to the story that would have been missing had they been caricatures of devils All and all this was a great addition to the series and I look forward to the next one Anotherpic addition to a phenomenal series Eually comical and witty as the previous installments and with a darker tone that throws you into an amazing adventure 45 StarsMay Contain Spoilers For Books 1 and 2 in The Great Devil War series Previous Review Links here Book 1 The Devil s Apprentice Book 2 The Die Of DeathSynopsis When Philip becomes a part of some unfortunate circumstances that result in the Unforgettable early death of school bully and friend Sam Philip must return to Hell fix this mistake and restore fateBut this is not asasy as it seems Hell is in trouble and nobody can be trusted As Philip tries to save Sam he Horses Asteroid ends upmbarking on a much darker journeyBefore I jump into the review I just wanted to say a big thank you to Dave TheWriteReads for giving me a spot on this tour I have really Love Thy Neighbor enjoyed this series and am so thrilled to have been able to continue it and review it So i m going to structure this a little differently to my usual reviews since I don t want to be too repetitive in regards to my previous reviewsKenneth B Andersen again manages to masterfully create a compelling and powerful narrative that cleverly balances humour and comedy alongisde the darker themes of fate mortality and death We follow Philip as he again returns to Hell to right a wrong and restore Fate the perspective is one we are familiar with but Philip has had time to develop he is still thoughtful and caring but now has a tendency to make decisions that can be selfish his personality is rounded and flawed and this adds another interesting dynamic to the story s narrative because Philip s actions are a little less predictable which I lovedAsver the writing is incredibly descriptive and immersive the rich detail and imagery pulls you into the underworld and keeps you there The fast paced story and the Indian Erotic Stories evocative language connects you with the characters their motives and theirmotions and makes you love them ven as the adventure goes on This series is perfect for pulling you out of a reading slump which this book did for me as it is a fun but dark adventure that is asy to read but is multi dimensional and Crazy Love (Steele Street, excitingBeing the third book this one sits in between Philips initial development and the start of the bigger warconflict and yet it manages to deliver an impressive story of development and works wonderfully as a build up to the larger problems Philip will face As a whole this book manages to develop this amazing worldven by xploring Paradise and another ancient Underworld widening the world that we know and allowing us to understand about how it works I adored how we dived into another version of the underworld it introduced us to some popular figures in mythology surprising and clever loved how this played out but also served to tell a story about what happens when beliefs change this was incredibly interesting and added a creepier and darker lement to the story as a wholeThe other underworld was not the only interesting thing we delve into we also get a deeper look into Paradise which was fascinating Here we also get introduced to some into Paradise which was fascinating Here we also get introduced to some people and a very fun literary figure I actually loved this because I was a massive fan of this figure as a child and their characters The take on Paradise was also interesting how the people there spend their time it is a twist on what a lot of people believe and I found this to be very intriguing I also adored the conflict between Lucifer and Michael as an avid fan of mythology and Supernatural but whatever I found this to be a clever and hilarious addition to the story that worked really well it added depth to the characters to their history and served for some comical and witty conversations Paradise manages to be developed on very well in this book and we get a lot of new information given to us but I liked how serious and darker it got as I got closer to the nd and the cliffhanger We are getting very close to the great war and I am really xcited I njoy Filip as a character immensely both when he s good and when he s bad both seem to really work I found this particular s bad both seem to really work I found this particular to be a bit slow at times and hinging on some very small details but overall I definitely njoying this and I am moving on to the fourth book very soon I hope things turn out well for Filip but I can t say for sure what well will ntail This is the third installment in the Great Devil War series which is in the progress of being translated into EnglishAs this is the third in a series it s difficult for me to talk about any specifics of the goings on in this book so as to avoid "spoilers A lot of interesting things happened in this book and one of the things I "A lot of interesting things happened in this book and one of the things I like about these books is that you never really know where Kenneth will go with the story You might think you do but then he does something completely different Kenneth s writing is both humorous and clever at the same time which is something I really njoy in books I also Where the Forest Meets the Stars enjoy Kenneth s commentary on religion and one s beliefs which makes thisxtra interestingI njoy how much Filip has grown as a character over the books and the side characters are developing uite nicely tooAnyway I can t wait to find out what s going to happen next 5 stars and hopefully I ll get to the fourth book soon. Ark journey that awaits him A journey that will take him through ancient underworlds and all the way to Paradise The Wrong Death is volume 3 of The Great Devil War seri. .
Part 3 in The Great Devil War series and another great read For his relatively young age main character Philip has been through uite a lot already through heaven and hell so to speak and not just figuratively speaking It makes than sense that he has had nough of these adventures for a while and just craves a rest However nightmares haunt him but really can you blame him almost very day making him awake in cold sweat and horror oftenHe dreams of his friend and former bully whose actions nded his LIFE once In his dreams Sam dies I loved seeing Philip worry so much about Sam someone he should actually hate I think this is an integral part of Philip s character which I like a lotAs Philip matured through the books so did the themes in them or at least their intensity If you find out about why I rated this book 4 stars head on over to my blog to read my full review SummaryFollowing the Two-Minute Mysteries events in the previous two books The Devil s Apprentice and The Die Of Death Philip accidentally plays a part in the wrongful death of Sam the school bully Actually if Sam had asked instead of helping himself with Philip s stuff the crises would have be I received an ARC copy from the author but that has in no way influenced the review I freely chose to writeI have read and reviewed the two previous books in Andersen s series The Great Devil War and I loved them I was than happy when I heard the next book was ready and due for publicationarly in April So in case you are in a hurry yes I loved it as well I have to add two caveats though The first one is a warning for readers who hate cliff hangers There is a big one at the The Most Important Stories of the Bible end of the book The book includes a teaser for book 4 and therefore we get a hint of what actually happens next but the story itself is not completed in this volume Yes this is a series and is to bexpected that the overall arch of the story will continue and is what happened with the two previous books but they had a resolution to the main adventure in that particular tome while that is not the case here So if you hate cliff hangers stay away from this book as it could make you uite angry I haven t completely made up my mind about the subject I don t mind so much if I am sufficiently invested in the story and the characters as I am in this series already but if it s totally unexpected and I don t care for the characters I am bound to not return to read the rest The other caveat is a recommendation There are Parallel Apocrypha enough reminders of Philip s previous adventures in this novel to allow readers who ve read the other books a while back to uickly find their bearings but I don t think it would work as an independent read because there would be too much background missing to fullynjoy it The series does not go into xtremes of world building or descriptions but by now there is a lot of information and mythology that although based on common themes and concepts Heaven and Hell stories in the Bible help create an nvironment that is a big part of its "charm So if you fancy the sound of it start with number 1 and keep goingI ve "So you fancy the sound of "It Start With Number 1 "start with 1 keep goingI ve said I Das verlorene Symbol (Robert Langdon, enjoyed it as much as the other books at least We get a bit ofxposure to Philip s World in Peril everyday life but that doesn t last long and we re soon back in Hell and with Satina Lucifer Lucifax and the rest of our favourite characters But there are some new ones as well We get to meet the artist behind the horrific paintings adorning Lucifer s castle paintings where the condemned can be seen suffering and heard screaming we meet Chimera a fascinating creature yes I want one we finally get to go to Heaven and meet Jehovah I won t give you any hints but his relationship with Lucifer is wellntertaining also visit the garden of Eden Saint Peter I loved the fact that when he falls asleep his halo falls off his head and we visit other underworlds Hades in this case and that brings us plenty of Greek mythology to contend with and great characters as wellThere are also the guess star appearances in Hell and in this case also in Heaven famous figures from the past that Philip meets in his travels I will keep my peace but I particularly liked their Blood of the Cosmos encounter with a famous writer whose creations had also come to live Yes Stephen King be scared The story moves at good pace there is plenty of intrigue action betrayals the uest motif than a hint of romance but nothingxplicit and the humorous touches as well The writing style is fluid and Libby and the Class Election (Star Darlings easy the story is told in the third person from Philip s point of view as usual and the characters are solid andngaging The novel turns darker towards the nd and although the whole series has never been all light and fun among the subjects discussed are family losses reflections on good and vil religious themes guilt and its conseuences moral ambivalence death and mortality to name but a few the whole book hints at horrific things to come and سنت، مدرنیته، پست مدرن even the good things that happen come hand in hand with bad conseuences The main character is growing up and so are his concerns and that makes it a series definitely worth following and watching forAny negatives Well apart from the cliff hanger already mentioned I guess that people who ve just read the previous two books might feel they don t need any reminders of the previous stories I didn t find that a problem I also wondered how well this series would work for young readers of cultures not so familiar with the Bible I guess it might work as just another fantasy world but I suspect some of the in jokes might be lost Despite the fantastical setting this is a pretty conventional story when it comes to the main character and his background so it might not suit readers looking for a inclusive and diverse kind of storytellingAs I had said before this is a book I d recommend to readers of fantasy both YA and adults but it does has pretty dark moments there is violence some behind closed doors and it will not suit people who prefer light reads or are particularly sueamish Its take on religion can put some people off as well but I guess the description of the seri. An unfortunate chain ofvents makes Philip responsible for the untimely death of the school bully Sam the Devil’s original choice for an heir Philip must return to

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Es gives a clear indication of that A great read and another gripping visit to the universe of the Devil War I cannot wait for the next instalment The Wrongful Death is the third installment of the Great Devil War series and could possibly be my favorite so far That s saying a lot too because if you ve read my previous reviews of books one and two you already know how much I Integrative Assessment of Adult Personality enjoyed them Kenneth B Anderson has a way of tying together lighthearted banter and the brushing off of fears in order to capture the fun and creatively light things right alongsideverything dark and violent and nasty somehow he s managed to make Hell the outer darkness places that have to do with Hell but still aren t Il potere del cane exactly hell andverywhere in between a horribly Café Blue enjoyable place The mysteries withinach book are creative and twisty and layed out in a fantastic way Very originalSo Phillip the main character has grown uite a bit in these first three books He went from being a young boy who accidentally gets sent to hell in the place of a terribly awful bully named Sam who was handpicked by Satan himself to be his accessor to a grownish man boy who s still confused about where he belongs but is capable and willing to do what it takes in Embrace Your Weird either place When Phillip was forced in book one to find thevil within his soul and do Satin s job himself things went askew and he solved the mystery of Satan s demise rather than taking his place at the job In doing so he inevitably El Jarama earned a place in hell as a welcomed guest rather than condemned soul to be In book two death himself sought out Phillip to help solve a mystery of a different sort Now as Phillip s tie in with Hell progresses so do his roots and sense of belonging You see he d been given pills to transport him back to Hell if hever wanted to come back on his own He wasn t supposed to have these pills it was a secret in the first place so when Sam the one who was supposed to go to Hell in the very first place gets ahold of one The Long Way Home (Montana Born Homecoming everything is once again turned upside downPhillip takes the very last pill himself in order to follow Sam to hell and make things right However something is off something much deeper and much worse than just an accidental ingestion of this pill Sam is nowhere to be found in Hell Satan isxtremely upset about the whole mess because he has his own battles to fight and mysteries to solve There is a separation going on with Hell s inhabitants and a very large group of devils are leaving Hell in preparation of some sort of overthrow Everything verywhere is a mess and it s up to Phillip and his trusted friendtempter devil crush Satina to get to the bottom of it allWhat I love most about this book is that Phillip finally gets to go to Heaven as well and meet Jahova The interaction with Jahova and Satan is classic the dynamic of those two is actually uite hilarious I also love mystery in opposition with a few of the characters I don t want to get into the detail of that as it s a huge spoiler but it s a thrill ride to say the least Another xcellent aspect is that we get to meet a
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well known author and living characters of some pretty famous and awesome books along the way who are uite obviously in hellLastly I love love love the cliffhanger It usually makes me mad when a book nds on such an abrupt build up to something so much bigger but because the next installment is already written and ready for release also because I ve been given an ARC for my non bias review I m xcited to know something so awesome is about to happenThe war of the underworlds has come to a head and I can t wait to read further into Phillip s story Hands down five stars AGAIN This series is amazing Thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this book in Mexican Spiritualism, Spells Rituals exchange for an honest reviewThis series is starting to be a favorite for me I m alwaysxcited to start a new book and I m never hesitant to pick it up again when I had a reading break This series reminds me a bit of Harry Potter in the meaning that the main character is aging and the story is getting darker in the meantime This book felt different from the other books the previous two books felt lighter the third book is a tad darker Things are starting to get seriouslyA longer review can be found at BiteIntoBooksThis series keeps me curious and is able to surprise me with very book New characters new "areas to visit and new shocking plot twists I love how things from other books still have an impact "to visit and new shocking plot twists I love how things from other books still have an impact the story as it is It s getting darker with very book and as Philip matures so does the story It s genius If I have to guess book 4 is going to be a shocker and bad dark things are waiting How I read this Free Ciphers ebook copy received through blog tourI ve been having so much fun with this series and finally it s time for another review The Wrongful Death or The Great Devil War 3 seuel to The Devil s Apprentice and The Die of Death was a really nice read What s interesting about it is that it puts the old fun style adventures together with something much serious and darker these books grow along with Philip the main character and so we see himmbrace his darker side and It was a good read Please check out my full review here I thank the author for giving me a free copy of the Trigger Men ebook inxchange to my honest review Th Again Kenneth B Andersen has written an The Archetypal Myth of Demeter Persephone exciting story Phillip was getting along pretty good on the alive side of things He was making friends and finding a balance between being 100% good and 100% bad But through an accident Sam winds up in Hell and it is Phillip s fault What transpires isxciting and includes some of the great characters from history How is he going to help Sam Further hell is in peril Many demons new to mortality after the last book have abandoned Hell for the outer reach and are gathering together Something is afoot a war is brewing There is a lot of cool plot movement in this book and the series in general Firstly the overall tone of the story is darker and adult The writing is moving apace with Phillip as he gets old. Ell to find Sam and bring him back to life so that fate can be restored But trouble is stirring in Lucifer’s kingdom and not ven Philip can imagine the strange and
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The Wrongful Death The Great Devil War #3

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