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F AprilBEWARE The book is addictive it was almost impossible to put it down once I started reading it Nathan shares a lot of specific DETAILS ABOUT HOW YOU CAN BE about how you can be capitalist without capital Want to get sponsorship deals Get better deals by using your social media influence You will learn that and MUCH The best part is that you will ven get to see the specific mails and scripts that Nathan uses If you are tired of people saying they can help you get results but they only share high level strategies then this is the book for you Flow GREAT Read it in less than 24 hours Actionability GREAT You ll get a lot of specific scripts that you can use for many business activities Some of My HighlightsThat happens a lot The product is crap but the story is unbelievable People love to buy the storyTime blindness is another common oversight We always project that things can be done faster than they actually can be doneIt s because we overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a yearThink about this the average net worth of people under thirty five years old in the United States is 4138. Sively copying others and then adding your own twist 3 Focus on one goal Wrong Focus instead on creating a system to produce the outcome you want not just once but over and over again 4 Appeal to the masses Wrong The masses are broke 4k average net worth in America Let others cut a trail through the jungle so you can peacefully walk in and capitalize on their hard workBy rejecting these defunct rules and following my unconventional path you can copy other people's ideas shamelessly bootstrap a start up with almost no funding invest in small local businesses for huge payoffs and reap all the benefi.

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The thing that s so different about Nathan Latka is that he digs into the nuts and bolts of how to really build your venture I ve read a lot of business books written by people who give advice for the started with a silver spoon crowd This book fits people like me who live in the real world I m a single parent who has hacked out a space in my market against some hard odds I m successful by some measures but need to pivot to scalable This book is the playbook for someone Like Me Who Is me who is on the road map of what s next and building scalable revenue on the road map of what s next and building scalable revenue and is ager to launch my next thing with precision But for people who haven t taken the first step towards scalable income just read this to let Nathan brainwash you a little with a kind of mindset that is a level up from where most of us live Now the grit to pull this stuff off is up to you but for me just readinglistening to Nathan reminds me of my own fearlessness and helps me see what rules I can totally break and what to mbrace The guidance on how to move away from the round the *clock hustle and to increase the ROI on your time is really pra. You don't *hustle and to increase the ROI on your time is really pra. You don't to be Ivy League ducated have money be creative or E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial even have an idea to get rich You just need to be willing to break the rulesAt nineteen I founded a software company with 119 in my bank account Five years later it was valued at 105 million I don't consider myselfxceptionally brilliant I just realized something few people know You don't need lots of money or an original idea to get really rich Now I make than 100000 in passive income Annual Report of the Public Works Department for the Year Ending December 31, 1958 every month while also running my own privateuity firm and hosting The Top Entrepreneurs podcast which has than 10 million downloads This book wi. Ctical and broken down at a level that is actionable I m going to be recommending this to all of my friends who live in this upward trajectory space You ll really use this stuff Get the book I liked this book a lot
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while Latka The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons examples were great he did oversell his success and his methods have a time limit which he admits Forxample he got to drive a 300k Rolls Royce Ghost rental for a day for free but he didn t get to keep it I have also read about other Instagram influencers trying his techniues with humiliating failure As people learn of his techniues those techniues will BE LESS USEFUL AND THE COMPETITION GREATER STILL IT less useful and the competition greater Still it a good read about what he did and how he did it to serve as an xample for the reader to be prepared to identify opportunities Its a tool not a book So it should be on Goodtools instead of Goodreads5 for making me think different Loved his unconventional approach to building wealth Important to remember to consistently think outside of the box and to never let your money sit Always look for new investmentsrevenue streams There is no BS in this book 2 for the month Ll show you how I went from college dropout to member of the New Rich And I'm holding nothing back You'll see my tax returns my profit and loss statements my mail negotiations when buying and selling companies It's time to forget your grandfather's advice I'll teach you how to be a modern opportunist investor ntrepreneur or side hustler by breaking these four golden rules of the old guard1 Focus on one skill Wrong Don't cultivate one great skill to get ahead In today's business world success goes to the multitaskers2 Be uniue Wrong The way to get rich is not by launching a new idea but by aggres. ,

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How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital