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Mysterious deaths that they have Uncovered Such A Great BookReview Such a great bookReview provided for a voluntary review ARC received via Netgalley for an honest reviewAs I have been reading the First Wives series Sasha has always been the one that I have needed to know about She lives on the outskirts of the First Wivers and their families kind of on the outside looking in but that is the way likes it or is itShe is such a badare you just never know what she is going to get up to next I loved learning about her past and how she got to be the woman she is today And she s the kind of woman we all want to be at least in OUR MINDS I GOT A KIND minds I got a kind Black of woman we all want to be at least in our minds I got a kind of Black vibe from her but that could just all about the blackI liked seeing the softer side of Sasha come out too No woman is an island and seeing her realise that she is loved was wonderful yet heartbreak If you like a tough heroine that can really kick tale Sasha is the one for you She was trained as a child to fight and learned on her own how to hack into computer systems There s nothing this woman can t do xcept stay in one place and develop relationshipsWhen AJ signals her out to help him find clues to his sister s murder Sasha is hesitant But soon she s leading the way and AJ willingly follows With the help of Reed and Neil as well as their team of Monsieur dEon Is a Woman experts they find connections to Richter the boarding school she grew up in that is than it appears to be on the surfaceWhile the romance is rather light the action and mystery is constantly unraveling From Europe to the US this story takes us on a high octane journey to find solutions to than the murderer It s a tangled web that reuiresveryone s Tarinel's Song expertise to untangle and I loved watching it happenSasha isn t the type of heroine I like to hunt out Injoy a tough female character but Sasha was so cold and rarely showed any The Architecture of Baltimore: An Illustrated History emotion However there was no doubt that she wanted something but didn t have a clue what it was or how it would look if shever came across it It s safe to say that she grew on me the I got to know herLikewise AJ isn t all alpha He tends to be the underdog and follows Sasha lead But I did love his ability to smile and be lighthearted bringing some of that into her life With all the action and constant changes of scenery this felt like a fast read I never skimmed because I wasn t sure if I d miss a clue or a vital piece of character revelation The chemistry between Sasha and AJ was always Lifting the Fog of War evident and I felt this was about the mysteries than the romance Nevertheless it was a really interesting read and one I d highly recommend if thrillers with a touch of romance are your thingDual POVSafe view spoilerno owom drama h not a virgin book begins with her having just had sex with a one night stand H not a man whore hide spoiler Sasha is at a crossroads in her life after fulfilling a long time mission and having nothing on her agenda she s not sure what s next Ritcher is the military type boarding school that molded her into the woman she is today and so she decides to visit her old school andnds up with a mystery to solve in the process Enter AJ His sister a previous student of Richter has been murdered and AJ is determined to find her killer AJ wasn t super close to his sister so he decides to trace her past and find out if it had anything to do with her murder He hits a roadblock with Richter they re secretive sending up all kinds of red flags for AJ so he hits up Sasha for helpWhile the previous books in the First Wives series have been contemporary romance with a bit of romantic suspense Say it Again is of an actionromantic suspense story Sasha as the interview below points out is kind of like a female James Bond She s been a savior and protector of the heroines in the past stories so I m happy to get the story behind this badass woman As an orphan in foster homes and then as a student in Richter Sasha is used to being on her own without anyone having her back so it s a new The Case against Assisted Suicide: For the Right to End-of-Life Care experience to have AJ Reed Trina and the gang at her back providing not only support and protection but a place where she fits in as family The romance between AJ and Sasha was fitted in between solving AJ s sister s murder andvading danger but whenever they had a minute it was What We Knew: Terror, Mass Murder, And Everyday Life In Nazi Germany, An Oral History electric and passionate Even with the intense attraction between them Sasha and AJ didn t just jump into a relationship there was a lot going on andach were focused on finding Amelia s killer as well as what is really going on at. Ned in the stealthy militarized art of survival But behind its gleaming gates Richter is a fortress of secrets including those buried in Sasha’s mysterious past To uncover them she’s clinging to her first rule of defense stay guardedIf anyone can challenge Sasha’s rules it’s devilishly sexy stranger AJ Hofmann He wants answers too And he needs Sasha’s help The recent deaths of several of Richter’s former students. Richter They got to know ach other "bit by bit under tense circumstances forming a bond with an attraction that ventually couldn t be "by bit under tense circumstances forming a bond with an attraction that Sweet Redemption eventually couldn t be The slow progression from attraction to felt right for the story I reallynjoyed Say it Again with the xtra amount of danger action and thrills thrown into the mix Never a dull moment with this fast paced story and I m pleased with how it all turned out There s potential for actionthrillerromance books with a few of the characters introduced here Maybe Claire or Olivia I guess we ll see if Ms Bybee decides to continue their stories i look forward whatever she decides I look forward to she decides write in the future A copy was kindly provided by Montlake Romance in xchange for an honest review Check out all of my reviews at IT AGAIN First Wives Club Book 5 by Catherine Bybee is the last romantic suspense in this series and features the mysterious Sasha who has made intriguing appearances since book 1 This is a well written series of books that have uniue suspense and relationship plots that can be read as standalones but the relationships between all of the First Wives The Unwanted Christmas Guest evolve and change so in my opinion it is best to read the series in orderSasha Budanov has grown up learning to onlyver depend on herself She was raised and hidden in a boarding school in Germany Richter is bastion of secrets From a young age the students are trained in languages stealth firearms and militarized survival through high school and college When she finds herself discontent and not knowing what direction to take in her life she decides to return to her old schoolAJ Hofmann has travelled all the way from Florida to Germany searching for answers His sister was killed and he believes when he discovers her roommate from Richter was also killed that the answers to the murders lie in her old boarding school He wants answers and he needs Sasha s help Sasha always works alone but something about AJ just keeps pulling her to help and keep him close As the two work to uncover secrets the danger Ill Never Tell escalates and they become the hunted It will take all the training Sasha has and the help of some old friends to unmask a killerI love that Ms Bybee gave Sasha a full story She has always been so mysterious and isolated AJ is not the type of character I would have thought could bring out Sasha s softer side but he did and it worked The dialogue between Sasha and AJ wasntertaining and at times very Juana of Castile: History and Myth of the Mad Queen emotional The romance builds right along with the suspense I was surprised by the climax which followed a page turning read I read this book in one sitting and it was worth the time spent The sex scenes arexplicit but not gratuitous There is a wrap up with all the couples from the previous books at a Christmas get together which Famous Five on the Case: The Case of Allie's Really Very Bad Singing ends the series nicely This is anxciting read and another great addition to this series I was so Medusa's Gaze: The Extraordinary Journey of the Tazza Farnese excited when I found out that we were getting Sasha s storyven though she isn t a First Wife She has been in this series from the very first book and has been this mysterious woman She never let anyone close or disclosed anything about herself but she was always there when anyone needed her You just knew there was so much to learn about her character Sometimes with an anticipated character like hers the background just can t compare once you learn it Boy is that not the case here The author did Sasha justice When I think of Sasha I reminded of an older tv show called the Alias with Jennifer Garner but badass I just love a heroine who can can outsmart and take down a person before they Gender and Technology: A Reader even know what s coming That s Sasha I loved herAJ was nothing like Ixpected for Sasha and yet he seemed to fit her perfectly She needed someone that wouldn t feel threatened by all that she is He also still needed to be a strong character himself as well as be patient to be able to breakdown all those walls she had It was a tall order but he fit it seamlesslyThere was an unexpected side character that really added a lot to this book I think that was such a brilliant move of the author It brought heart to Sasha and was another piece to broke down those walls she had I would love to say but I liked that I wasn t Tim's Excessive Good Fortune: A Murder Mystery set in the American Revolution (Tim Euston Book 3) expecting that character so I m going to leave itI loved seeing all the gang from all the previous books again This is one of my favorite series and I m completely satisfied with how the author concluded it I highly recommend this series and I know I will be re reading it again and again. Including AJ’s own sister have aroused his suspicions He’s arousing something in Sasha Never one to surrender to hermotions she senses something tempting in AJ She trusts him He’s fearless And he kisses like a demon Sasha’s found her matchBut treading Richter’s dark halls and following their hearts has its risks As the decades old secrets of the past are mined Sasha and AJ are falling deeper in loveand into danger. Say It Again First Wives #5

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