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Strength once again Daddy and his boy are fantastic together with hot dirty sexy times and lots of little play This tale has marvelous descriptions of Daddyboy play and is uite heartwarming Enjoy Re read April 2020Such *A Sweet Age Play Book 45 StarsI * sweet age play book 45 starsI this one much better than the first book in this series We met Raf and Brendan in the first book but this started before the events in that one and we got to find out how Raf and Brendan started their relationship So you can read this as a stand alone if you find out how Raf and Brendan started their relationship So you can read this as a stand alone if you is a daddy without a boy to care for When he overhears a conversation between two friends when he is at the BDSM club he knows he has to help the boy who sounds so distressedRaf doesn t know that to do any His friend Rhys has introduced him to BDSM in the hope it would help with his ADHD and bring him some peace But so far everything Raf tried has been a bustWhen Brendan introduces himself to Raf Raf isn t sure what to think Just one Dom to disappoint But when Brendan tells him he wants to try something Raf ust goes with it It s not long before Raf falls asleep on Brendan s lap sucking his tumbBrendan thinks Raf might like being a little so he tells the sweet boy he is a Daddy Dom and that he would like to try to see how Raf likes age play When Raf agrees Brendan is over the moonThe two meet up again at Brendan s house and Raf finds out he really loves it when Daddy Brendan takes care of him It even uiets the noises in his headThis book was The House Of Gabriel just adorable Raf was the cutest little ever and Brendan was such a good Daddy for himThis had no relationship angst whatsoever and Iust loved these two together Raf had a and I Peppa Pig just loved these two together Raf had a of trauma from his childhood and he also had trouble functioning well as an adult because his brain always seemed to be distracted by something Luckily Brendan and how he cared for Raf really helped himI was glad to see not everything could be solved with cuddles and a binkie so when Brendan suggested therapy for Raf I loved him even This was a cute sweet adorable low angst age play book about a 22 year old boy with ADHD and a 43 old Daddy whoust wants to take care of his baby boy. E could forget about his past and be truly happy Gentle Hand is a daddy kink MM romance with age play and ABDL Please note trigger warnings for mild homophobia parental mistreatment and depression It’s the second book in the Perfect Hands series but can be read as a stand alo. ,

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Gentle Hand Perfect Hands #2Solid 3 Hot and Sweet Audio 45 KENNETH OBI OK I ENJOYED Kenneth Obi Ok I enjoyed Hand way than Firm Hand Slow Hand was ust the gem in this series for me though I guess Kenneth Obi has such good uniue character voices in this one Daddy Brendans voice was smoking This book was kind of a whirlwind even though it was long it was fast p Ahhhh this was so sweet and sexy and wonderfulI m so glad Raf and Brendan got a full story I loved them in the first book of this series and I definitely wanted to know about them Probably my favorite DaddyABDL kink story that I have read so far I thought it was all handled so well explained so well and came off as very sweet and caring and then sometimes sexy and fun I love how caring and thoughtful Brendan was as he got to know Raf he was ust a perfect Daddy for him Did notice a few typos and mistakes think I saw a wrong name for Raf once and some other little things but that is obviously not detracting from my overall reading experience here Highly recommended for those interested in this specific kink but not sure where to start 35 starsThis one worked for me much better than the first book It was super sweet and I liked both characters Raf was Screw You Dolores just too adorable for words Iust wanted to wrap him up in a blanket Brendan was the perfect Daddy for him and I really did like watching the relationship progress and seeing how Raf s ADHD was dealt with I really haven t read much age play but I liked the way it was laid out and I understood the appeal on both sides I do wish the story had had another pass for editing and proofreading though This was the sweetest sexy AF ABDL story ever I love when a knowledgeable Daddy teaches a completely new to particular kink boy *This Was At Times Adorable A Bit * was at times adorable a bit and oh so good I loved how Daddy Brandan stepped in to help Raf how he anticipated his needs Yes at times there were misunderstandings due to their past getting the better of them but they worked through them without unnecessary drama Raf has never fit in with the crowd His father s cruelty and mother s neglect left deep scars that only got worse when he was diagnosed with ADHD Only his friend Rh Wi. Raf never knew he needed a Daddy until he meets Daddy Brendan Adulting is hard for Raf After a less than ideal youth he’d hoped to find where he belongs But despite trying several things in the club his best friend freuents nothing clicks for him Until he meets Daddy Brendan. Ll review tomorrow 45 starsI really enjoyed reading raf and brenden s story i was so and Brenden s story I was so how Nora dealt with ADHD It is a very serious problem and we need people to take the time to understand what is going on and not shame our childrenEnough of my soapbox great story Enjoy the characters and it made me think of Rhys and Cornell Might have to reread Very sweet low angst ABDL age play MM romance 3 StarsHeartwarming and sweet with lots of comforthealing Heavy on age play and actually occurs before Firm Hand but you could read either first I enjoyed the Story But Didn T Fall In Love With The Characters but didn t fall in love with the characters feel like I got enough depth from them I did appreciate the transgender rep regarding the storyline with the child that Raf teaches Recommend if you like sweet stories with lots of comforthealing and the full nine yards of age play Standalone Other books within series Book 1 Firm Hand 45 StarsBook 2 Gentle Hand 3 StarsBook 3 Slow Hand 35 StarsBook 4 Healing Hand A Daddyboy relationship tale that teaches us so muchDom Rhys is helping his dear friend Raf about 25 find the kind of satisfaction he seeks Raf has has a rough childhood and managed to get his degree in Education but he is looking for someone to care about him find fulfillment Older Brandon hears their conversation and clues lead to Brandon s expertise Brandon and Raf hit it off right away They begin talking and learning about Brandon s kink as a Daddy Dom Raf needs structure and TLC to cope with ADHD life and adulthood We learn a great deal about the Daddyboy relationship the reasons and explanations are wonderfully presented So much patience and care devotion and heart goes into each person in this dynamic Raf enjoys it and receives the attention and love he has never ever received He absorbs it like a sponge They have a few learning moments but *with patience therapy and understanding things become settled Raf has some issues * patience therapy and understanding things become settled Raf has some issues his Like Wind, Like Wave job and is uite good at his work but when he s criticized for talking with a transgender boy at the school he flashes back to his mean father and he goes into a depression With his steadfast Daddy to lean on Raf gains his. The perfect bear of a man with the gentle voice the soft cuddles and an appendage Raf is rather fascinated by Daddy Brendan wants to take care of Raf in every way and Raf uickly discovered he loves being Daddy Brendan’s baby boy He’s finally found where he belongs If only

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