(PDF/EPUB) [Application of Chess Theory] Í Efim Geller

Application of Chess Theory


I m curious to know if the I Get No Votes For My "I get no votes for my book Witchy reviews is because m female Comments are welcome if it turns out you all think my chesseviews are strictly gender neutral The Social Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology rubbish please do say so I ve written a chess book that was wellegarded and Stoic Warriors: The Ancient Philosophy behind the Military Mind recently BCM loved some articles I wrote for the mag so I can handle whatever you throw at meTheest of this was written in 2010 and Wall Street and FDR received one vote from an incredibly discriminating GRer who only votes for the very best stuff This happens to be by my bed at the moment Geller s career spans decades and he is one of those players than capable of beating world champions he has a plus score against most he has played but I m guessing could never become a world champion because he did not excel at match play He had than one terrible trouncing at this form of the gameBut I think we can say of chess than of any sport that there is nooo. Yefim Geller has been one of the world's foremost grandmasters over the past four decades during which time. M at the top To become world champion at chess is so hard At the moment we are watching this fabulous tussle between Anand and Topalov Geller s description of his ongoing duel with Gligoric brings to mind the ole of the Catalan in this matchuite often the chess world witnesses some curious creative duels which sometimes last for several years They proceed according to the following typical scheme Two players have played a game On meeting each other again they choose the same variation without any prior agreement of course thus adding a psychological struggle to the purely chess they choose the same
without any prior agreement of thus adding a psychological struggle to the purely chess Over each of them like a sword of Damocles hangs the anxious thought why is the opponent epeating the previous game On what move has he prepared a surprise and has he in fact prepared one Should I wait for the unpleasant surprise or should I be the first to deviate from the familiar path And if I deviate then when an. He has established a eputation as "Being The Leading Russian Authority On Opening Theory In This "the leading Russian authority on opening theory In this D howOne can add that the mere kibitzer shares in this anxious excitement Is Anand going to play the Catalan yet again Has Topalov a new esponse Tomorrow there is another game Anand has just lost with black so will he etreat to the Catalan The comfort of something he has a plus score with so far 253 would have to be tempting him He bounced back from such a situation in game two employing it I m guessing he s going to try it again Although this book is not mentioned as one of favorite chess books by many "Of Chess Players Along "chess players along Bobby Fischer s 60 Memorable Games this is one of them if not best Geller is a huge opening specialist and the book is divided according to openings This made his contribution to chess theory apparent At the end of book geller gives his victories end of book Geller gives his victories world champions in a separate section which shows his legacy amongst the World Champions good book to ead chess "Theor. Collection Of His Own Games Geller Shows The " Collection of his own games Geller shows the benefits of a sound understanding of opening strate.

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