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Three eligible bachelors are the best of friends who all have commitment issues Charles Harrington who lost his loving parents when he was 16 and his sister dropped out of school to look after Charlie Unfortunately his sister died of a brain tumour 5 years after losing his parents Although his inheritance was than ample his relationships always inheritance was than ample his relationships always to end before they even started Engaged several times Charlie felt that perhaps he couldn t make it all the way to the altar because he feared abandonment issues due to the tragic loss of his familyAdam Weiss who is a successful lawyer working working with starlets was once married and has two children Unfortunately the marriage ended with his wife taking his children away from him Adam is the youngest child in his family who came youngest child in his family who came 9 years after his older sibling An inconvenience for his sister as well as his parent which they never would let him forget Adam is now very bitter after his divorce and would rather spend his love life engaged in one night stands He prefers not to get close to anyone of the opposite sex againGray Hawk was brought up basicaly by his drug induced hippie parents who moved from place to place to place He believed his parents liked him and his Siblings Okay But He okay but he felt the Danielle Steel explores the perils of dating relationships and love in a novel that takes us into the intoxicating infuriating world of three charming single men also nown asToxic BachelorsThey were the best of friends and the most daunting of bachelorsCharlie Harrington a handsome philanthropist has such high expectations for his perfect bride that no mortal need applyAdam Weiss a forty something celebrity lawyer prefers his women very young very voluptuous and very short termAnd for Gray Hawk a gifted artist with a nack for attracting troubled relationships women are fine; it's just the idea of family he can't imagine particularly the family of I just found it so boringSince I hate leaving books unfinished though I did thumb through the rest Charlie falls for a woman who lies about books unfinished though I did thumb through the rest Charlie falls for a woman who lies about background since she is even richer than he is and wants to make sure he is and wants to make sure is interested in her and not just her money He resents her a bit and then gets over it They get married and she gets pregnantThe lawyer I forget his name gets a girl who is only a few years older than his daugher pregnant the first night even though he claims he doesn t want ids Well here s a thought use protection Steel makes the character admit that he likes his women younger than 25 even though he is in his late "40 s early 50 s that always makes " s early 50 s That always makes skin crawl Anyway despite his numerous claims that he doesn t want to get married again and no Heels, Heartache Headlines kids at the end of the book he is married and wifey is pregnant againGray was an alright character but I just couldn t relate He liked damaged women and then wondered why they would leave him after he fixed them He finally meets a woman who isn t damaged and it seems to take awhile for him to feel any attraction to her Despite this surprise surpirse they end up getting married by the end of the bookI am sure there was to it than that but like I stated earlier I just couldn t get interested in this book. To be a mother as wellAs another holiday on the yacht approaches and with it a turning point in each man's life the three bachelors are forced to face the things that scare them most their phobias about relationships the wounds of the past and theind of women who challenge their deepest terrors What happens next will spark big changes for Charlie Adam and Gray and might just put an end to their carousing days forever For as the once carefree trio is about to discover love is the most unpredictable adventure of allFilled with all the joy complexity and unexpected surprises of life Toxic Bachelors is Danielle Steel at her poignant and penetrating bes. ,

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Toxic BachelorsInd of parental love he should have There was always a "vacant feeling inside him He vowed he would never have children to recreate the same misery he felt through the years " feeling inside him He vowed he would never have children to recreate the same misery he felt through the years up So he was constantly dating women who had issues and needed dire help Usually they were in desperate need for psychiatric help or even to be institutionalizedHow could these three broken men with their painful baggage ever find true and everlasting love NopeThis is a book about a bunch of guys who are jerks who meet a bunch of women who are only validated by rescuing them Probably bunch of women who are only validated by rescuing them Probably last thing anyone in the world needs to readBut hey if it s your thing one guy pretty much needs a mom one guy needs to buy a clue and one guy I don t now needs to date women older than his daughter It s all pretty gross from all angles Loaned to me by a friend I m not a Danielle Steel fan so we ll see how it goes Don t want to disappoint my friend by pooh poohing it without giving it a chance This was an okay book if you like RO mances which I don t with some conflict poor rich folks had some short lived issues but everyone living happily ever after too unrealistic Danielle Steel does write well I just don t much appreciate her story lines I read up until Chapter 3 and then couldn t read any. He woman he's datingNow the three friends spending their annual summer vacation cruising the Mediterranean aboard Charlie's majestic yacht are about to have their bachelorhood rocked By autumn all three will fall precipitously into relationships they never saw coming Charlie begins dating a crusading social worker who couldn't be further from his ideal until he makes a stunning discovery about her Adam gets involved with his usual twenty something bombshell only this one has a remarkable mind of her own And Gray who has avoided both business and family like the plague has managed to fall head over heels for a successful career woman who just happens. ,