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And once here when Emily begins not necessarily to heal but to perceive that healing might someday be possible gotta love that search feature on the Nook Emily my heart went out to her so much She is not a perfect wise beyond her years paragon she s a real girl sometimes superficial sometimes hurtful and selfish but so so vulnerable fragile but possessed of an inner strength that makes her struggles all the affecting Jolie is an awesomely realized character too and it s impossible not to mpathize and agonize with her in the weird and unexpected role and dilemmas she finds herself thrust into The boys didn t do that much for me but maybe that s a guy thing And of course the powerful presence of Jill Emily s mom looms large over the story Even though she s absent you get a feel for her hurt her humanity and her deep love for her daughter and husband The city of New York is a character here too and despite my general lack of love for it I acknowledge that here it adds to Emily s journey and growth The recurring motif of When Harry Met Sally is fun and provides a counterpoint commentary to Emily s boy related feelings This is such a richly humane story of flaws forgiveness and finding a way forward really I m still kind of torn up It s pretty rare for me to stay up late reading unable to stop any This is that kind of book and it kept me up way way past any semblance of a sensible bed time on a work night yet It might keep me up again tonight just thinking about it This has been kind of a long review but trust me there s still much to xperience and njoy here Don t miss it Though nothing can bring back the hourOf splendour in the grass of glory in the flower We will grieve not rather findStrength in what remains behindWordsworth Intimations of Immortality Lipstick Apology is a heart wrenching story that gave me chills you know the kind where you just want to hug the one you love before the lump in your throat gives way and the tears spill forth from the moment I read the first chapter Emily s journey takes us through the horrifying and Barrayar (Vorkosigan Saga, endlessly publicized deaths of her parents her intense and inconsolable grief a mysterious clue left by her mother in the final moments of her life and theveryday struggles of a teen girl in a new city searching for love and acceptance I found myself alternately cheering Emily on and scolding her just wanting her to finally see the good things and people in her life and to ultimately be okay Lipstick Aplogy s cast of characters is flawed and realistic and reminds us that when it comes to home and family there s no such thing as typical Emily Carson is a bratShe is supposedly 1617 years old but she acts like a spoiled 5 year oldConstantly throwing temper tantrums and smashing other people s propertyand then Dying Inside expects them to say sorry for it not herHow is this behaviour in any way matureI thought that the book would be about the apology Emily s mother wrote to her before the plane crashed Instead the book was about Emily s need to be popular make up hair and her inability to choose between two boysVery little time is actually spent on the apology or rather the reason for itWhen Emilyventually finds out what the apology is about and meets the person partially responsible for it she simply screams two sentences at the person and runs awayNot a satisfactory nd at all There s a lot of potential in this book I was drawn in by the blurb and by the mystery of what Emily S Mother S Dying Words Were About And The Time mother s dying words were about And the time was actually spend on that mystery were my favorite parts of the book Unfortunately very little time is actually spent on what I had thought was the main story Instead Emily spends the vast majority of the book obsessing over a boy who is so obviously bad news that it becomes pitiful that she refuses to see that Like he spikes her drink Without Telling Her And She telling her and she doesn t get it I was frustrated with her that I ventually started skipping very page that dealt with this jerk which nded up being most of the second half of the bookWhich is a shame because it s really good when it isn t dealing with the jerk Emily has a well meaning support system who is neither perfect nor The Mystery Science Theater 3000 entirelyffective Both her friend back home and her new friends at school are great characters and Jabaley avoids both the I have moved now I can t keep my best friend from back home and all the people at my new school are shallow rich bitches tropes There s depth to the characters than that And the other boy the cute and smart boy who makes her laugh and treats her with respect He s pretty great too Emily herself Not so much She seemed very immature to me and she throws several literal tantrums when she gets angry She breaks things she The Rocky Horror Picture Show even rips up a picture of her dead parents She totally lost my sympathy with that one I started out liking her fine but by thend of the book I was happy to see the back of herMaybe it s because the story with the awful boy took up so much space in the book but Nightwings everythinglse Short Science Fiction Collection 004 ends abruptly The other boy gets shorted on space and so does Emily s mother s secret After she spends comparatively little timeven thinking about it the answer just falls into her lap and then she doesn t Out of the Everywhere, and Other Extraordinary Visions even really deal with it I wish that Jabaley hadn t gotten sidetracked with the awful boy because maybe something good could have come of this. Her to remember and ultimately healDebut author Jennifer Jabaley has written a wonderful feel good romantic comedy with realmotional depth Full of lovably wacky characters Lipstick Apology is a heartwarming story about the true meaning of forgiveness. First Impressions Wow Sounds so good A mix of light high school dramaromance but also heavier with the death of her parents Seems like a good combo to meAnd indeed I found the lightness and heaviness to be موجز تاريخ العالم eual and well balanced There s the typical new girl at school attracting the attention of the popular girls and that one popular golden boy hellooo player But there are also some meatier parts dealing with some tougher subjects such as death and trying to live onBut I actually really liked all the characters As Lauren said Emily doesn t change completely she doesn t ditch her old friend back home On the contrary her old friend and new friend actually talk and become friends themselves And the popular mean girls aren t really that mean One of them is actually uite sweet andnjoyable Not only the teens but the adults in the book are lovely too Emily s aunt who Emily goes to live with after her parents die is a cosmetician for celebrities She lives large and falls for the big Women in Deep Time end players but she has a great heart Also in the novel Emily s aunt s best friend a hairdresser who adds humor and liveliness to the storyWhile the plot is pretty average and nothing really new it s done well Sure it s predictable from the boy Emily willnd up with to her mother s big secret But there are many parts that are heartwarming and give you that warm fuzzy feeling Although some of the scenes seemed a litte forced no matter I still really Precursor (Foreigner, enjoyed reading those bitsThe writing is smooth While not different or specialnough to make it stand out it makes the reading The Captain of the Pole-Star easy on the brainFinal Impressions I really don t have much to say It won t drastically change your life but it s certainly very great Withual parts guilty pleasure dramaromance reading and deeper life tips and meaning Lipstick Apology is njoyable and a pleasure to read After finishing my last romance book and was on the hunt for a new one I wanted something interesting that still included love While I was at the library looking around the brigh Emily wants to start the summer with a bang so she throws a party the night her parents leave for vacation The party is unceremoniously interrupted by bad news the plane her parents were on has crashed and there are no survivors Now all that s left of them is a hastily scribbled message on a tray table from Emily s mom reading Emily please forgive me Struck with grief and baffled by her mother s mysterious apology Emily s life is a huge mess and when she moves in with her aunt who lives in New York City Emily has an ntire new world to adjust to Emily tries her best to assimilate forget and move on She s accepted into the popular crowd and captures the interest of Owen the hottest guy in school But forgetting might not be the answer or Markov Models For Pattern Recognition even an option since reminders areverywhere It ll take Emily s untraditional new family a chemistry partner who s like Emily than she thinks and a whole lot of courage for Emily to face the truth and ultimately healLipstick Apology is a pretty interesting and original story idea that xpresses age old concepts such as family and forgiveness in a fresh way The death of Emily s parents is what this novel centers on but the story is less about grief and learning to let go than it is about forgiveness and healing On one hand I was seriously confused why Emily never seemed to mourn her dad and how her grieving Was Actually A Rather Minor Part Of The Story On actually a rather minor part of the story on other I don t think I ve read another book that promotes forgiveness so ffectively Jabaley has actually given me and ntire new perspective on forgiving which I appreciate However sweet the story or message was though the mechanics of this novel could have been better It seemed strange to me how Emily desired to be popular while she also wanted to be kind and generous in fact the whole popularity angle was really unnecessary and insignificant to the novel and I don T Even Know Why even know why was included Emily s dealing with her parents deaths was also somewhat unusual Sometimes I didn t ven understand Emily s character at all but I ll just chalk it up to adolescence hers not mine Most of the other characters would have been improved as well with the Four Encounters exception of Emily s Aunt Jolie who was well written and realistic Despite the mediocre characters and predictable plot I genuinelynjoyed Lipstick Apology because its story and message is so sweetLipstick Apology is not too bad for a debut and I look forward to seeing what Jabaley has in store next This novel will be The Alchemist, and, The Executioness enjoyed by fans of The Day I Killed James by Catherine Ryan Hyde And Then Everything Unraveled by Jennifer Sturman and One Lonely Degree by CK Kelly Martinreposted from This book is an absolutely wonderful read Out of all the YA novels I ve read this one really stands out Why Because Jennifer Jabaley doesn t try too hard that s why She automatically captures the feelings and thoughts of teenagers and does it so perfectly too While other novels seem to try and push to make teenage characters seem realistic the characters of Lipstick Apology are very relatable and life like to the point that it s amazingI have to say that when I first picked this book up a long time ago and put it on my bookshelf what I wasxpecting was ntirely different from what I got The back of the book made me think While I found this book semi boring at times there we. Sometimes a good bye is just the beginningWhen Emily Carson’s parents die in a plane crash she’s left with nothing but her mother’s last words scrawled in lipstick on a tray table Emily please forgive meNow it’s fall and Emily moves to New York.

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Re plenty of deep moments and thought provoking uotes that kept me around I could relate to her on some levels and I could understand where she was coming from The plot was fairly interesting as well and I thought her mother s apology and such was very original This has almost nothing to do with the novel but verytime I go to type or mention this book I think the title is Lipstick Apocalypse I m not certain why Serenity except that I m insane but there you goThis is one of the few real life teen books I have read recently and oddlynough its from another debut author I pretty much gave up on real life teen books somewhere after my Lurleine McDaniel craze only so much depressing reading a girl can stand back when I was a teenager and stuck myself firmly with An Edge in My Voice either books so old they can be considered historical value like the girl books of the 50 s60 s where the girl usually didn t have anything difficult then learning to ride a bike or convincing her parents to let her stay out late to trouble her because uite frankly been there done that If I m going to read teen angst I ll read teen angst with vampires ghosts or werewolves Makes it so much betterLipstick Apology though I read the synopsis and found myself wholly intrigued by the mystery Why DID Emily s mother leave such a bizarre note when the plane was going down A hundred different reasons flew into my head but as Emily described her mother I discounted most of them Her mom sounds like a Suzy Home maker sort Self sacrificing for the family giving her all to living the American Home Mother DreamThe truth is both shocking and disillusioning for the reader and Emily her world already doing the merry go round herntire lifestyle changing in the wake of the tragedy the poor girl suffered The Bionic Woman Volume 1 enough The real uestion is though should how Emily feel about her mother change at all Can she find it in herself to forgive her motherThe new friends she makes at her school are a little bit flat they are definitely not deep characters for the most part With thexception of Anthony at first glance I didn t like ANY of them but then that s high school right First impressions are the key to anything and from an outsider s point of view that is the reader they were terribly shallow and trite Lindsay did surprise me though proving that first impressions aren t always lastingI ll say this much though if you have an Theres a Sheep in My Bathtub easy cry reflex keep a box of tissues handyspecially for the beginning third or so And the last chapter or two And some in the middle Oh just keep a whole box by your side the Queen of Roses entire time just in case I loved this book It s intense poignant bittersweet wise and funny It s also beautifully and subtly crafted with all thelements story characters style combining to create a richly rewarding reading and The Tell-Tale Heart emotionalxperience MC Emily s life is catastrophically and irreparably torn apart when her vacationing parents flight goes down with no survivors The discovery in the crash debris of apart when her vacationing parents flight goes down with no survivors The discovery in the crash debris of mysterious message from her mother Emily please forgive me insures that she will suffer the intrusive attention of the tabloids as well as her private feelings of loss pain grief and bewilderment over the meaning of that haunting lipstick apology And as if that weren t The Squirm Files enough to be getting on with she is wrenched from her leafy suburban home school and friends to live with her mother s younger sister Jolie a Manhattan based upscale makeup maven who despite her veneer of sophistication and style can hardly cope herself with her sister s death let alone live up to being the adult in Emily s life Emily is torn between her desire to be the new made over over it and moving on girl fitting into her sophisticated new prep school and the haunting reality of her overwhelming feelings of abandonment guilt and loss And above all she continues to be tormented by the need to understand why her seemingly perfect mother would beg her for forgiveness with her very last wordsI loved the way Emily s struggles arechoed in so many Life in the West elements of the story The contrast between the placid pastoral river that flowed past her childhood home and the turbulent urban Hudson overlooked by Jolie s sleek but somewhat sterile apartment The whole makeupmakeover motif starting with the apology itself being written in lipstick then showing up again with Jolie s business and the multiple makeovers Jolie gives Emily and her new friendschoes Emily s attempts to cover conceal and carry on behind a facade of normalcy Then there s the theme
*of homemade food *
homemade food baked goods Jolie s kitchen is just a closet for take out menu s with only Emily s mom s old apron gracing it with any warmth as being a way of Phases of the Moon expressing feelings and representing home family and authenticity Even the two boys in the story seem to represent these poles of Emily s conflicting desires to confront or conceal to paper over or to archeologize her griefBefore it s all over secrets and lies will show their awesome and awful power Emily will be tested cruelly and for me at least almost beyondndurance Things will never ver be the same But as Emily comes to acknowledge life is about crawling out from under the wreckage and rebuilding after disaster making new memories and new families with people who fill our voids and make us laugh Interestingly the word wreckage appears in the book only twice once when the message is found. City where she attracts the attention of two very different boys the cute popular Owen and her uirky chemistry partner Anthony With the help of some surprising new friends Emily must choose between the boy who helps her forget and the one who ncourages. Lipstick Apology