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Checkered PastN t live with that idea She wanted it all all of him It was a short lived honeymoonBrianna Hudson is heiress to Getaway Hotels When her father gets sick and asks her to do a job for him she sees it as her last chance to gain his approval His love Problem is he wants her to look at two NASCAR teams that he may want to sponsor One of those teams is run by the very man she hasn t seen for almost two years and yet thinks of everyday She s desperate enough to please her dad to take the job And Face ChadThe Ma. "and face Ma. Nly one night though before They Both Had Second ThoughtsTwo Years Later Brianna Holds The both had second thoughtsTwo years later Brianna holds the to a much needed sponsorship for Chad's team and Chad is determined to keep things between them strictly business.

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Abby gaines write nice stories but there is always something a little thingy to it good too bad Good read Checkered Past by Abby GainesHarleuin NASCAR LibraryNASCAR Hidden Legacies little thingy to make good too bad Good funny read Checkered Past by Abby GainesHarleuin NASCAR LibraryNASCAR Hidden Legacies 3Chad Matheson is part owner of Matheson Racing and is known as the Boss because of the way he controls everything When he meets and marries someone after only a few days it s all great ntil she says she wants to be on his team No how no way Business and personal is separate in his life Seems she could. NASCAR team owner Chad Matheson is most comfortable when he's in control But his control took a time out during a few days in Las Vegas and he impulsively wed hotel heiress Brianna Hudson The marriage lasted Theson s were first introduced in Back On Track with Trent s story In that book a romance started with the their father Brady and his secretary Julie Anne and continues in this book The last brother Zack will have his story told in The Comeback This book continues with another mystery that is happening in Dean and Patsy Grosso s life a new clue is revealed to renew their hopes Book four From The Outside is Mallory s Tara s sister the first book in this series storyhttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom. But he knows he's fighting a losing battle Because where Brianna is concerned the atmosphere Is Anything But Professional And The Last anything but professional And the last he needs is anyone finding out that legally they're still Mr and Mr. ,