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Roma The Novel of Ancient Rome

Steven Saylor · 2 Read

Saylor copies Edward Rutherfurd s idea of telling the history of a city or a nation by tracing one family The roblem is he isn t as good as Rutherfurd is Most of the characters especially the women are one dimensional In addition he makes Cleopatra boring That s hard Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at had no expectations whatsoever going into Steven Saylor s Roma I only stumbled on it by accident deciding to read it on a whim than anything else I had no only stumbled on it by accident deciding to read it on a whim than anything else I had no of What I Was Getting I was getting into nor any real grasp of the extensive scope of material covered within these ages This being the #case you might understand what a leasant surprise my ultimate enjoyment #you might understand what a Mr. Majestyk pleasant surprise my ultimate enjoyment theiece was Most family sagas tell the story a family against the backdrop of history but Saylor took Roma in the opposite direction telling the story of Rome through several generations of two ancient households Under Saylor s The Fulfillment pen Rome becomes a character in and of herself so than any of the individuals through which her story is told It is an approach I d never before encountered and one I found I greatly enjoyedI have never studied the history of Rome so many of the historic event and mythic legends Saylor incorporates into his work were entirely new to me Not being well versed in the the majority of the material I found in every chapter something new and fascinating from the rape of Lucretia to the building of the Appian Way from the founding of the Ara Maxima to the sacking of Rome by the Gallic Chieftain Brennus Thoroughly captivating There is just no other way to describe itDespite my appreciation for Roma I wouldn t recommend it to the casual reader This isn t character driven historic fiction If that is your interest look to Kate uinn s Empress of the Seven Hills No the beauty of Saylor s work in his recreation of the social andolitical intricacies of the ancient city as well as the life he breathes into the events that shaped it One need not be an authority to enjoy this book but all the same I think it best suited to those with a deep interest in the city s history and ancient culture An epic biography of the city spanning a thousand years from the first meeting of traders across the as yet unnamed hills to the rise of Augustus Cae. Este livro é uma saga épica de Roma da cidade e do パパ’sアサシン。龍之介は飛んでゆく。[Papas Assasin. Ryuunosuke wa Tonde Yuku.] povo romano ue abraca umeríodo de um milhar de anos e acompanha as aventuras e desventuras de duas famílias ao longo de suc. Sar Legendary figures such as Romulus and Remus are made historical and Saylor even gives one ossible source for the birth of the legends of Hercules and his vanuishing of the monster Cacus Obviously With A Tome This with a tome this the narrative skips staccato like over decades and centuries but Saylor makes stops at all the high and low oints the rise and fall of the hero turned traitor Coriolanus the sack of Rome by the Gauls the invasion of Hannibal the attempt of the Gracchi to reform the class system and their subseuent assassination the rise and death of Julius CaesarI was mostly disappointed in this book In many ways it reminded me of Edward Rutherfurd s Sarum also the epic biography of a city that follows #The Rise And Fall In Fortunes Of #rise and fall in fortunes of old families in the city This book has some of Sarum s flaws as well especially its didactic lecturing tone I m a fan of Saylor s Sub Rosa series and sadly I didn t get that feel of being totally immersed in a time and culture that I do in the Gordianus books For the most art these characters don t visit the baths or watch gladiators or visit slave markets or Before Homosexuality in the Arab-Islamic World, 1500-1800 play ancient dice games or walk dusty streets shoulder to shoulder with slaves soldiers andhilosophers they sit around and explain their surroundings It s understandable that Saylor wants to keep the readers abreast of the years of history he must Sleeping with Strangers perforce glide over but the result is a book that is often dry and extremely exposition heavyarticularly between eras I found myself wondering how it would sound if in a novel set during say World War II a character were to say to another You know of course how Germany s dictator Hitler has invaded Poland and that our current leader Churchill advocates nothing but total war in stark contrast to his Were All in the Same Boat predecessor Chamberlain who isopularly regarded as an appeaser It would sound forced and wholly artificial just as Saylor s uite similar explanations do Even worse his exposition is not limited to historical forces Saylor has characters saying such things as My son Gaius and my two daughters to The Seven Day Circle people who are their close friends Given the length of the book and the number ofersonages in it this is understandable and erhaps the most efficient way to introduce new concepts and characters but agai. Essivas gerações Entretecendo a história a lenda e as mais recentes descobertas arueológicas numa narrativa fascinante confere nova vida aos dramas vividos nos rimeiros mil an.
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N it has an artificial ring For these reasons I enjoyed the book best when Saylor was sticking to history that was educated guesses the very early days shrouded in legend or the later Augustian years when everything had been established Excellent fiction If I were to recommend a book to a child in order for them to learn about Romans this would be itFor the experienced reader Livy would suffice This was an astonishingly bad book It ranks among the worst historical fictions I have ever had the misfortune of encounteringI ll give Saylor oints for concept an historical novel covering the history #of rome from its founding to the end #Rome from its founding to the end the republic is a formidable and First Class Murder (Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries, praiseworthy undertaking However sailing solo around the world is also a formidableraiseworthy undertaking but if you forget to In Love Again and Always pack your lunch that just makes you a twat with an inflated view of your capabilities This book was to Steven Saylor as sailing around the world solo would be to anyone likely to forget their lunch Rather than break my will to live flailing against the toweringrecipice that is this book s awfulness I shall focus merely on the one aspect that for me made it astonishingly bad rather than just Dream Weaver plain commonal garden bad exposition I have never encountered a book in whichlot exposition was handled this Acupuncture is Like Noodles poorly I know a guy who writes stories for fun and hislots are exposed about this badly but he ll never get ublished god willing To cover off roughly a millenia of history in a barely reasonable length Saylor has to skip decades sometimes centuries at a time between the little vignettes that make up this novel As such anything that you d learned from the revious story up this novel As such anything that you d learned from the The Balkans in the New Millennium previous story what was going on in Rome is out of date as theolitical scene has changed out of sight Happily or not it s Saylor to the rescue with a clumsily arranged history lesson Often in the form of an actual history lesson being given or received by one of the main characters After 10 or 20 of these I was ready to give in But I was on an aeroplane and I was morbidly fascinated to know if it could get any worse It did Don t read this book unless you re a close friend of Steven Saylor s in which case it would be rude not to or unless you want a lesson in how not to do Quarrel Quandary plot expositio. Os da cidade desde a sua fundaçãoelos malfadados Rómulo e remo até ao assínio de Júlio César Uma epopeia em todos os sentidos da Child of a Mad God (Coven, palavra e o título mais aclamado de Saylo.