Blue River Black Sea (PDF)

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Ed up this book solely because we will soon be cruising up the Danube for ten days Eames is An Experienced Travel Writer And experienced travel writer and fairly well though I m sure if you were British you d understand his jokes and nuances better than I did This is also not an adventure you d want to duplicate under ordinary circumstances He made this journey from Donaueschingen Germany through Austria Hungary Serbia and Romania to duplicate under ordinary circumstances He made this journey from Donaueschingen Germany through Austria Hungary Serbia and Romania on a luxury river boat but on foot horseback bicycle barge train car and finally canoe most interesting to me and what canoe Most interesting to me and what add best to our journey is his knowledge of the area s history which he shared at length For that reason it is worth the read if you intend to traveling up or down the Danube or if you are just a history buff I picked this up at a small town in Austria when we were on our Danube River cruise several years ago I finally picked it up this month for my bathtub book It was okay at first the guy is biking along the banks of the Danube and stopping along the way to see royalty and veryday folk and to see how the river affected life and was affected by it I liked much of it but there were several very slow dreary chapters and there is a bit of a judgey tone at times that put me off He liked to describe people he Entwined (Darkest London, encountered but not in a flattering light most of the time so I hope those people never bought his book or he s offended half of Europe lolIn a lot of ways it was well written particularly his descriptions of the river and his use of metaphors of a baby toddler teen and old man along the path to the Black Sea It s not one I d recommend unless you re really fascinated by the Danube though Injoyed all the information on the Danube the historical details added for interest and old perfume I came to know some things about Romanian history that I was no. S face to face with the continent's bloodiest history and its most pressing issues of race and identity As he travels by bicycle horse boat and on foot Eames finds himself seeking a bed for the night with minor royalty hitching Interesting read I read the book because of

Our Upcoming Planned Trip 
upcoming planned trip the Danube This book gave kind of an introduction to what we will see At least in part since our trip does not go xactly where the author went The writer gives the reader his trip does not go xactly where the author went The writer gives the reader his Nobodys Baby But Mine experience along with little uips about the history and the characters he met He refers to and kind of follows the line of a previous writer Leigh Fermor who made a similar journey between the two World wars I plan to read that book before our trip as well It is interesting to see a land ruled by the aristocracy then the Nazis then the Communists and now trying to adapt with whatever comes next The different nationalities languages and people displacement has been rather disastrous and can be confusing The author does a good jobxplaining but not over American Eve explaining this aspect of his journey Rafting down the Danube from Germany to the Black Sea is a bucket list goal of mineMy family originated in Ulm and I have been to the Ulmer Nabada festival w This was part of my reading challengea book using transportation and I thought it would be really good I was wrong It was very dry and boring Enjoyable travel book Really well written thoroughlyntertaining and at times funny book following the writer s trip from the source of the Danube in Germany to its mouth in the Black Sea Andrew travels by bike boat on foot on horseback and ven rows his way to the finish He partly follows the route taken by Patrick Leigh Fermor on his way from the Hook of Holland to Constantinople in the travel writing classics A time of gifts and Between the woods and the water Although a serious travel writer Andrew Eames doesn t take himself too seriously on the way and balances self deprecation with serious thought A great start to my 2019 reading I pick. The Danube is Europe's It flows through countries than any other river on Earth from the Black Forest in Germany to Europe's farthest fringes where it joins the Black Sea in Romania Andrew Eames' journey along its length brings T aware of though I am Romanian that we haven t been taught at school under the communists And I Deeply Admire Eames deeply admire Eames for courage dedication to his project and original way of conceiving and putting into practice this project I came to like his British humour his open mindedness ven his stubbornesswithout which he wouldn t have written this bookIt will be both a great help to me and a pleasure to share it with my future students of Romanian language historygeography and way of life Started out promising but as others have noted not a great book for background if you re booked on a Danube cruise If I had to categorize this one it d be Historical Footsteps of Patrick Leigh Fermor s three volume journey across central and It’ll Be Okay, And You Will Be Too eastern Europe in the 1930s There is a bit of modern travel narrative in it but not a lot mostly at the beginning andnd Instead Eames tries updating Fermor s visits with all but vanished gentry by hooking up with descendants of some Great Families Unfortunately this came across as contrived to me so I skipped a fair amount of that To be fully honest I picked this one up at various points over several weeks with a sense of obligation rather than interest I ll be charitable leaving it that the concept of the book may have Being Chased (CEP, exceed thatxecution Eames writes fine he s not boring or clunky so I came away with the idea that his overall intent whatever it may have been was lost on yours truly Passable library book but I can t recommend buying a copy as I did I was given this book as a gift as I was going on a trip down the Danube but the author spends a lot of time away from the river and too much time on stories of characters rather than places This is a lightweight book which feels like a string of Sunday supplement articles put together For me disappointing. Ride on a Serbian barge captained by a man called Attila and getting up close and personal with a bull in rural Romania He meets would be kings and walks with gypsies and finally rows his way beyond the borders of Europe ntirel. ,

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Blue River Black Sea
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