KINDLE [Le Chevalier de Sainte Hermine] Author Alexandre Dumas

Ng been crowned Emperor and the Royalist forces are still battling to restore the crown Our hero Hector the Count Sainte Hermine has seen are still battling to restore the crown Our hero Hector the Count Sainte Hermine has seen Father And Two Older Brothers Nobly Die and two older brothers nobly die the Royalist cause During a brief truce Hector hopes to set all battles aside and declares for his true love Claire de Sourdis However just before the marriage contract is signed Hector is called back to the Royalist forces and is eventually imprisoned and forgotten for three years When he is remembered and released Hector is stripped of his title and must serve in either army or navy as a mere enlisted man an insult for one of his class Hector signs on as a Corsair instead of the regular Navy and the adventure begins Bereft of his lost love and his family fallen before him Hector s only wish is to live life to the fullest and if he must to die as nobly as his father and brothers did Problem is no matter how hard he tries he never succeeds Thus begins battles at sea a fight to the death with a shark hunting tigers and crocodiles and a close call with a python as Hector carries off every situation with dignity charm and lan If this book hadn t been unknown until two years ago I d swear that Hector was the model for our present day super heroes Swooning female Out come the smelling salts and from his bat belt It was so over the top and campy at times but jolly good fun No I m not giving away the whole story actually the first half of the book has very little to do with Hector and very much to do with Napoleon at the start of his reign those who read the book jacket and expect it all to be about Hector and his heroics will be sorely disappointed There is much "Politics Intrigue And Battles "intrigue and battles Europe About half way through Hector comes back into the story and things cooked along for most of the rest of the book until the last 100 pages or so and then dragged down again I m not huge on battle scenes so those were slow for me also particularly the intricate details of the battle of Trafalgar I confess to skipping a few pages there Readers should be advised that this recently discovered novel was never finished and we ll never now where he planned to take the story in the end There are many chapters of what appear to be needless characters history and scenes but not nowing how Dumas planned to complete the story how are we to judge I recall reading The Count of Monte Cristo Penguin Classicsand so many chapters that went off into another direction until the end where he pulled all the threads together in the end and perhaps that is what Dumas planned with The Last Cavalier as well We ll never now. His numerous enormously popular novels has long been absent one vital richly historical era the Age of Napoleon But no longer Now dynamically in a tale of family honor and undying vengeance of high adventure and heroic derring do The Last Cavalier fills that S we ve almost lost in today s and it was an Inspiring Read There Was read There was sense of respect and honour even enemies and it was refreshing to see them do the right thing even if it meant personal loss Dumas adds a lot of historical background information about the people and places he describes which I found very interesting but some people want to skip those chapters Overall it was a wonderful and exciting book that I d highly recommend to anyone A lost masterpiece Not for me The freuent disruption to narrative thrust noted by another reviewer eventually became too much I gave upon page 421 Dumas strengths are undeniably there but payment by uantity undermines him When Napoleon goes to hear a performance of The Creation most of a page is given to a biography of Haydn when St Hermine arrives in St Malo a whole chapter relates the port s history when his ship arrives at Mauritius the narrative stalls again for another chapter of history And St Hermine himself disappears from the story for well over a hundred pages This is not The Count of Monte Cristo or The Three Musketeers rediscovered What Dumas needed was not a generous paymaster but a ruthless editor Audiobook Final unfinished novel Third in a trilogy revolving around Napoleon s rise to power the schemes surrounding both his supporters and those opposing him I read all three novels in this trilogy This book is my favorite as it includes history of Nelson IndiaBurma and Italy The disappointment is Dumas death before he finished However reading the Introduction after reading the novel there is wonderful reconstruction of what happens to the title character and educated guesses of what Dumas intended This translation is smooth and readable I listened I love Dumas books Lots of history with engaging fictional characters woven in to bring the stories to life I would say that Sainte Hermine is a blend of d Artagnan and Edmund Dantes I was sad to discover that Dumas did not finish writing this book but was very glad that he wrote a letter which is included in the front of the book that uickly tells what his intentions for the end of the book were If you do not want to spoil the ending wait to read the letter until after you have finished reading the bookI give this book 4 out of 5 because of a couple of parts that are all history and get a little long and boring Whi A Dumas novel no one new existed What a find this must have been to discover an unknown work of Dumas hidden away in the Library of Paris As the novel opens it is the dawn of the 19th century and Napoleon rules as First Consul not yet having being havi. E Dumas lost for 125 years in the archives of the National Library in Paris completes the oeuvre that Dumas imagined at the outset of his literary career Indeed the story of France from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century as Dumas vibrantly retold it in. Le Chevalier de Sainte Hermine

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