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I really enjoy these books easy reads about scary real life situations Even Though I Am though I am wee bit past my teens I really loved this book and was glad that it only took a Meet Me Halfway few hours to read because I couldn t put it down I cried two or three times during this book which is something I never do The world isull of lonely throw away people of all ages and they may be included as secondary characters but it is rare that a book is told Beloved from their point of view This story shows how subsistence living allows no roomor error or the whole shaky structure of life collapses like a house of cards A very well written YA book that I think adults will enjoy as well The Coaltown Jesus first person POV works greator this type of taleAdele is seventeen and her mom is bipolar Her mom gets a new job and swears her life is going to change and so they move to a new town Adele actually starts thinking maybe life will be good Humortivacion from now on She makesriends with the in crowd at school starts dating a cute guy and

"All That High School "
that high school But her mom loses her job and abandons her and soon Adele is living out of an old black van trying to pay her cell phone and keep a job as well as her snooty rich Stamford 76 friends Everything goes to hell in a handbasket so to speak Soon Adele doesn t even care about maintaining pretenses She is just trying to survive The last 5 percent suddenly With absent parents overdue rent and no one to turn to Adele isorced into the hard cold world of homelessness While striving to maintain the pretense of a “normal”. ,

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Breaking In His Little Girl
Forgotten Seventeen and HomelessEcided to try to convert me to Christianity tho All of a sudden it is god this and god that and of course upon Numbers, Predictions, and War finding church everything suddenly goes wonderfullyor Adele *IF THIS IS CHRISTIAN FICTION IT *this is Christian iction it not advertised as such the day I downloaded it Hopefully someone has remedied that by "nowBesides that it loses a star or Adele be TSTL sometimes Um you leave all your savings in cash "that it loses a star Men, Women, and Ghosts for Adele be TSTL sometimes Um you leave all your savings in cash in your van Hello If you are not a believer or seeker of the Lord this may not particularly be the bookor you If you are a believer this is an awesome reminder of the power of the Lord and if you are a seeker this is an awesome opportunity or you to be moved It is a chance at beginning to understand the Lord and where he might just fit into your life orgotten is actually in into your life Forgotten is actually in young adult genre but I In Still Darkness (Immortal Guardians, feel that this is a reador any Christian This is a excellent example to the younger generation of His Power as well as a look at the life of this incredible 17 year old that Curvy Yoga finds herself in a nightmare Over night Adele is stranded no home no money and no mother Iind this story to be heartfelt and gut wrenching As a parent I was overcome by some much emotion toward Adele and her mother At times such as these it is hard to sit back and believe that there is a plan Our responsibility is to believe in God s plan and pray that he will look out Life Adele attempts to Sorceress of the Witch World (Witch World Series 1: Estcarp Cycle, finish high school all the while concealing her secret But is she strong enough to keep up the actForgotten will propel teen readers into a world