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Another great entry into the life and times of one Gin BlancoGood character development nice setting up of The Wrangler future plots relationship growth on both the romance andamily The Celebrity Doctors Proposal front overall a reallyun book Buddy read with my Un dernier tour fellow UF addicts at BBBThis is what I was waitingor Getting so caught up in the book that I can t put it down Sure it took three books to get here but the important thing is that it did Because I would have been pissed otherwise I read The Utility of Splendor for thateeling of being so high on the story that I crave the next page like a drug For that alone I usually give a 5 star rating However I had to knock a star Supergifted (Ungifted, from Venom because of aew minor problems I know myself so I know that as the series progress and I get caught up in the world it ll stop being a problem I just won t notice it any so I ll mention these The Long, Hot Texas Summer (McCabe Homecoming flaws now and be done with it I know I usually start with the good things but this time it ll be done backward because I want to get it out of my chest and then continue with theangirling part of the review without any lingering Tortured Rake (Bad Blood, feelings of guilt Theirst thing is of a writing style and it probably wouldn t have made a ping on my radar if I wasn t reading the irst three books back to back Repetitions I think I complained about it in a previous review but I ll do it again one last time There are a lot of repetitions in these books There are some phrases that creep up every once in a while all over the book Like Sloppy sloppy sloppy I can chalk that up to trying to establish mental patterns People tend to think in a certain pattern and repeat stuff in their "MINDS A LOT THEN THERE S "a lot Then there s repetition of whole sentences I don t mean similar I mean identical sentences It happens both in the book and in the series as a whole so ar It gets really annoying after a while And to top it off there a some paragraphs that read the same I guess it s done as a reminder of some stuff but after reading three books I think the reader will remember the basics of the magical system Which is precisely the thing that s being repeated over and over again The second thing that set my TEETH ON EDGE HAS TO DO on edge has to do my Heart of Gold favourite character Donovan Caine This is of a personal problem and I can see why Ms Estep did what she did but since this is my review and my opinion I m going to complain about it I thought that we reinally rid of that pesky little close minded The Quiet World fool But even gone he s still manages to ruin everything Because Gin is still very much obsessed with the guy And measures everyone up to HIM As he s some kind of god instead of the hypocrite that doesn t know a good thing when it practically throws itself at him Bloody idiot Gin constantly thinks of him what he would have done and how he left her Donovan really did a number on her And because of that she almost let something good slip between her Saudi Arabia in Transition fingers Thankfully she realized that she s making a mistake by not even trying and gave Owen a chance So these are the things that made me give a 4 star rating even though I basically read this book in one day Something that only happens when I really like a book And now to the pleasant parts of the review where I ll gush about all the things I liked Starting with Fletcher Lane The guy might be dead but he still plays a major role in Gin s life Not only the memory of him of what he was like and the things he didor her but the actions he took before he What kind of assassin works pro bonoIt’s hard to be a badass assassin when a giant is beating the crap out of you Luckily I never let pride get in the way of my work My current mission is personal annihilate Mab Monroe the Fire elemental who murdered my amily Which means protecting my identity even if I have to conceal my po.

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Ied and the parts of his life he kept hidden rom his children And I think of Gin as his daughter amily is than bloodline hidden rom his children And I think of Gin as daughter because amily is than bloodline this series shows time and again I love that concept but I ll talk about it latter Now about Fletcher He had an altruistic strike a mile wide it seems and now it s slowly surfacing All the things he s done or the strays of Ashland and or those who can t take care of themselves Because the world Gin lives "in is much darker than our own It s not survival of the "is much darker than our own It s not survival of the it s survival of the cruellest And now that Gin knows some of the truth she s inally growing out of her self centred existence I liked her enough as a simple assassin but as someone who cares Dusk to Dawn (Lovers Journey, for people outside of her little circle I adore her Gin is a peculiar character In a way she s very straightforward and I like the lack of any real drama When there s a job to be done she doesn t whine about the things that need doing Even if it s something she doesn t really want to do or like she sucks it up and does what is necessary She reminds me of one of my all timeavourite characters Mara Jade Reel Murder (Talk Radio Mystery, from the Star Wars Legends And she might evenollow in Mara s Atlantic Double-Cross footsteps and become one of the heroes in theull sense of the word Gin would and will use everything at her disposal to do her job No nonsense about honour and what s the right way to do things The job gets done one way or another I like that she doesn t rely on her magic because most UF characters are very predictable in their displays of power I like the down to earth vibe she gives off And I have a thing At Stake for sharp objects so I can t complain about her methods I guess that as the series progress she ll lose some of that and start using her magic and but I m going to enjoy the blood and gore as long as we have it The new romantic interest Owen that showed up in the previous book is simply amazing I adore him This is a relationship that has auture mostly because Owen understand how the world works and is secure enough in his masculinity not to be threatened and intimidated by a strong woman The Baroque Personae fact that he genuinely wants to get to know Gin and not just do the nasty with her endears him even to me Add the banter and the thoughtful way he treats Gin and theact that he s both intelligent and street smart and you have a perfect package Oh did I mention that the guy makes weapons I mean how cool is that He must be good with his hands and Gin will have her very own personal weapons maker to help on her suicide mission And Owen doesn t scare easily He had every chance to Bodies in the Bog and the Archaeological Imagination freak out and runor the hills Gin made sure to stuff her illegal actions down his throat at every turn after the initial discovery of her extracurricular activities But our boy didn t waver Didn t look at her as if she s a monster Didn t make her Underdog feel lessor what she s had to do to survive More points to him in my bookIn this instalment we meet Gin s baby sister Bria The one she though was dead but Fletcher had unearthed and left a picture of And she s a police detective a lot like Donovan Caine At Goodnight, Nebraska first I was really worried about that because she s described as a crusader a straight arrow just like Caine And we all know how that one ended Thankfully she is aware of the how the world works and is not as rigid She s even a bit of a badass herself And stubborn as hell The scene when sheinally realizes that Gin is her sister is. Werful Stone and Ice magic when I need it most To the public I’m Gin Blanco owner of Ashland’s best barbecue joint To my Sonata for Jukebox friends I’m the Spider retired assassin I still doavors on the side Like ridding a vampire Nyagrodha friend of her oversized stalker Mab’s right hand goon who almost got me dead with his massiveists At leas. Venom Elemental Assassin #3
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