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A collection of stories I might *have had a different reaction to it I was disappointed that the stories weren t tied *had a different reaction to it I was disappointed that the stories weren t tied better Several of the characters could ve been their own novel and I was curious what happened to some of them Chosen to read by my book group because it was set in Lowell Massachusetts and supposedly interwoven stories live Olive Kitteridge Unfortunately I found the stories very depressing The town of Lowell was the constant for these stories and not the characters Yet other than the first story which was focused on Mill Girls these stories could have been set in any town While there was some connectivity between characters in the stories the author chose to focus on how a minor character in one story next had a miserable xperience Because these were just snippets of lives and focused on the bitter not the sweet it was difficult to connect with them I like short stories but this was not up to my taste I wish that the town wasn t the only constant character and had I not read it on the back I Would Not Have Known A not have known A would have also helped I was hoping that somehow the stories would interlock in the nd but sad to say they didn t Also the stories didn. T of the town and its people a young millworker who dreams of marrying rich and becoming “Mrs Somebody Somebody”; an undercover union organizer whose privileged past shapes her cause; a Korean War veteran who returns to the wife he never really got to #Know And The Couple’s # and the couple’s ,
Although not described as a collection of short stories it read as such What a sad sad motley cr nothing inspiring or noteworthy depressing at best disturbing at most Not my cup of tea Don t waste your time on this one Brilliantly written this collection of linked stories reveals the diverse *lives of people living in the mill town *of people living in the mill town Lowell Massachusetts at mid century Best read in one sitting Otherwise it can become a little challenging to connect the dots and place characters who were minor players in other chapters Tracy Winn s collection with its nuanced characters xpanse of time class and individual struggles is an ode to Lowell Massachusetts This is a place filled with complicated wonderful people who Winn will make you care about as much as she does I read this collection years ago yet still many of the scenes and images have stayed with me The creation of such lasting Stories Is Not Easy To Do Linked Short Stories Set is not asy to do Linked short stories set Lowell Ma from post WWII to the present Somewhat uneven but the first and last stories are stellar and somehow the sum of the whole makes ven the weaker stories seem stronger I did not like this book Would ve liked going in to it that it was sort of. In this astonishing debut Tracy Winn poignantly chronicles it that it was sort of. In this astonishing debut Tracy Winn poignantly chronicles souls who inhabit the troubled mill town of Lowell Massachusetts playing out their struggles and hopes over the course of the twentieth century Through a stunning variety of voices Winn paints a deep and permeating portrai.

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T seem to have resolutions just cliff hangers and never were revisted This was upsetting to me because when you spend the ffort to read a story you The Body Snatchers expect annd not the middle of a life left behind Out of all the tales to be told there were only 3 stories that I njoyed the rest were painful to get through I would not recommend #This For Someone Who Is Looking For A Good Short #for someone who is looking for a good short to get through I would not recommend this for someone who is looking for a good short book read I gave up on this one about 23 of the way through it after the story about 2 young kids getting abandoned in a bar Each story seemed depressing than the lastI originally put it on my list because it is set in Lowell Mass where I live At first it was fun to recognize place names in the stories but after a while it got annoying because there *were too many details that were wrong this *too many details that were wrong This fiction so it shouldn t matter but it still raised skepticism of her understanding of the situations and the people Also the stories were really just vignettes with no r Mrs Somebody Somebody is a collection of stories There are ten stories all linked together so seamlessly that at times I didn t ven see it until after I d already finished and moved on to the next oneI had my favorites of course Each story had its. Ndulged children who grow up to act out against their parents; a town resident who reflects on a long lost love and the treasure he keeps close to his heart Winn’s keen insight into class and human nature combined with her perfect nuanced prose make Mrs Somebody Somebody truly shine. ,

Mrs Somebody Somebody