Dog Lady and The Cuban Swimmer [Pdf/E–pub]

Dog Lady and The Cuban Swimmer

Milcha Sanchez-Scott ì 5 characters

I had to ead these two plays for a class I I eally liked the Dog Lady Its a very uick A Series of Unrelated Events: Misadventures of a Modern Man read if you ever get a chance to pick it up Right aftereading The Cuban Swimmer I was filled with many emotions The Suarez family The Dollmaker reminds me a lot of many Latino family including my own In the beginning we see how Margarita Suarez The little Cuban swimmer from Long Beach California who is just nineteen year old is battling her way through the Pacific toeach the Island of Romance so she through the Pacific to Archibald Wavell: The Life and Times of an Imperial Servant reach the Island of Romance so she be the winner of the gold cup and two thousand dollars Margarita is not an ordinary teenager In the beginning of the play her family seems to be very close and encourages her in many way just like any family would Throughout the story we see how many obstacles get on their way but faith overcomes it all This play shows us the power faith and a strong family bond can overcome many things In The Cuban Swimmer by Milcha Sanchez Scott we see how a family of CubanAmericans unite and support daughter Margarita Suarez as she intents to win aace that seems almost impossible to win Margarita is a nineteen year old girl that is participating in a ace that involves swimming from San Pedro to Catalina Island through the Pacific OceanSwimming in the open water can be extremely dangerous yet we see. In DOG LADY the setting is a barrio street in Los Angeles where a young Hispanic woman is in training for a marathon sponsored by a local church Egged on by a dogged suitor she is unable to achieve her best until the local curandera or faith healer a loony old woman who lives amid a horde of dogs endows her with magi. ,
How all her family especially her father
"encouraged her to "
her to and finish the ace Margarita Sanchez Scott used this play to emphasize the dangerous and difficult journey Cubans go through as they try to enter America by crossing the ocean The play takes place in the midpoint of San Pedro and Catalina Margarita is swimming as her father yells at her through a megaphone so she can keep a pace Soon a helicopter appears and we find out that margarita is being The Dinner Lady: Change the Way Your Children Eat, for Life recorded for an American TV channel Theeporters efer to Margarita as an amateur which makes all of margaritas family angry Margarita as an amateur which makes all of margaritas family angry her father who than anyone wants for margarita to finish the ace Margarita hits an Oil spill and is extremely tired to the point of hallucination yet her father never lets her get out of the water While all of Margaritas family are arguing with each othermargarita disappears with no sign with each otherMargarita disappears With no sign Margarita anywhere her family fear the worst At the end the TV eporters announce that a winner was arriving to shore and for everyone s surprise it was MargaritaFor many Cubans the only way to get into America is by sea For them leaving everything behind in Cuba like their homes and belongings is no problem because they think that none of that would matter ones they get to American Cubans come in small. C powers which enable her to un swiftly on all fours and easily out distance her fellow competitors 2 men 5 women THE CUBAN SWIMMER deals with another instance in which Hispanic Americans use athletic skills to propel themselves into the mainstream of middle class life Here the action involves a young woman enduranc. Boats or swimming just like Margarita did and just like Margarita these people get tired and put their lives at isk Just like all of Margaritas family was there to support her during the ace many of Cuban families encourage their young family members to leave Cuba in search of a better life in AmericaIt is crazy how people can put their life at isk just To Get A Better Living I Can Just Imagine How get a better living I can just imagine how courage and hopes all
"these people have "
people have be able to embark such a difficult journey I know that i wouldn t have the courage to ever do anything like that This Play made me think how lucky some of us are but yet we are never happy with what we have I would encourage everyone to ead this play it is short but the meaning behind it is an eye opener As part of a theater class I ead and later directed Dog Lady Working with members of a Chicano theater group in Southern California on the project Stuff really brought it to life for the play is set in the LA barrios Thus my experience with it was ideal and I had a lot of fun with it The play a fun brief and whimsical story which is great for new actors It s a easy text to play around with and learn the theater space Or if youe just looking for a light Everyday Mysteries read this is a fine script nothing especially hard hitting but engaging nonetheless. E swimmer whoaces from San Pedro to Catalina Island while her family follows her in a leaky boat As they bicker and exhort her she begins to weary and stray off course until a spiritual and magical intervention The Complete Procopius Anthology: The Wars of Justinian, The Secret History of the Court of Justinian, The Buildings of Justinian (Texts From Ancient Rome Book 13) reinvigorates her and sheesolves to dive into the Milky Way and wash my hands in the stars 2 men 3 wome. .