(The Good the Bad and the Naughty) [PDF KINDLE] Ù Lena Matthews

This short story was all about the sex becasuse she took pages describing it The story surrounding the sex was the sex becasuse she took pages describing it The story surrounding the sex was interesting though and I would have liked to read on these characters the company and the supporting characters synopsismaryam is in control of her company and making a lot of money she can t do it without the help of her assistant xavier but xavier has just given her two weeks notice xavier wants maryam and will go to any length to get her even if it means uitting his job the only thing is he wants to be the boss in the bedroomwhat i liked the premisewhat i didn t like the execution I Didn T Like Maryam didn t like maryam xavier or the story really it was really short and nothing was fleshed out I new going into this story that it would focus primarily on the sex I just wasn t expecting the sex to be the weakest part of the storyMaryam James is a high pressure designer with even higher standards both for herself and for those around her Few can put up with her but her assistantright hand man Xavier Sun handles her better than she can handle herself They ve been working together for seven years but now Xavier can handle herself They ve been working together for seven years but now Xavier given his notice and she has four weeks to find his replacement She doesn t want to Nobody can replace Xavier but he s not budging in his decision For Xavier it s a deliberate ploy He wants Maryam to finally admit to herself that there s something between them Leaving is meant to force her hand But his plans get fast tracked when an impromptu Silver Matilda kiss leaves them both breathlessThere was never any doubt this story was meant to focus on the erotic I mean it s a het romance from Loose Id written by Lena Matthews Inew all this going in I was prepared for it What I wasn t prepared for was being turned off by the eroticism rather than vice versa This author has worked for me in the past and I adore the hotness potential between the two leads Maryam is African American and Xavier is AsianEuropean but the actual execution left a lot to be desired Its primary fault is that it ultimately tries too hard For instance in an effort to eep the prose as varied as possible since so much of it is sex and repetitive there are euphemisms than I generally like The sex pretty much lost me at crinkled star in the anal scene The attempts at dirty talk always felt over the top and unrealistic even within the context of such a fantasized scenario That s because the author had already set up a very realistic contemporary feel with the banter between her two protagonists in the non erotic scenes Their dialogue was often funny and unforced flowing far better than anything created within the sexual escapades and the contrast ultimately lowers an. Genre Multicultural Erotic Contemporary Maryam James is a hard taskmaster A balls to the walls type of woman who started her company with nothing than a strong idea and a loan and turned it into one of the Top Fortune 500 companies in America There's only one person she trusts implicitly and that's her personal assistant Xavier Sun who The Good the Bad and the NaughtyCe both these characters have a history with each other as best friends and trusted co workers I liked Xavier s attempts to Get Maryam To See Him Maryam to see him who he really is not an assistant to her but her hero I really liked Xavier s character because he is different from most alpha heroes in that he is extremely tender and responsive character because he is different from most alpha heroes in that he is extremely tender and responsive every detail that surrounds Maryam He nows his woman inside out and that uality makes him Extremely Appealing As He Wages appealing as he wages war to win Maryam s heart Also this books doesn t go into detail about inter racial relationships but I thought the physical descriptions of the characters are very well done I liked the fact that the heroes in this story were not the typical barbie and Free to Accept ken figures that appear a lot in contemporary worksI thought the writing was solid and the love scenes were pretty hot but not over the top which was an additional bonus The story could have gone on for a little bit longer but I still found the ending to be satisfactory and conclusiveReviewed by Sophia from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club 375 stars Xavier Sun was employed by Maryam James as her assistant the working relationship morphed into a friendship that developed into love They had held these feelings for each other for most of the 7 years that they had worked together but neither of them expressed or acknowledged their feelings Xavier decided to press the issue and to make Maryam acknowledge her feelings for him by threatening to uit his job It worked out as he had hoped I really enjoyed this book as a whole I liked that the heroine Maryam was strong female lead I personally prefer stronger female leads who are headstrong andnow who they are I also like that the Hero Xavier could see through her facade and still managed to be an alpha male but without being so overbearing or misogynistic IDK how to describe itits one of those relationships where the man is on the gentle side but still in charge whereas the female is outspoken but is actually really feminineif that makes senseThe downsides of this book is that I wish that there had been MORE between them The book is pretty short so I understand there maybe wasn t much room to flesh the couple out somebut I would have really enjoyed interactions with this pair I also could have done without some of the sex I enjoy a good erotic story as much as the next personbut given how short the book was I would have liked to read about the couple outside the bedroom But overall it was a pretty good steamy and uick ambw read I d definitely recommend it Not bad Could have been little in depth I liked their banter I couldn t really feel their love for each other But overall not ba. E basically forbids him to uit Leaving is the last thing on Xavier mind however He's willing to put his job on the line if it will get Maryam to realize the depths of her feelings for him Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercour. .
Y heat their coming together might have created for meIt took me a while to warm to Maryam too Frankly put she s a bitch at the top of the story She This Tender Land knows it Xaviernows it I didn t like her My opinion didn t change until I got to see her through Xavier s nowing eyes His perspective turned her from a harridan into someone human and I could finally relax and enjoy their chemistry Or at least I could until they hit the sheetsBy the end of the story I found myself wishing it had been done for a different publisher that didn t have as much emphasis on the sex Perhaps somewhere else the characters could have spent time outside of the bedroom and the shower and her desk and grown into the People They Had The Potential To Be they had the potential to be ultimately were not This little ditty was really well done My main complaint regarding ebooks lately is that they re too short and when I purchased this one saw that it was less than 100pgs I was a little upset However this author did in less than 89pgs what some authors have trouble doing in 300 and yes I wrote told her so The chemistry between the two main characters was palpable and Ms Matthews used the dialogue between the two to really move the story along Hot short read I heard of this book from a few people Man it was nice Story is face paced if you like to get to the good parts hehehe I read this fast and I just had to see what was going to happen between lead characters Yeah an all time favorite I recommend this one Thanks Lena see what was going to happen between lead characters Yeah an all time favorite I recommend this one Thanks Lena The Good the Bad and the Naughty was a novella and I was disappointed after reading it as I would have loved to read on the story The synopsis was interesting and I enjoyed reading the contrasting characters Where Maryam was hotheaded Xavier was cool and composed This story had my ind of dialog and witty comebacksI liked to read novellas from time to time so that I can get to finish off a good story in a relatively short amount of time This one proved to be too good for one I haven t read a novella so good beforeThe story progressed in a good way and it had surprising little turns in it as well Considering the anticipated turn around the result was a little too fast in the making mainly because there it wasn t not implied as such Overall it was a fairly good read The Good the Bad and the Naughty by Lena Matthews Contemporary Romance April 6th 20104 stars The Good the Bad and the Naughty is a uick read that would be perfect for hanging out by the pool because it is short novel it s less than 100 pages For a short story Matthews does a good job of drawing the reader into the characters I found the love story between Maryam and Xavier to be believable especially sin. Uch to her dismay has just turned in his resignation Maryam is the one woman Xavier can't live without She may be in command in the boardroom but he's in control in the bedroom and if he learned anything from being by her side for the last seven years it was Maryam doesn't The Esoteric Scene, Cultic Milieu, Occult Tarot know how to take 'no' for an answer So it's no surprise to him sh.

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