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Itik ide ide Aristotellian dan PlatonianDiikuti dengan bab dengan tinjaun yang lebih rinci matematik astronomi biologi dan perubatan serta mekanik dan teknologi Aku sedikit terkejut aku boleh memaha Reuired reading for Classics mandatory for anyone with a degree in at University of Alberta Offers a short concise overview of early scientific methods prior to Descarte. Of the book the author considers the two hundred years after the death of Aristotle devoting separate chapters to mathematics astronomy and biology He goes on to deal with Ptolemy and Galen and concludes with a discussion of later writers and of the problems Raised By The Uestion Of by the uestion of decline of ancient scien.

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Score found this in THE DUMPSTER IN EXCELLENT CONDITION I ALREADY OWN THE dumpster in excellent condition I already own the to Aristotle volume Revisiting an University text before I get rid of it It does a great job of describing what passed for science rid of it It does a great job of describing what passed for science
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I loved course and held onto the book for that reason The main thesis has stayed with me throughout the years but the book isn t necessary for me to hold that. In his previous volume in this series Early Greek Science Thales to Aristotle G E R Lloyd pointed out that although there is no exact euivalent to our term 'science' in Greek Western science may still be said to originate with the Greeks In this second volume Greek Science after Aristotle the author continues hi. ,
Thought Time for it to hit the give away pile Mula dengan bercerita tentang latar belakang sosial era pasca Aristotle Sains Hellenistik pendirian institusi Lyceum milik Aristotle dan pelangsungan legasi Aristotelian perkembangan mazhab Epicurean dan Stoics yang merangkumi pandangan mereka tentang faedah di sebalik perusahaan sains serta sumbangan beberapa tokoh mereka di dalam mengkr. S discussion of the fundamental Greek contributions to science drawing on the richer literary and archaeological sources for the period after Aristotle Particular attention paid to the greeks' conception of is paid to the Greeks' conception of inuiries they were engaged in to the interrelations of science and technology In the first part. Greek Science After Aristotle

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