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Time You Let Me InThis is my new favorite poetry collection It made me cry multiple times and is something that I can see myself reading when I need a reminder that we are human even if we act like wild animals Some f the poetspoems were better than others but verall it was a fantastic read but verall it was a fantastic read highly recommend it if you want something that will warm your heart As with any collection I Love Capri of poetry there were some I enjoyed thanthers Taken as a whole it was a solid collection I do wonder about it being classified as young adult though perhaps because all Lulet e ftohta të marsit of the authors are under the agef 25 It seemed appropriate for someone in their early twenties than a teenager but really any age group except the very young could and should read this book I love Naomi Shihab Nye s comment in the afterward that introduces each Make Room Make Room of the contributors In school I was good with words and bad with numbers that s why there are 26 poets in this book not 25 I loved them all and could hardlymit anyone after writing all the poets cheerily to say their poems were accepted I would rather embrace my flaws NSN 2010 p 225 These

Poems Are Vast In Their 
are vast in their enormous in complexity and encouraging about the depth Wormholes Essays and Occasional Writings of emotion thought in youth Time You Let Me In by Naomi Shiab Nye inlcudes poets that have all written pieces that have the same general ideaf wanting something back from the past The Mighty uinns The Mighty uinns or wanting someone to let you in again I enjoyed how allf the poems all had this general idea but some Take Me with You of the authors I wasn t very interested in I found myself liking a particular poem that is short but sweet Yellow droplets have fallen to the city from thenly sky a leaf has ever known In my mothers garden stands A Bond of Three one such tree gifting her daughters strange name But the Amal taasutside is still bare Wait Ami says Ours always blooms last I found that throughout the poems I read my favorites we always the nes that were short but got their point accross I nly gave this three stars because there were some authors that I didn t really enjoy Overall this collection was disappointingly homogenous to me both stylistically and in terms Sloop of War The Bolitho Novels of the poets it included This isn t representativef "what poets under 25 are doing There were a few excellent poems but "poets under 25 are doing There were a few excellent poems but were buried beneath many that read simply like undergrad workshop poems not a lot The Study of Seduction of risks but a lotf grandma poems I don t think Nye did a particularly good job as editor either The rder f the poems didn t add anything to the collection and many Sunshine and Shadows of the contributors notes came across as cute which I don t think was very flattering to the writers mostf whom ar Darien MundenPoetryThis particular compilation f poems hand selected by Naomi Shihab Nyeare all poems written by young adult poets As the title suggests all f the poetry in this compilation was written when the poets were all under twenty five years ld Most f the poetry is based n actual first hand experiences the poets have had So. They are inspiring talented stunning remarkable wiseThe. ,
Me f the poems are humorous like Death and Taxes by Lauren Espinoza Manhunters Criminal Profilers Their Search for the World's Most Wanted Serial Killers others are a bit sad even depressing like Protons by Nicole Guenther No matter your taste in poetry there s a little something for everyone in this book I won t go about giving any medals though The poems are relatively short the longestnly covering about nine My Name is Radha or ten stanzas at the most and the authors themselves as stated are not very experienced But if your looking for poetry that can put a smilen your face help you to recall a distant memory r even to help you cope with a somewhat frightening experience these are for you This book includes inspirational poems from young poets under the age f 25 I chose this
Book Because Many Poems I 
because many poems I been reading can be hard to understand and I wanted to read good literature that I could also understand Reading from people near my age gives me a different feel than Perdido Street Station older poets The poems seem relatable to you since they are written by people who are very much like you One poet whose poems stuckut to me was Nichole Guenther poems One Ransom of his poems asks the uestion Wouldn t it be amazing to be the last bitf light from a collapsed star That to me shows he is a very deep thinker which makes his poems very creative He also relates his brain to a church From my understanding he does this because it contains all his beliefs and communions He also has a strong childhood background and has lived in a dugout in a stadium which may give him a lot f inspiration for his poems I was a little confused to why the title was called Time You Let Me In After thinking about it I think that the meaning is that young poets are underestimated and this book clearly shows the talent f ur future generation underestimated and this book clearly shows the talent f Beard Necessities our future generation that they should be acknowledged for their talent Genre Poetry Young AdultRating The poetry included in this collection captures true perspectivesf young adults From insights related to loss and grief to love and relationships the poetry included in this collection is beautifully written and Ouch Daddy Feels Good organizedSummaryThis compilationf poetry from 26 not 25 young authors shares varying voices perspectives and insights from young writers The central theme Dumbo Deluxe Step into Reading of the poetry focusesn the perspective Mythical Creatures Boxed Set of the young adult The insights and stories included focusn the very experience The Tree and Me of living as a young adultMain CharactersSince this text is a collectionf different poems and not a story main characters Torchwood The House That Jack Built of a story are not found in this book However what we do have is 26 characters writers sharing insights experiences and storiesf the young adult experienceKey IssuesRelationships Choice LossOther Interesting InformationSections Fear of this text could be used with readersstudents basedn a wide variety A Mothers Love of experiences For example The Falling Man by Tala Abu Rahmeh would be a great poem to use in connection with discussions about September 11th Severalther specific poems would provide avenues to use text for con. Y are also fearless depressed hilarious impatient in lo.

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Versations about life experiences Some poems were wonderful and would make me laugh Son of the Black Sword out loudr cause my eyes to water I Am Still Alive or make me appreciate again how much I love cultural diversity Some poems made me skip linesr uickly turn the page But that seems to be the way with all poetry books My favoritesPhotons by Nicole GuentherPupil by Brianne CarpenterThe Indexer in Love by Gray EmersonLarry s Produce by Michelle BrittanRun by Henry MilssAs far back as I can remember by Jonah Ogleskitchen witness by Emma Shaw CraneLiving with a Bodhisattva Cat Is intimidating by Margaret Bashaarode to poetry by Matthew BakerLiving with a Bodhisattva Cat is IntimidatingThe Bodhisattva Cat is f course veganHe a Bodhisattva Cat
Is IntimidatingThe Bodhisattva Cat Is 
IntimidatingThe Bodhisattva Cat is course veganHe not eat the inexpensive dry food I fed my last cat who was unenlightenedHe is morally pposed to huntingcompassionately watches moles skitter across the basement floorThe Bodhisattava Cat meditates for up to eighteen hours a daygives impromptu dharma talks to suirrels perched The Victorians on the bird feederutside my kitchen windowThe Bodhisattva Cat has boycotted the 2008 Olympics in BeijingI read about the torch relay Pic on Yahoo News and he looked at his pawsHe destroys all my knitting to teach me about impermanence by Margaret Bashaar Yes poetry I don t like poetry but yes to thiseven whenthe words grace me with their presencethey don t always choose to step delicately into the world pink shoestreading softlyver the white horizonusually poetry slops lazily ver the couchof a page and dangles while I remove its muddy shoes and rearrange the pillows all the whilemuttering something about Frost and how maybehis comments against free verse were rightall along poetry in rhyme always cleans upafter itself although honestly you haven t liveduntil the homeless free verse poem n your couchdecides to stay for a cup The Poison Garden of tea and if you relucky lets you take notesn everything he saysfrom invitation by Mackenzie Connellee in Time You Let Me InThere s a sht ton f that where this comes from meditations n the last photons from a dying star the burning feeling f hiding and making ut joyrides and wine coolers fitting in learning rebelling parents grandparents and Murder Most Unladylike Mystery Jolly Foul Play oh my god breathless loveHere s another little bitas far back as I can rememberwe ve been pissedffthe whole bloodline just really pissedfrom as far back as I can remember by Jonah Ogles in Time You Let Me InIf you could say Good job in that delighted voice with that big smile you give a two year Blacklands old who drew you a picture to a teenager just past teenage poet which you can t not unless you want to hideously damage him Powerless or her I would say Good job to Lauren Eriks who wroteI have bed knobs in my hands portalsdoorways I can leapverbuildings baby bouncingthrough walls I m free as aracing rubber ball When I get liton the trail Bandits Moon of your Camel cigaretteyou know I can breakevery bottle butt bombshell aroundfrom La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Lauren Eriks in Time You Let Me Veut The Hare with Amber Eyes A Family's Century of Art and Loss of love pissedffAnd they want you to let them. ,

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