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writer and funny and funny A Wonderful Combination Scribbling wonderful combination Scribbling Cat is her description of K a man she pursues as a writer someone she wants to write about K is a white African soldier struggling through his memories and experiences of the Rhodesian War By necessity the author only gets at the surface of things She is with K a relatively short time She never nows him well So we never do either It s all impressionistic anecdotal fleeting All the characters including Fuller herself are flawed Even the landscape which is also a character is flawed A little mean Malarial This worries me a bit when I think of going to Malawi this fall in pursuit of my own writing project A lot of things worry me about this of course and I can t say that reading this book made me worry less I don t imagine I will ever get much closer than this to the Rhodesian War in which a minority of white Africans brutally tried to The Damascened Blade (Joe Sandilands, keep their colonial dominance in what is now Zimbabwe or to thisind of man I rather hope not anyway In the end I had to appreciate the author s obliue approach In the end although not entirely satisfying and full of extraordinary gaps and missing information the book felt honest I read this book in one day a long day of traveling actually so maybe that was just a fluke If i hadn t had anything else to read and if my iPod hadn t died some days before I probably would have put this down long before finishingI m still processing this book I think what bothered me about it was the fact that while I was reading it i The Damascened Blade (Joe Sandilands, kept thinking Why on earth was this book even written As someind of catharsis for the author and basically that s probably the case Fuller gets herself into a mess of trouble with a former soldier who fought in the Rhodesian wars and tries to make this guy referred to only as K into something humanUltimately this is a story of pain and suffering though whose remains unclear K is not supposed to be a figure of sympathy in my estimation and Fuller gets mixed up in this guy s history and acts as if writing this book was her only way to atone for wanting to tell his story in the first place On top of that she is both present too much physically in the story told from her perspective and completely absent emotionally at the same time Her objectivity Or shame for retracing this guy s worthless existence as he recounts all the fights and murders he s been party to Ugh I enjoyed her first memoir but this seemed gratuitous Scribbling the Cat Travels with an African Soldier draws the reader in with a dose of the familiar Bobo her Mom and Dad drinking together in Africa But no this isn t another Fuller family memoir it is a collection of confessions by K a former Rhodesian soldier K is a very strange man I never could get a handle on where he was coming from He clearly suffered from guilt of his past confusion of where he wanted his life to go and what he believed K could cuss and praise God in the same sentence He could reflect fondly on his soldier life and regret it in the same minute He was a multitude of conflicts K and Bobo trek through Zambia and Mozambiue following his course as a soldier allowing K to reflect on his pastOn the other hand Fuller writes with a delightful mix of African words and her fun style Africa is brought to life in all its vividness uirks and uniue culture 45 stars When I die and I go up there and Jesus Christ asks me what I did with my life I ll say to him I hope you have a long time to sit and listen because do I have a story for you Curiosity scribbled the cat My husband read this when it was published back in 2004 Usually he forgets what a book is about in a year or so sometimes in less time than that but when he saw me taking this one off the shelf he said You probably shouldn t read that It will probably upset you Well nothing encourages this girl to read a book like someone telling me not to so read it I did And the spouse was right it did upset me But I m glad I read it Fuller whose African childhood is documented in Don t Let s Go to the Dogs Tonight is in the country on a brief visit to her parents home Here she is introduced to K a local banana farmer K is a former soldier of the Rhodesian War He s also a horrifically racist God obsessed individual who believes in demons and is tormented by his past K was what happened when you grew a child from the African soil taught him an attitude of superiority persecution and paranoia and then gave him a gun and sent him to war in a world he thought of as his own to defend And when the cease fire was called and suddenly K was remaindered there was no way to undo him And there was no way to undo the vow of every soldier who Sds/Wuo, Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground Organization knelt on this soil and let his tears mix with the spilled blood of his comrade and who had. When Alexandra Bo Fuller was in Zambia a few years ago visiting her parents she asked her father about a nearby banana farmer who wasnown as being a tough bugger Her father's response was a warning to steer clear of him Curiosity scibbled the cat he told her Nonetheless Fuller began. .

Scribbling the Cat

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Ed the writer s ultimate goal in writing memoir she simply lets the reader observe her in action By seeing her we come to Cooking with Fire know Fuller and we can draw our own opinions Some will like her others not It is a brilliantly written book which I highly recommend to anyone writing memoir or anyone who wants tonow what growing up or fighting in a war torn country can do to a person The book s opening sentence Because it is the country that grew me and because they are my people I sometimes forget to be astonished by Africans Alexandra Fuller What is it about uncouth manly men that attracts free spirited women Alexandra Fuller Leaving Her American Fuller leaving her American and two Children At Home In at home in After reading Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness I thought I would try another of Alexandra Fuller s books and I expected the same openness in Scribbling the Cat Unfortunately I found this book somewhat guarded While the author was visiting her parents she met and developed a relationship with a lonely war veteran farmer K and from this relationship this book was born In fact without this relationship there would never have been a book As soon as K was introduced I thought to myself hang on a minute you are a married woman with children and I felt the guy was being led on It seemed that the author was taking advantage of someone who had some serious emotional issues and was extremely vulnerable for her own financial gain As the book went on it seemed to me that the author was indeed exploiting K and his feelings in order to have a story and a book I now it is not my place to judge the author and her motives or life choices and this review should be solely on her writing ability not a moral judgment but this just left me feeling so very uncomfortable that I really had to force myself to finish reading the book Unfortunately I really did not enjoy this book whatsoever DNF No rating as I didn t finish itInitially I thought this would be good but as I read through the book I got and sceptical of K s background story An absolute procession of horrors and tragedies left me thinking Is this for real This was all before we had even got to his experiences in the Rhodesian Bush WarOf course K s stories might be true None of the individual events were implausible in themselves it was the sheer number of them happening to a single person that I found hard to believe Many other people seemed to have enjoyed this so perhaps I m being too cynical The author can certainly write However once I had begun to doubt K s backstory I couldn t maintain my interest in the book This is the only author that I have given every single one of the books they have written five stars What is amazing then Her writing Every line reads like poetry The content There is so much to think about in Fuller s books Only on the surface did this book concern the Rhodesian War It is much about making sense of our lives about terror and promises and love How low can a human being go And how do we then pick ourselves up and go on We all have our own demons how do we get beyond them And there is no one pat solution for all of us The book description states it is about K well it is just as much an introspective look at the author too And you And me The emotional impact If you can read this book calmly without getting upset then you are a stone I guarantee you will both cry and laugh I guarantee you will be moved The audio narration by Lisette Lecat She can sing like the birds and insects in the bushes She weeps and she laughs and guffaws The mens voices are as distinctive and nuanced as the women s Each person seems to have a different voiceand each voice speaks with sincerity and inner feelingThis is not a book about Mozambiue or the Rhodesian War It is about all wars and The author let down K and K let down the author and don t people always do that We think we are going after a goal together only to find that we each expect different things from the other And what is the result Hurt Of course But along the way we maybe laugh too and maybe tomorrow we are a little wiser Yes the book is philosophical but it doesn t preach It is also about mundane topicslike how men can never ask for directions when they are lost about having to pee when you are traveling and there is nowhere to pee about training your pet only here it is a lion rather than a dogNow I have to go read another book by this author Anything I will read anything by this author The Legend of Colton H Bryant is the only one left for me It doesn t really attract me but I am pretty darn sure I will think it is terrific I can think of no other author where every darn book has a huge emotional impact on me Each book has had a different topic each is uniue no repetition whatsoever How many authors can do that The author is amazing to. Hese memories of the war they decide to enter the heart of darkness in the most literal way by travelling from Zambia through Zimbabwe and Mozambiue to visit the scenes of the war and to meet other veterans The result is a remarkably unbiased and unsentimental glimpse of life in Africa. .
Promised that he would never forget to hate the man and every man who looked like him who took the to hate the man and every man who looked like him who took the of his brotherIt s not hard to find an old soldier in Africa In fact there are probably parts of Africa where almost anyone over the age of ten is an old soldier and has held an AK 47 in his hands and let its fire chatter into human fleshWhat is harder to find are old soldiers who will talk about their war with strangersFuller becomes fascinated with the man and his stories and embarks on a trip with him to Mozambiue You should now that this is a book about white people in Africa packed with trigger warnings abuse rape corruption war and violence As she travels with K and learns of his deeds somehow the corruption war and violence As she travels with K and learns of his deeds somehow the manages to stay a passive observer even when he confesses to one heart stopping stomach turning act of unspeakable torture performed on a young girl Mapenga was in the Special Branch of the Rhodesian army during the war It s where they sent the clever bastards he said cracking open a beer and sitting back on his sofa The shit we did Mapenga leaned forward and looked into the bottom of my thoughts his eyes narrowing and direct He had an unnervingly direct manner and it was impossible to look away from those eyes intelligent passionate mad piercing His lips trembled with intensity when he spoke so that it looked as if he was having a hard time expressing the magnitude of his thoughts He said They taught me well He smiled suddenly I can get anyone to tell me anything I can get anyone to do anything for meI looked awayAnything said Mapenga sitting back again Man if there was a war crimes tribunal every damn one of us from both sides the gondies weren t any better we d all be up for murder We d all be in jail War s shit He lit a cigarette and eyed me through the smoke derogative term for blacksThis is definitely a trip into the heart of darknessLike my husband I can t really recommend this oneK s story and his actions will stick with you it is impossible to wash away If you re still game I d say the main reason for reading is Fuller s rich descriptive writing She s uite good at what she doesThese tidal waves of sadness and hopeless nostalgia not the hankering for a happy irretrievable past but the much worse sensation of regret for a past that is unbearably sad and irrevocably damaged are prevalent when the heat gets too much or when Christmas creeps around and soaks the senses with the memory of all that was once promising and hopeful about life And then tight tongues grow soft with drink and the unavoidable sadness of the human condition is debated in ever decreasing circles until it sits on the shoulders of each individual in an agonizingly concentrated lump Eventually someone drinks himself sober and declares that life is short and vicious and unveeringly cruel and perhaps it s best not to talk about it Fuller was born in England and moved with her family to Rhodesia when she was 3 Here s an even interesting fact Fuller received her BA from Acadia University Since I live next door to Nova Scotia I feel a certain inship to her now she s an honorary Maritimer Scribbling the Cat is Fuller s story of K a man she meets on a trip back to Zambia to visit her parents who still live and work there Fuller has left her husband and two children behind in the States She does a wonderful job throughout this book of juxtaposing those two very different worlds one of excess and waste and one where nothing is wasted where potential danger always seems to be lurkingK is something of an enigma She hears about him before she actually meets him and when she meets him he takes her breath awayEven at first glance K was than ordinarily beautiful but in a careless superior way like a dominant lion or an ancient fortressOf course I immediately thought that Scribbling the Cat was going to be about a sexual relationship between Fuller and K but their relationship turns out to be far complicated than that K was a soldier in the Rhodesian war and having grown up there Fuller is intensely interested in his story As their friendship develops she gets the idea that they should journey to the places he had fought She is after all a writer and he is a remarkable subjectK is an endlessly fascinating subject he rants he weeps he recalls with eual vigor Scribbling the Cat is an unflinching look at war the horrible things people do and how they must find some sort of peace with their actions when the war is over This is K s story to be sure and it s a horrific one But this is Fuller s story too and it s a remarkable Beautiful writing Haunting story Like many others who have reviewed this book I was all set to rip into Fuller for her hinted at lifestyle and her behavior on the road with these gents Then about half way through the book I realized she has achiev. Her strange friendhip with the man she calls K a white African and veteran of the Rhodesian War A man of contradictions K is battle scarred and work weathered a born again Christian and given to weeping for the failure of his romantic life and the burden of his memories Driven by K's .

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