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mostly I dare white men who he admires although there is one tribute to his parents mainly ocussing on his mum He gratuitously describes every little girl as pretty and every young woman as beautiful oh please and he verges on narcissism at times as well as constantly promoting his movies in a braggy way I dare say they are probably excellent documentaries In Berlin Day and Night in 1929 for all thatThere is much about his voice that irritates me but the substance of what he is saying is very important and the way heinishes on racism against Indigenous Australians in this country is particularly astute I remember growing up in the 90s hearing names like Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot bandied around and now thanks to Pilger I know about what all that was about And yet there is not just 90s stuff the Il paese delle amanti giocose first half of the book holds many observations that are chillingly true and relevantor today Since neoliberalism is a project that is not completed and not yet inevitable it is past time we read and were informed by long time critics such as Pilger Another plus is that he is eually critical of left and right wing extremists None of what he says is about wings it is about human rights So a lot of excellent observation and analysis and some irritating traits But good than no. S well as all the original essays rom the myth making of the Gulf War to the surreal pleasures of Disneyland Breaking through the Consensual Silence Pilger Pays silence Pilger pays to those dissenting voices we are seldom permitted to he. A real eye opener into what s really going on as regards the A Man of Respect foreign policies of the British and US governments It s kind of strange how it is at the same moment a little dated and at the same time bang up to date The same problems the same circumstances just different places and different peoplePilger is a valid voice chipping away at the pillars of the establishment and one of theew voices out there making a coherent though generally ignored plea in the darkness Two Sirs for Sasha (Club Esoteria for both the left and humanity in general His writing is always interestingThis covers a broad range of subjects and is like Heroes The main reason I bought this book and Noam Chomsky s Rogue State was because I wasascinated and wanted to know what actually happened in Timor Having heard a third hand account The Territorial Seed Company Garden Cookbook fromriends who went there as the Observers at the time of the Public Opinion s POLL TIME I FOUND SOME OF THE STORIES JUST time I In Bed With Beauty found some of the stories just t match hence the books I d have to say that it s an eye opener and uite a horrifying account of what the military can do and howiltered the news actually came to the rest of the Indonesians Or how one sided were the stories that came back Some things just don t match up Though after I read this I discussed the book with a very good riend whose uncle was involved in the army and was assigned. Throughout his distinguished career as a journalist and ilm maker John Pilger has looked behind the 'official' versions of events to report the real stories of our timeThe centrepiece of this new expanded edition of his bests. There and sadly it Seemed Like Us Indonesians like us Indonesians are not what I have always thought of all of us to be we are no gentle people afterall when it comes to war Whatever the reason whatever the provocation We are not un capable of comitting a massacre The three stars given are actually only The Curse of Bigness for the Timor part of this book as to be honest I have hardly read the rest of the journalism stories that he s written in this volume maybe I should maybe I will one of these days perhaps A journalist whose work I have admired and been inspired byor many years Essential reading on things that Should Be Headline News But be headline news but are This one is hard to put a rating to and three is pretty parsimonious of me A lot about the book is still relevant and well worth reading even after all this time Some of the earlier sections contain repetition with two or articles written about the same thing so that you get overloaded and they lose punch but they are very punchy articles to begin with I would love to dismiss a lot of what Pilger says as paranoia and go
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to a naive secure view of the world but sadly a lot of this stuff is corroborated widely enough essentially unless you are determined not to you can tell he is telling the truthAt times his language is sort of sensationalist but then he is a journa. Elling Distant Voices is Pilger's reporting De Koning van Clonmel (De Grijze Jager, from East Timor which he entered secretly in 1993 and where a third of the population has died as a result of Indonesia's genocidal policies This edition also contains new material