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Pen when Hope s Italian speaking students are trying to speak English and make mistakes such as when Giuseppe brings flowers to Hope and says I have a crash on you The book was action packed romantic and sexy as all get out While this wasn t my favorite I m finding that I m becoming uite a fan of Lisa Marie Rice and her super sexy heroes Written May 1 201527 Stars Pretty nice with a lovely sexy hero but I was missing something Port Of Paradise is a uite steamy suspense romanse by a favorite author of mine I listened to the 8 hours audiobook narrated by Jorjeana Marie Sorry to say this wasn t as good as I hoped for Not a bad or poorly written book but maybe idn t the audiobook format work for me this time Much to like but also some heavy sighs from this corner Bari ItalyThe heroine Hope Winston is a shy American woman She is visiting Bari Italy a time to help her best friend Kay injured and Hospitalized For The Moment To for the moment to Kay s English language school on Bari But there are odd mysterious thing happenings and Hope s might be in The Distorted Mirror danger Theilemma is that Hope Moti Mahal Cookbook,The doesn t want any protection Sheoesn t want anyone particularly not Picture Imperfect and Other Byomkesh Bakshi Mysteries devastatingly sexy Capitano Franco Rivera around She has old bad memories of cops andoesn t like them at all But of course this stunning attractive Italian gentleman is soon uite irresistible I ve seen it before and some eyes rollingThe hero Franco is a true LM Rice speciality a Very Hrny Alpha Male Next to a cave man but also so gorgeous hard and manly Sigh Yeah poor inexperienced Hope is just a simple needy woman and she turns soon to a steamy limp figure in this mans s muscular strong arms Add to his good looks ark eyes some sexy hot seductive whispers in Italian Nodding confident Gee he is a simply tempting irresistible MAN Of course Hope couldn t resist him neither could I Port Of Paradise isn t filled with huge surprises but which romance Port Of Paradise isn t filled with huge surprises but which romance is There were things that really maked me whine when listening too long and to be true way too many long sex scenes I started to skim Not really cheesy or fluffy but this heroine felt too boring plain at parts I idn t care about her On the other hand we get a uite good crime plot some thrilling suspense lovely interesting second characters and a truly romantic story all in all Not one of Lisa Marie Rice better romances and there are a bunch of good ones but not totally bad neither Bad or not I was simply bored I really had to force myself to finish Audiobook and narratorI Ashwathy and the Boot of God didn tislike Jorjeana Marie but she has a very sweet cute female voice and I have a hard time with her sort of female narrator sometimes It all sounds too sweet and sugary even if it isn t Well I finished at leastI LIKE to visit Bari and LMR heroes. Le woman Franco Rivera has ever seen There's only one problem Hope keeps sticking her pretty little nose in trouble She needs a keeper And Franco Rivera is just the man to keep her In his ,

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Summary Port of Paradise

Port of ParadiseMediocre story Great narrator though Pretty good book although I like others by Lisa M Rice better Hope is in Italy running a school for her best friend while she recovers in the hospital While she living at her friends home strange things happen and her life becomes endangered Franco is head of the elite anit mafia suad and sets out to protect her except that she hates cops This was a really good read for me What amazed me the most was the loves scenes LOL They were so well one that I m off to read another LMR book now There wasn t much to the story for me and it was not the books fault as it was marked E erotic The others I read by this author were marked S sensuous and I liked them better they were romantic and for me steamier this was so ifferent from me steamier This was so ifferent from Midnight series Dangerous Lover and Woman on the Run Did not care for Franco and felt "he was cold and even cruel to Hope He id lighten "was cold and even cruel to Hope He We Werent Lovers Like That did lighten not much at the very end I thought Hope could have used backbone and not allowed herself to be used and then given the cold shoulder Granted Francoidn t want others to know about their affair but he could have taken a moment to communicate that little factoid to Hope instead of slamming the emotional wall Shakti down as soon as he finished ravaging her on the side of the cliff up against the wall on the floor of the police stock room on the table full ofishes etcGuess I m not a big fan of Italian romances either I missed the instant connection between the characters in the previous books and this one threw me Ok for erotic romantic suspense but could have been better Heroine Between Lives does some stupid things putting herself inangerSTORY BRIEFHope is afraid of police because she was harassed and mistreated by them in the past She was innocent but was a murder suspect for awhile Hope s friend Kay went to Italy to run a school teaching English Kay was hit by a car and is in the hospital Kay asks Hope to come to Italy to manage the school temporarily Hope is living in Kay s house Someone has been trying to scare Hope by amaging property and slashing the tires on her car Kay convinces Hope to talk to #Franco the local police chief It s love at first sight for Franco He arranges for police to provide around #the local police chief It s love at first sight for Franco He arranges for police to provide around clock security for Hope He personally handles the night shift sleeping with herREVIEWER S OPINION WITH MILD SPOILERSThis was pretty good but not as good as the author s other books I suggest you read her other books first and if you like her style then consider reading this The heroheroine characters are similar to those in her other books My biggest problem was stupid actions by Hope A few examples of this were Hope chased an armed bad guy while she was unarmed Franco asked his friend to take Hope away from an. Hope Winston is in Italy running a school for her best friend Kay Summers But helping Kay has put her life in anger Hope When Dreams Travel doesn't want protection and sheoesn't want help She oesn't want. ,
Area for her own safety but she incorrectly assumed that Franco idn t like her any Then she turned her cell phone off when it was supposed to be on for her securityMy second problem was subjective Somehow I wasn t as excited about the characters their chemistry and their relationship as I Somehow I wasn t as excited about the characters their chemistry and their relationship as I been with the other booksDATAStory length 236 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language strongerotic Number of sex scenes 7 Total number of sex scene pages 40 Setting current Love on the Rocks day southern Italy Copyright 2003 Genre erotic romantic suspenseOTHER BOOKSFor a list of my reviews of other Lisa Marie Rice books see my 45 star review of Midnight Man posted 3 17 09 It s been an age since I ve re read my collection of Lisa Marie Rice books and my memoryidn t play me false Port of Paradise like many of her books involves a uber protective and bossy alpha male hot Italian cop Franco Rivera The book is filled with heat and well paced although I Revenge and Reconciliation do wish it had been meatier when it came to the plot and relationship progressionThe first time Franco gets a glance of teacher Hope Winston he is enthralledesire coiling through his body 35 Italian #Hottie Stars Hope Winston #Stars Hope Winston her bags and moved from New York to a costal town in Italy when her best friend and fellow teacher Kay is in a horrific auto accident Due to her Friends Injuries And Prolonged injuries and prolonged stay she is running the school Kay opened to teach Italian citizens and business people the English languageWhile in Italy she is living in Kay s small beachside cottage and soon weird happenings at the cottage while she s away get her attention when she tells Kay all the little things that are happening Kay ask her friend Franco Rivers Capitano of an Italian Elite law enforcement agency to keep an eye on her friend One look at the women and Franco is enchanted with the white haired beauty even though she tries to I like LMR s writing what can I say I especially like the way her heroes fall hard and fast for their heroines and Beyond the Border don t shy away from it Franco was no exception but somehow he seemed a bit cooler towards Hope than I had expected She was also a little bland and you may call me a heartless beotch but Iidn t care much about her traumatic past Nevertheless both Franco and Hope were likeable and I ended up enjoying their story and rooting for them Very good I have a crash on youThis was a sweet sexy story While I Sachin did have a few minor eye rolling moments where the plot was concerned I sure loved the hero Franco and the students at the English Language School in Italy Iidn t find Hope the heroine all that compelling a character but I Karl Aaj Aur Kal did like her and liked that she stayed true to character throughout the story Some of the sweeter moments in the book hap. Anyone particularly notevastatingly sexy Capitano Franco Rivers head of the elite anti mafia suad Hope hates cops So how Gind did she end up sleeping with one Hope Winston is the mostelectab.

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