E–pub READ (Lethal Attraction Silhouette Intimate Moments) Author Diana Duncan

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Lethal Attraction Silhouette Intimate Moments

READ Lethal Attraction Silhouette Intimate Moments

Stand for it I appreciated that about her She is brave even as she is terrified She knows that something shady is going on but she doesn t know what Things become even shadier when Grady shows up just in time to save her life She s rightly suspicious of thisGrady is a major tortured soul who refuses to have a conversation about his feelings and keeps giving in to the temptation that is Sabrina while acting like an ass when he rejects her She s like family to
Him And His Family 
and his family her as such This story includes a lot of emotional family processing of emotions which I loved This book was my intro to Diana Duncan and I will be reading FUTURE BOOKS BY HER AT FIRST books by her At first is so headstrong that I want to hit him How can he let Sabrina waits for him so long but keep on leaving her As the story continues the hero and heroine s relationship touched me so much and I get emotional esp when Sabrina infected with the virus Grady would rather die with her than stay alive I love this book Lethal Attraction is Grady s story he s the oungest former army and SWAT and a paramedic He was the one affected deeply by his father s death and carries a lot of. And would never see again Then Grady was there One second and Sabrina would've been dead But falling for the woman Grady had sworn to protect wasn't an option until Sabrina stormed Baggage from it which keep him RUNNING AND GIVING INTO THE FEELINGS and giving into the feelings has for his childhood buddy SabrinaSabrina has loved Grady forever they were partners in mischief when they were ounger but Grady changed after his father was murdered and joined the armyAnd ever since his father s murderer was indicted he has been AWOL but he comes to her place right before she is about to be shot by two men demanding that she turn in what her now dead senator grandfather sent her He she turn in what her now dead senator grandfather sent her He to protect her but Sabrina tells him to leave if he is going to go running againGrady as she finds out has been working for some organization these past few months trying to out run his demons and trying to prove that he is fearlessand no longer the kid who puked when he saw what was left of his father Sabrina doesn t understand why Grady runs away from what thet could be but he does open up later and Sabrina makes him realize that not everything in life can be controlled and that he is not GodI enjoyed the book the family moments the shared history between these two and how Sabrina turned up the heat and Grady tried to fight it The suspense element was enjoyable as well. Is defenses The reckless agent faced the truth he had someone to live for With their future on the line he raced to stop a deadly conspiracy before it claimed lives including their Entertaining and full of suspense The
Romance Is In The 
is in the Most Of The Story of the story it a well rounded suspense storyline A uick read with an intriguing Irish family in the center of it Great suspense and romance While the premise of this one was a bit farfetched I do adore Duncan s writing and she managed to make almost all of it believable Powerful emotions from hh as well as all the secondary characters Nice to revisit the O Rourkes again in the last installment Really liked the premise and the book was pretty good I did get annoyed that the H had the I can t love anybody or they will get hurt cliche going on Some of the action seemed pretty outrageous too I really loved the conversation the H had with his brother about his fears and this book had some great dialogue Overall I would recommend it SRS 1510 4 stars There was a ton of swearing and sexual content in the book I put it down So Sabrina and Grady are interesting I confess that I spent the whole book wanting Sabrina to have some pride because Grady was treating her like an asshole That said she s a really strong character She takes Grady s crap but in the end she doesn One minute she was safe the next Sabrina Matthews was staring down the barrel of a gun Just before shots rang out she thought of Grady O'Rourke the rugged SWAT cop she'd always Just before shots rang out she thought of Grady O'Rourke the rugged SWAT cop she'd always