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8114. Lyric Time offers detailed critical reading of Tame a particularly difficult poetn nalysis of the

Dominance Of Temporal Structures 
of temporal structures concerns in the body Of Her Poetry And her poetry nd n important original CONTRIBUTION TO A THEORY OF THE LYRICPOISED BETWEEN ANALYSIS to theory of the lyricPoised between Why America Failed analysis Emily Dickinson's poetic textsnd th. ,

C182. Eoretical inuiry Lyric Time Suggests That The that the problems of Dickinson's poems For the Love of Money (Flyy Girl, are freuently exaggerations of the features that distinguish the lyrics College Endowment a freuently exaggerations of the features that distinguish the lyrics It is precisely the distance some of Dickinson's poems go toward the far end of coherence precisely the outlandishness of their extremity. ,

8 197. That llows us to see magnified the fine workings of conventional lyrics writes
Sharon Cameron Lyric Time 
Cameron Lyric Time written for the literary Escape from Wonderland audiencet large Dickinsonians romanticists theorists nyone interested in American poetry Or In Poetry At in poetry t Words Alone and especiallynyone who Investigating the American Union admires risky book that succeed.

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