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TradeStation Made Easy is useful if you ave never used TradeStation before You should already All I Ever Wrote have basic math skills up to at least advanced algebra You should alsoave taken at least one BASIC computer programming course Otherwise you will not understand some of the content and Roots of Yoga how TradeStation worksThere are many reviewers who state the book is over 700 pages long 746 to be exact However much of the content is copied word for word from TradeStation selp filesAppendix B Reserved Words Pages 415 to 563 or 148 pagesAppendix G2 Built in Functions and Indicators Functional Listing Pages 589 to 707 or 118 pagesThis means a total

of 266 pages 
266 pages 36% are mostly copied from TradeStation s The Accidental Giant help files So instead ofaving a 746 page book in reality you Magicalamity have a 480 page book Whenever I am in TradeStation s Development Environment I alwaysave another monitor with FireFox which Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality has 6 different tabs of TradeStation selp files open You can access all of TradeStation s Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing: Self Study Workbook help files in your browser I prefer to use FireFox over TradeStation selp window because the Go Faster Food: Over 100 energy-boosting recipes for runners, cyclists, swimmers and rowers help window text is too small Also if I use FireFox s tabs I canave 6 10 People and Places help files open I usuallyave multiple copies of each subject open so I can keep something I looked up available There are at least 8 different TradeStation Birthday help files for different subjects you can access directly from your browser I will give you all the URL s in the comments section of this review Then you will not need the 266 pages of the book Moreover TradeStation selp files are complete and up to date than the book s appendicesIf you do not Discordia have TradeStation or are reading away from your computer you might want to refer to these 2 large appendices However if you alreadyave TradeStation and are in their Development Environment you will refer to their elp files instead Once you attain an intermediate level you will not use these 266 pagesOn the positive side the book is written in a clear and easy to understand manner If TradeStation s elp files don t clarify a subject the book might be useful When writing an indicator in TradeStation s Development Environment I ave referred to the book a few times The book will carry a beginner TradeStation user to intermediate levelOn the negative side the book as with the few other EasyLanguage books which are available says as with the few other EasyLanguage books which are available says about advanced subjects TradeStation s Objects Price Series Provider PSP and WebAPI are very advanced subjects These 3 subjects are probably beyond the scope of this book Finding material on and learning these 3 subjects is very difficult I ave found no books on these 3 subjects One place I The Fourth Child have found information on Objects and Price Series Provider is the TradeStationelp file EL Object Reference which I actually discovered today The other place is in TradeStation s forums Unfortunately TradeStation s forums ave limited information on Objects and PSP and none on TradeStation s WebAPI What information is available on Objects and PSP is scattered among many different TS Forum posts You open one Forum post and then you must open another and then anotherTradeStation s WebAPI allows customers to access TS s datafeed and make trades th. Customize your trading plan for greater profits using the mostpopular charting software The majority of professional and individual traders use somekind of trading software on which to base their strategies Withover 100000 users the most popular trading software today isTradeStation published by TradeStation Technologies While thissoftware is favored by many TradeStations computer language canbe confusing especially for the novice Trade. .
TradeStation Made Easy!: Using EasyLanguage to Build Profits with the Worlds Most Popular Trading Software (Wiley Trading Book 518)However my goal with easy language is not so much to write trading systems but to alert me to certain things appening within the stocks I follow or the market alert me to certain things appening within the stocks I follow or the market the next chapter is the basics of writing and learning easy languagelet s keep our fingers crossed73016with any kind of luck a long time will be spent reading learning and practicing this chapterWell that was fastchapter 6 Basic Easy Language First she gives some ints to write several templates for easy use laterok not a bad idea as she gives some to copy for one not a bad idea as she gives some to copy for one own use Now we open a moving average function from the easy language library to work on So now we are told to remove uite a few lines of the code because they are not needed for us simple types ok fine with me if not needed HOWEVER no reason why they are not needed so ow do I learn Just delete and move forward Delelet displace without no attempt to explain why what or who Delelet displace without no attempt to explain why what or who displaceSo now we plot this new moving average and she doesn t like the color of the line she does that a lot and so we are shown Science and Religion how to change the color in our codeexcept she goes off and explains it by using RSI and not the code that we are working onwhy why why It is like changing boats in the middle of the stream That done and she writes Iope they print this book in color If I end up publishing it myself on the internet you ll be able to see color if the publisher prints it in black and whiteetc Really So now we move back to the moving average that we are working on to finish the chapter Ok we do the line width alsoThis process is maddening reminds me of the last words from the movie Bridge on the River KwaiMadness madness ok on to chapter seven Programming ConventionsI bet we change some colors 73016Made it through chapters 7 and 8 Continuing disappointment Gives some definitions but lacks the follow through of the example while some knowledge was gained in these two chapters it seems not enough to be able to use myself in writing usefull code other than some moving average crossovers which I don t use I will write little else until I ve finished this book must wasted time on top of the wasted time to date on the book August 3 2016 This is the only book that I House of Salt and Sorrows have found that takes somebody new to Trade Station and gets them using comparative chart analysis tools and custom programmed trading methods in a very short time The author s profit centered point of view that comes through strongly in all parts of the book is consistent wither earlier trading books If you want to make serious money trading the markets Trade Station is a must Ms Harris is an excellent teacher and presents complex subjects as easy to grasp bite sized topics Just the performance criterion that she teaches is worth the price of the bookA chea It is a good book good effort to make some things clear but I m telling you that it is not super easy If you are not a programmer you cannot easily understand it which is normal I guess people need years to learn programming a simple book cannot teach you everything but it teaches many things and it is well made so it is worth to buy it anyway in you are interested in learing It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity how to use EasyLanguage with Tradestation. Alized trading system Endorsed by the software provider TradeStationTechnologies Written in a straightforward manner that is accessible evenfor those with little computer experience TradeStation Made Easy fills a much needed gap in thisarea and puts the basics of EasyLanguage in perspective With ityoull be able to write simple and intermediate programs that willaccurately express your theories and ideas about whatever marketinterests yo. Rough programming languages such as Python 2 3 Visual C FORTRAN Visual Basic etc Because of the growing popularity of Python 2 and 3 and Python s ability to incorporate the R programming language I believe there is a pent up demand for documentation of TradeStation s WebAPI Unfortunately I can find no TradeStation WebAPI programming examples in Python Python 2 3 and the R programming languages are all free You don tave to pay anything for themAUTHORS PUBLISHERS TradeStation s advanced users need a comprehensive book on TradeStation s Objects Price Series Provider PSP and WebAPI We need an expert to write a full and complete book on these 3 subjects We need a book which completely covers these 3 subjects and also gives us complete CODE EXAMPLES This book would probably be at least 1000 pages long These 3 subjects are to me at least
very complex for 
complex For s Objects and Price Series Provider PSP there are many options and statements and they are difficult to understandI debated on what rating to give this book only Put bez sna has a 5 star system If I couldave given 7 out of 10 stars I would The Information Technology Revolution: The Complete Guide have I did not want to give 3 out of 5 so I am giving 45 However I would prefer to give 710 or 355 Be sure to look in the comments section of this review I am posting 8 URL s one for each section of TradeStation selp files If you are debating whether to use TradeStation s platform you can open the Solutions Manual for Insulation Coordination for Power Systems help files to read detailed information about their software Mustave if you plan on coding your own indicators or create a custom functionsstrategies Language is easy To Read One Minor read one minor sometimes it is difficult to find a particular definition or an explanation ALl and all great source Early rating to be changed if warranted Currently on page 135 and rate the experience to date as HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT Oh by the way I am a former Chartered Market Technician now retired so not a technical or invesment novice If one as ad TS for a month which I ave and learned anything from the first 135 pages then I uestion their for a month which I ave and learned anything from the first 135 pages then I uestion their to trading or using TS at all The first pages are filled with charts from TS showing examples of Semblance and Event: Activist Philosophy and the Occurrent Arts how to do really simple things likeow to color a iine Cool Optical Illusions: Creative Activities That Make Math Science Fun for Kids! how to format etc etc One will learn a great deal watching the video s posted on the TS website than these pagesI don t mind the wasted 40 or so on the book what I regret so far is the time wasted on these pages as theyave yielded nothing of value to me I am struggling to stay with it as I am Hot Head (Head hopeful that something will be learned somewhere in the future but ever so doubtfulSo muchas been wasted so far on learning easy language which the title seems to indicate is the goal For example showing Jackpot how to do a simple moving cross over strategy andow to optimize it Really Pan's Travail: Environmental Problems of the Ancient Greeks and Romans how about showingow to program in EL before improving a stupid ma crossover After 135 pages that s it Heck the TS video show Doctor Who: Witch Hunters: The History Collection how to do that in about a minute or soWill follow up later Today s date is 7272016On to the math chapter Since my school math was a very long time ago and rarely used since other than arithmetic this chapter reminded me of a few things long forgotten I might refer backere if needed. Station Made Easy is the first and only book to explainexactly ow to use the uniue computer language behind thisbestselling software program It is not meant as a replacement forthe TradeStation manuals instead it will cover the essence ofprogramming in EasyLanguage and focus on a consistent set of dataand an elementary system throughout An easily understood guide to TradeStation that also providestips for the user in designing a person.

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